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  1. A contract is a contract and whether these celebs have already enough money shouldn't matter to anyone. A contract will be useless if we start breaching it without concequences.
  2. And some fans had the AUDACITY questioning him cause "it has been a week and no paperwork was filed". Literally what some of you dared to say!!! Rosengart isn't here ro play and has done tons more than Ingham already.
  3. Lmao she literally told people in twitter she has a condo in Florida. Messssss. Makes me wonder if they meant Jamie Lynn has dementia instead of Britney lmao. Jamie, sis, you need to see a doctor asap.
  4. This I don't get...the bonus tracks (excluding Japan bonus tracks) of every album are on Spotify but the ones from Oops. Wish they would add them...
  5. Ah sorry I thought When Your Eyes Say It was a bonus track. As for Get Back...I don't believe it was for the USA?
  6. Can't believe my gay *** is saying this but she really has some nice ti..ies
  7. that's not true at all. Choosing bonus tracks has nothing to do with the label finding them not good enough for the USA. Artists decide together with the label what songs to put on an album and what songs to keep 'in the vault' for future references (re-releases, bonus tracks, anniversary editions, ...). They record about 40+ songs for each album usually and they have to choose only 10+ tracks to make it to the final tracklisting. A song not landing on the standard tracklisting doesn't mean they don't think they're good, they're just not the most favorite ones by that artist (or lavel) to put out everywhere but they do like the songs to that point, they keep it as bonus tracks. Mood Ring, the Japanese bonus track of Glory was actually one of Britney's most favorite songs of Glory and one of the very first ones to be recorded for Glory. Same goes with "When Your Eyes Say It" which is a bonus track but was actually considered to be a single. It's rumoured she has made a music video for it. The track eventually became a bonus track. "Get Back" was also considered to be a single, even considered as lead-single but "Gimme More" was chosen instead. The track was used for a Japan only bonus track.
  8. Usually the artist promotes the album quite a lot in the USA. Europe and other countries don't get nearly as much as promo performances, interviews, ... as they do in the USA. In order to promote the album internationally, they add bonus tracks in the hope it will push people to buy the album (as a result of the 'lack' of promo). That's also why 99% of the time they are announced through big hype stickers on the album. As with Japan, this has a specific reason why they get bonus material only for Japan (and sometimes other Asian countries): For some reason, CD's are very expensive in Japan and in order to push people buying the album, they would often get exclusive bonus tracks (Mood Ring, Scary, remixes, ...) ALONG with bonus material such as a DVD with music videos, a calander, stickers, bracelet, guitar puck, ... really anything can serve as extra.
  9. I like the vibes of the song but it's so typical Camila. She doesn't seem to be able to change her style...if you played the song after Havana, you'd think it's from the same album. We need FRESH stuff. Not some typical Latin songs like we have plenty of.
  10. I love how even fans on here seem to think she wore a headset. You dare calling yourself a fan? Lmao.
  11. Tbh as a gay person myself...I think people are losing it. What effort do people put in these simple words. They're just words. He. She. It. I couldn't care less. Call me a pigeon. Still don't care. Words are empty and talk is cheap sooooooo who cares when there are way worse things happening in the world
  12. A question... If Britney were to end the conservatorship succesfully and regains access to all her assets, could she sell all the stuff her team have bought with her money over the years? Could she sell the condo???? Really wondering that...cause of she could and if she would, I'd be FRIGGING DEAD.
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