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  1. She has great songs and FN is an amazing album but she is so forgettable and boring as a performer. I think she got lucky having one of the only albums in the pandemic that she frequently promoted -- which all paid off. I just wish her sound and album matched her as a person (a la Britney, Beyonce, Taylor) but I think she's more Katy Perry than any of those 3....
  2. I remember being 16 and listening to this album non-stop. It's still remains one of my favorite albums [and favorite Avril album] and it's just crazy every time I go back and listen to it. Turning 34 this week and, damn, time flies.
  3. Besides the horrifically tacky catsuit, I realized what always makes these videos so weird is the angle she has it at -- it makes her head appear huge and her body small -- it's very weird.
  4. Does she have enough of a fan base to have a solo career or is she like the Nadine of the group? She obviously left because she was offered a solo deal but had to drag mental illness into it. Her gaining weight and then complaining about it? This article and Jesy have left a very sour taste in my mouth. She seems sneaky and calculated -- also a bit like Demi but putting all their problems as 'mental health' which is nothing but offensive to those with actual mental illness.
  5. All of her instagram posts contradict her current situation and lifestyle. It's always painting this picture that she's currently living this utopian life [which we ALL know is not the case.] If she was so happy with her life then why is she feeling the need to speak to judges? At this point, I truly don't believe she even looks at social media-- as for the dancing videos -- wouldn't surprise me if she has to make videos to post or she won't see her kids... all so sketchy. Also, if she really wanted to speak out about the documentary -- she would do an actual video saying these things --
  6. METAMORPHOSIS: Where Did I Go Right? DIGNITY: Outside Of You BREATHE IN. BREATHE OUT.: Confetti
  7. I really don't get why she cannot manage to take care of her hair.... it always looks like a rats nest; she has the money to keep them up, so why doesn't she? Just makes her look--not all together.
  8. I wasn't feeling his EP - hopefully he goes back to his sound from first 2 LPs but I have a feeling he is going to have a dance-queen type of song.
  9. We all know it's going to be either a perfume or lingerie -- it's not going to be any type of music. Unless they plan on doing an 'unreleased' album -- which I can't imagine they'd do...
  10. One of her best albums and one of the best pop albums ever. HIAM, TTWE, IWG, Inside Out -- absolutely amazing videos and a highlight of her career [we'll ignore that tour].
  11. Easily one of her best singles. At first I didn't get it but after several listens, I realized how amazing it really was --- love this song!
  12. I don't think it's that's what they were trying to say but more that certain people tend to use their mental health issues as a way to sell their brand, music and identity. As a public, we only discuss mental illness when a celebrity uses it as a way to endorse themselves. Everyone suffers from something but not everyone lets it define who they are. There's a certain singer that is now more known for milking all of her "mental illness" and is having people confuse drug use with actual mental illness. That's what is happening when celebrities use mental illness to advance their career vs actually caring to discuss the topic.
  13. Really hoping this is like his self-titled album than the not-so-good follow-up he made--
  14. She could have at least put in an effort for 'Revival'-unless she plans on doing as little promotion for this album...' also, has anyone noticed something very weird happened to her face [and no not that she's become an adult, I mean since she's become an adult] it weirds me out...
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