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  1. The donation was probably going to be like $5 anyway. Her book will be at a bargain bin before its even out. No one is buying that book other than Lou, Jamie, Robin, et al.
  2. He never said they were dating, just that they became super close and were like best friends.
  3. She’s already dragging him via her lawyer in the new court documents from yesterday. That’s where it matters, not on IG.
  4. Is Sam Britney’s longest relationship? JT - 3 years K-Fed - 3 years Jason - 4 years David Lucado - 2 years Charlie Ebresol - 1 year? Not sure if these are right, but if they are, Sam has been with her for five years. It makes me happy that this time she at least had someone on her side through the difficult times.
  5. I had never seen this! She was so innocent and sweet. She had no idea what the next 10 years would bring her.
  6. OMG is this real life? and the fact that he’s attacking Lynne, wow, this family is a mess! Brit, your freedom is coming soon!
  7. What country is she in? America doesn’t have beaches like that. And Britney can’t even leave the country.
  8. 😹😹😹 Jamie’s “I am Britney Spears” I can’t un-see that now.
  9. Obviously it was team con who did that and Mariah was the first to express support so she was the first to be unfollowed.
  10. Ahh ok. I hope he sees it! They shoulda put it on his car tho.
  11. Legends supporting legends. I really really hope this happens! I wanna see Britney enjoying herself with Cher.
  12. The fact that she can’t even buy shoes whenever she wants, with her OWN money is just wow! She deserves all the shoes in the world and I hope she buys whatever SHE wants.
  13. This is real. It was confirmed in the New Yorker article by Ronan Farrow and the lawyer confirmed in the Framing Britney doc that she called him several times.
  14. Yes! I’ve been saying this. I’ve been trying to look for those court docs, I think TMZ had released and they said just for being Britney Spears she was making $700K per month from royalties. That’s why it doesn’t make sense that they say she only had $2M. Nothing adds up.
  15. So they’re allowed to make mistakes and screw up Britney’s estate, but Britney isn’t allowed to make mistakes with her OWN estate and money? Make it make sense! Also, it makes sense that they don’t want a forensic accounting report, that is why they settled with K-Fed on child support because his lawyer (Kaplan) brought them to their knees when he threatened them with a forensic report. I hope Rosengart makes them pay now!
  16. She needs to do her tell all interview. Ready for Oprah to hug her and give her advice.
  17. Did I trigger your memory by mentioning the pic with the handcuffs the other day? :P
  18. Every comment I have read on different media platforms are all dragging the entire family, including Jamie Lynn. No one is on her side except 6 or 7 fans from her Zoey 101 days.
  19. We need to see this. I’m sure it’s about Lou. Omg I hope this blows up and goes viral and Kim gets called out and Lou is dropped. It’s what we’ve been waiting for!
  20. If that day ever comes I’m sure it’ll be epic! We all know Britney makes her best music when she’s in CONTROL (Hello Blackout)! I hope she’s able to full express her art again one day.
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