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  1. Larry: Britney has woken up, cut me off, so I'm going to try and clear my name, and only take responsibility for Britney's work life, and help keep me on the payroll by backing up Lou and Jamie he's an *******
  2. so we have direct confirmation about the meds thing, more info that the paralegal was right. what an ******* he is for talking to TMZ before even talking to her.
  3. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/britney-spears-wants-control-of-personal-life-as-dad-monitors-visitors/ link blocked for me in the uk, can anyone paste the article. Pls?
  4. thanks for sharing that, i never listened to the full thing. how incredibly disturbing though. even if you don't want to be liable, to just walk away silently is so... maybe he felt less guilty about it when the paralegal tipped them off.
  5. new candids at a mcdonalds drive thru: She was spotted getting coffee to go at a drive thru on Sunday. And Monday, Britney Spears stopped by a McDonald's as she was driven in her white Mercedes G-Wagon in LA. The singer, 37, was snapped snacking on her fast food purchase as she sat in the front passenger seat with a male companion at the wheel. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7025467/Britney-Spears-snacks-fast-food-amidst-legal-battle-win-freedom-fathers-conservatorship.html
  6. i think, considering the dynamic we know of between them, it's more likely he is using manipulation tactics to get her to comply with his decisions. i can totally see the situation being that whenever she says anything that might compromise the britney brand (i want some time off before domination, i want to change the show, i want to come off my meds) they could get her to do whatever i.e. go into mental health treatment or there's the threat of her losing her custodial rights if she doesn't comply etc
  7. random thought, but i totally forgot about B10 with all of this drama. i think this is a really dark moment in Britney's life/career and hopefully they don't do a Circus and try and brush it under the rug for her next album. the whole situation will have to be addressed before any new music by Britney herself because this time you can't ignore anything, so much is out there and leaking everyday, and the power of hashtags and social media means most people who follow entertainment or music know about #FreeBritney now
  8. what i still can't get my head around is the comment that 'irreparable harm will be caused to britney if the court didn't accept his resignation immediately'. i honestly am puzzled what he meant by that
  9. Guys I just heard Circus on shuffle today and it feels like it took on a new meaning for me. Now that she’s taking back control and fighting for her freedom I actually believe she is the ringleader and calling the shots again after 11 years of something feeling very off and the lyrics not being believable
  10. if lynne's lawyer echoed britney's sentiments, i think the judge needs an overall evaluation of the situation. it does sound like abuse. maybe jamie intentionally kept her from attending hearings and now she's got her mother and the fanbase behind her to make enough noise and request her situation to be evaluated and if she still needs the conservatorship.
  11. it explains so much. it really looked like she did not want to be on that international tour in europe last summer. she looked anxious AS ****. i bet it wasn't her decision to do it and that's why she was developing those tics from anxiety
  12. So many scenes in FTR making so much more sense now Britney talking to her assistant after Jamie leaves "I don't understand how he can be such an ******* and then so nice like that"
  13. I bet anytime she doesn't do as he says, he threatens that she will lose her custodial rights or something like that
  14. And now the Daily Mail are reporting it https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7021935/Britney-Spears-spends-Mothers-Day-shes-spotted-ordering-drive-thru.html
  15. I think all that's happened is Rose McGowan made a video supporting #FreeBritney And of course the big news that TMZ released an article saying Britney has joined the #FreeBritney movement, and allegedly told the court that Jamie put her in the mental health facility and made her take drugs
  16. I don’t see a discussion on ageism. I just see dozens of posts with people stating their age. Kinda dull to read.
  17. i'm legit disturbed. i thought there would have been bits and pieces of truth in what he said, but everything that has happened this week has just made me connect the dots and i am really disturbed by all of this. f**king hell she's been through a lot
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