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  1. While I would love to be say this was ~*exposure*~, this honestly could be a younger child being like ‘whaaat I don’t remember that!’. I’ve said the same thing many times to my parents when they’re telling some story
  2. ISBE is one of my favorite Britney songs and I’m always a bit embarrassed to say considering how hated it is here
  3. When they bought her POM costumes on Ali express tho……
  4. I def agree that’s a likely interpretation, but just saying the other interpretation isn’t impossible either.
  5. I mean that doesn’t he literally f’d her.. it may mean you f’d me like f’d me over…
  6. It was shocking and all over the news and really poor judgement. people did not take it lightly, it was all over on Covers of tabloid magazines. To be fair, the baby never looked like it was gonna fall (as some have said in this thread). see video;
  7. I feel the same way. Big kudos to her- no hate. But just super confused. The HUGE amount of success just doesn’t compute. Songs are catchy but pretty standard and her charisma isn’t out of this world. I could see billie’s success (since she’s been mentioned here). I get that. It’s unique, it’s different… Olivia tho? Unclear.
  8. Yea, it’s very ‘spas-y’ (spelling?) and all over the place.
  9. Makes me anxious about June 23rd now. Does he think not much will happen cause she is silenced?
  10. I mean I get that and I fully agree. It just still makes me sad we always talk about it in the context of ‘oh poor poor Britney’.. and we know she doesn’t like it
  11. The thing that worries is me is that there was lasting trauma from this. During FTR, she sounded and acted like the same Britney as always. We don’t have a true glimpse into her life, but based on IG- that’s not the same Britney… I’m worried that they totally killed her psychologically… it still makes no sense that the worlds biggest pop star is in this. And you know why she went along with it all? Because they dangled her children in front of her and her children > her freedom. So if anybody says she’s a bad mother ever again, I hope they realize she gave her complete freedom for her kids.
  12. I’m sure Britney loves the support but I feel bad that we are making out to be this powerless victim which is opposite of what she wants…
  13. Hmm let’s not get too c*cky. I get what she’s trying to say, but maybe a little homage would be the humble thing too. Those girls walked so she could run. also, on other forums they were discussing whether she is an industry plant / manufactured ... and it totally feels like a calculated angle Disney is playing. kudos to her tho- she’s talented and I wish her success.
  14. As long as she’s viewed as iconic. That’s kinda what Madonna was during my growing up. Icon, but not as relevant daily. But I want her to become relevant daily as well
  15. Ugh Gen z probably views her as some old person lol. to think that madonnas like a virgin vma performance was younger when I was a kid in early 2000s is what slave vma is to young kids today… shocking lol
  16. Lol.. me at 22 did not have a packed celebrity filled party lol
  17. She does perplex me a little bit. She’s technically famous and known, but generally not very successful aside from a few things early on..
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