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  1. Fans: Britney we are concerned over the shady dealings of Team B, namely Lou and Jamie, and your freedom, and would like the conservatorship to be investiga- Britney: but DO YOU GUYS KNOW I POST MY OWN VIDEOS AND THE PAPARAZZI ARE EDITING MY PICTURES!!!!!!!
  2. Britney responding to fans' concern over her conservatorship and general freedom:
  3. So she's saying that the public don't understand what she really wants right now. Whatever, I'm stepping back from following her conservatorship news etc, it's gotten so draining, and her cryptic posts are just adding fuel to the fire. Until she speaks up I'm done with Free Britney
  4. her interviews always sound too politically correct and not what she really thinks
  5. Guys don't forget it's the RuPaul's Drag Race finale tonight and we know one of the contestants reveals '#FREEBRITNEY' on their clothing. Here comes lots more attention
  6. her attorney said in court yesterday that they didn't want information about her medical history or the conversatorship to leak online from the hearing because it may upset britney's fragile mental state if she sees it, so clearly she can go online and read whatever she wants
  7. Maybe she posted this to take the spotlight off of the Sam Lutfi court hearing? Either way she came off rude to well-meaning fans. I’m definitely taking a step back from this free Britney campaign
  8. if she's going to address rumors, address the huge one, not stupid ones like this. let us know if we should keep up the movement instead of shading people who are trying to help you
  9. “Britney is back and she wants to be heard,” an unconfirmed tip that we received claims. “My Own Way drops on 05.31.19.” https://ydraft.com/britney-spears-surprising-fans-with-an-comeback-single/
  10. More pics: https://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=582498 Boom boom, baby, pick you up in my Mercedez https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7065437/Britney-Spears-takes-beau-Sam-Asghari-spin-Mercedes-Benz-Coupe-amid-conservatorship-fight.html
  11. all this talk about the 'conservatee's estate' is how they talk about MJ and he's dead. let the woman control her own life you sick f**ks. this situation actually makes me mad
  12. he must be pushing so hard so he can keep managing her businesses and finances. she probably wants to get her own business managers if she gets free of the conservatorship and that's why he's pushing so hard? and based on that legal info above (thank you) it would indicate he is trying to keep one step ahead of her if she were to try to move, or for Florida just so he can retain control over her property? the whole thing is so bizarre, the more we learn everyday it just gets scarier
  13. Wonder what Wendy's got to say about this tomorrow still think he's not after her money bish?
  14. I was at a nightclub last night and they played Oops. I shouted Free Britney when it goes silent at the start. #promo
  15. team b are going to leak it on Instagram and write a caption ‘from Britney’ saying it’s dedicated to her father, Lou and Larry, and everyone needs to stop worrying about her
  16. i'm just saying that's the damage control, that it made worldwide news, and now he's done follow up interviews to billboard, people, and the washington post
  17. It says 67 replies under it, but when I try to click and read them, every time I click it, the number goes down and you can’t read any replies to her do they not see the irony in them trying to censor a movement about how overly censored Britney is
  18. Is it true there’s another pap video where they ask her if she’s looking forward to being free from the conservatorship and she nods yes?
  19. Michael Lohan would be a good person to speak out against Lou and bring more attention - Anything to do with Lindsay's messy past seems to make headlines so him speaking about Lou & the Britney tie could bring her to people's attention
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