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  1. Why is nothing from the first couple tours on this list?! Only one OIDIA as honourable mentions!
  2. Yea but Sam sees these videos, even if Britney doesn’t, and I feel like he’d tell her the videos are out if she didn’t want the videos to be out… and then I’d imagine, she wouldn’t do them in the same way..
  3. THIS. i don’t know why people still say ‘oh maybe she is fine with it.’ We literally have her brother, who is intimately familiar with the situation, saying she wants out. That’s enough proof to me.
  4. That’s what I’ve been saying in every thread all along. When it’s family, perhaps there is some reasoning with them (tho it hasn’t look that way). Once all family is removed, Britney is at the mercy of a bunch of strangers who historically have not had her interest at heart (hello Ingham was so complicit / the Csuse for so much terrible stuff- how is he all of a sudden pro her freedom unless he has a more sinister power play in mind).
  5. Even if it wasn’t about a consensual one night stand, no because she wasn’t the one that was doing the forcing. If anything, it’s a song about how females can get taken advantage of when drunk, so it’s raising awareness of non consensual s**.. the song wouldn’t get cancelled. it she was singing about how the guy didn’t remember his name ans she went to town on him- that’s a cause for cancellation and then it would be cancelled in today’s climate.
  6. Agreed, but there is still an iconic song that came out of it. General public knows work ***** quite well and it’s associated with Britney. glory on the other hand- not sure anybody in the GO could name Make Me or Slumber party.
  7. Britney needs to stay away from Lutfi!!!!! And we should not give him attention.
  8. Nothing. What material change has happened in the last 13 years? Exactly...
  9. If I were her, I’d love to do that and see what people’s reaction is. “I’m a global icon and one of best selling artists of all time. And you, what do you do?” but we Stan a humble queen
  10. Haha exactly. She touches so much of the world, it’s hard not to rich on those topics. Agreed- I’m so happy she’s looking great.
  11. Can’t even imagine being at a tiny Covid wedding and one of the few guests is Britney Spears. And this at a time when the world is wondering if she’s locked up. What’s the small talk/conversation you even have!? “sooo... seen any good documentaries lately?”
  12. Hmm lol- he is singing about beinf lonely as a multi millionaire and how hard his life is.. while these men are in jail separated from families and their loved ones. Interesting.
  13. Woah- Adam was super careful in his words in the past and in the documentary- he’s a lawyer, he knows that he can’t defame someone so public, especially not another lawyer. Especially something so touchy. Which makes me think that if he’s saying this - does he have more info?
  14. We have her brother explicitly and on video saying she’s wanted to get out of it for a while now. I don’t think she’s ok with but is probably going along for the sake of her boys.
  15. Except that last sentence ‘Ingham is discharged’ will never happen because 1) he losses his main money maker and 2) he will have to uncover the shady practices that placed here there in the first place...
  16. Did Britney send her this? She said someone special and it’s only photos of Brian with Britney..
  17. I just don’t think she did speak with tmz. I think that was team con somehow twisting her words
  18. Interesting- but not released anywhere? Totally missed this / forgot about it
  19. This is one of my favorite Britney tracks tbh.
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