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  1. Has anyone heard this? LOL It like popped up when I was looking for remixes/covers and I was like, OH. Quite an interesting listen. haha Feels similar to the Domination mixes they were doing.
  2. Elsewhere did leak! =) unless this isn’t the official version??
  3. This had so much potential of being iconic but... noo I liked the concept and staging of this performance/medley... but a lot could have been improved. But it was cool too see a medley from her and the outfit was cute!
  4. With that voice and talent she can literally do no wrong!
  5. How she says "men's perfume" in the interview. <3 so endearing!! forgot about that. Thanks for having us revisit that!
  6. Out of all the singers in the world she could have chosen she chose Mariah as the better comparison? Ava girl, I think you showin your age. Def a late 80’s early 90’s kid kind of comparison. (not that that was also a topic of interest for her at all) lol
  7. Personally #1 but I'd say all great choices depending on what you're going for. #1: minimal modern glam (favorite) #2: european italian warm minimalism #3: pop culture influenced but also really depends on your friend's art style too. Hope that helps! Congrats on the redecoration and good luck! <3
  8. Does anyone else find it interesting Breatheheavy/Exhale posted the Red Grammy dress and the recent photo of the kids and then all of a sudden Britney’s account posts both? Whoever it is, whether it’s Britney/Social Media Coordinator/Handler/whatever, are they finally getting lazy and just ripping straight off of the site...?
  9. Is there a way to get some sort of social aspect to Exhale regarding physical vicinity? Where we could agree to location based connections for music lovers to meet up at concerts. Whether it’s to make friends or even dating, I think that there is a commonality of music and being Britney fans that makes exhale an undeniably interesting place to start a physical friendship! (More so when the world is safer) maybe a place to shoutout: “hey, anyone going to this [insert artist name concert]???” Or it would just be really cool to meet other music fans in the same part of the world! I feel like it could be an interesting thing regarding how isolated people are now. We could build more digital friendships.
  10. but they need to take it seriously and really work with Britney to enhance her personal style while taking consideration (but not too much) because I guess then this happens... sighhh
  11. omg he did THIS??? yessss, he needs to work with her more. This is one of the BEST looks she's done in recent years. Modern, fresh. ahhh
  12. omg, the zoom in on the "emoticon" Can someone please turn that into a gif lol
  13. wowwww, the way they included "choose your own destiny" from the Radiance commercial. PERFECTTT irony.
  14. Huge Jojo stan here. It’s dropping with a video directed by her friend Alfredo Flores and supposedly has a “folk” feel so maybe expect the unexpected! but our versatile Queen is gonna deliver no matter whatttt!
  15. @Thelegendarybritney Hi! I was wondering if you had the link still? Can't find any working ones
  16. Just wanted to bump this thread b/c I just had to look up who Chelsea Collins is but not from the "07 Britney" song. I was listening to the "Stand Up: Global Citizen Prize Project" (for the Tori/Jojo collab!!!) and this song played: Check for the second singer at 38 seconds. I thought the voice playing sounded so much like nasal Rockney a~la S&M or "I Love Rock & Roll" or w/e. Anyone hear it too?? She MUST be a stan b/c her normal songs don't sound like as much of an impersonation but she was definitely intentionally/unintentionally giving Britney here.
  17. UPDATE 8/6/20: Britney was surprisingly surpassed by Kanye but is still in the Top 5 miraculously, beating Mariah by 8 Twitter likes! If anyone is on Twitter, your "like" will make a great difference for keeping Britney on top!
  18. ^Righttt? Such a great time being a Britney fan seeing the general public consume her work consistently.
  19. If you're on Twitter and have some free time, please consider liking this tweet to help Britney rise up on the "Hot Sheet" (a fan made Billboard Hot 100 stat sheet!). If you're a big music nerd like me, you'll enjoy this really great work from twitter user @BillBored5 ! Top 5 liked Artist Hot Sheets are updated often with Britney going up and down the top 5 with only thousands of votes making the difference right now! Just something fun for ya'll if interested! <3 ---------
  20. Great efforts! You have a natural eye for matching lips to lyrics and fitting choreography to mood. Curious and excited to see what you’ll do with original footage and such! Way to promote Mood Ring!
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