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  1. Why is her taste in music so good? Its like she's not ashamed to like pop music and doesn't try to be pretentious.
  2. Such crap. Just like when she lied to her management company by pretending to be 26 years old when she was really 35. Then got mad and sued them because they said she was a racist, lazy, bimbo of a liar who desperately called up radio stations asking who she had to sleep with to get her songs played. https://nypost.com/2011/11/17/queens-singer-sues-management-firm-for-portraying-her-as-a-lazy-bimbo/
  3. omg.. I love this woman! I knew she was who I thought she was! Doing as much as much as possibly ,by herself, is the direction that Britney was heading in since 2004 up until the conservatorship. Over half of her adult life has been stolen by these people. Britney is crapping out 13 years of repression. I am ready for it!
  4. She has a new boyfriend? She's no longer dating that guy she met on the set of Burlesque? I thought she married him.
  5. I don't know. Someone said you can choose from hundreds of names and it automatically makes an e-card... with her actual voice and accurate lip movement. lol Can someone please answer if Christina Aguilera is seriously selling e-cards like the guy who played Rocky on Power Rangers??
  6. She has always been like that, as far as I know. Even before I started paying attention to her, she was always saying stuff that I felt was purely for attention. Thats the reason I first started paying attention to her.
  7. I'm confused...Is this her new job? Giving out e-birthday video messages to whomever pays her?
  8. Its like they thought that they could kidnap Britney and just go about living their everyday lives without people asking them where she was.
  9. Shes turning 40 in like 3 months. I don't blame her.
  10. I felt like they were trying to give us honesty from the people they interviewed. However, at the this point in time, there are only so many good/credible sources to interview; which is likely due to nondisclosure agreements or out of respect for Britney. I didn't see them show Britneys decline. What they showed was an incomplete narrative of what really happened on the night she was first sent to the hospital in 2008. I think it was intentionally incomplete because the only version they really could show was Sam Lutfis lies. So they didn't include/explain a lot during that part. Mark Kaplin was such a useless person to interview tho.
  11. I never cared much for Lutfi and was never one of those fans who hated him just because of the things Lynne said. My dislike for him is how he always exaggerated his role in her life. He was friend with some business smarts and that was something Britney welcomed. Back in 2007, I felt like anyone could get close to Britney and have 20% chance of being in her circle.
  12. I'm watching it. Its 2009 now. This is pretty darn good. I am proud of Netflix so far.
  13. Most of those are farrrrrrrrrrr reaches. lol I heard a few of her songs in the car but I thought it was Julia Michaels.
  14. I love misery business but I don't think it is. I think a lot of writers don't even notice the similarities until fans/media bring it to their attention. Thats what incentivizes them to sue or demand to be added to the credits.
  15. I'mma google it anyway, but what happened with the songwriting scandal? Was it on a Beyonce "If I were a boy" level (where she stole the whole song from myspace and said she wrote it)? OR was it more like Christina Agulara buying the song and then just adding her name to make it seem like she wrote it?
  16. At first I was like "she don't even look Asian" but I remembered that a lot Filipino people don't have typical asian features. Their eyes are wider, lips are fuller, face is more squared, and they sound different when speaking English compared to those born in mainland China, Korea, and Japan. Filipino people are 'Asian' in sense that 'India' is a part of Asian; making people from 'India' Asian, even though the majority of them don't look like what we immediately perceive as Asian.
  17. For a while, this Robin toy was favorite male today.
  18. I LOVE how she prefaced this video by letting us know that she intentionally isn't answering questions regarding the conservatorship! Had she not given that warning, people would've thought this was an old video that her team posted.
  19. You think Nicki be going around snooping for JessieJ interviews chile? This was said by another artist recently as well. Yallgotta stop.
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