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  1. Aside from MJ- give me another artist with more iconic choreography than Britney Jean Spears. I’ll wait.
  2. I really can’t with a majority of this fan base. The first day she has her light at the end of the tunnel and now most of y’all are back to bashing her. I don’t care if she photoshops herself skinny as a f*ucking needle. It👏🏻is👏🏻her👏🏻life👏🏻her👏🏻body👏🏻her👏🏻freedom👏🏻her👏🏻choice.
  3. Just coming in to say I also felt like I had heard this before the doc as well. Can’t remember where or when but it felt like confirmation of a rumor from years ago instead of brand new information.
  4. I feel like I’m going to throw up. It was sooooooooooo much worse than we could have ever imagined
  5. My body is ready. The conservatorship has been going on for 13 years and to watch it burn down (even more than it already has) over the next 5 days is going to be a trippppp.
  6. She’s actually doing better than most of the celebrities on the list. Only celebrity I saw better than Britney was Oprah and she was just 42% yes. A good sign!
  7. I think it would be amazing. I think anywhere she performs it would become a big deal if there was enough budget behind it. Even just a New Years Eve thing. If something is iconic enough the internet will make it viral regardless of where the performance was. Could even be a late night talk show and still go viral. Also would like to add that I wish these threads would stop getting bashed. I’ve never heard Britney say she wants to stop creating art and being a performer. Just that she refuses to work under the conservatorship any longer. People who find fulfillment in creating and performing typically need to continue doing it in order to feel completely like themselves. She clearly has hope for her life after the conservatorship, so why can’t we?
  8. If there’s an Exhale hall of fame somewhere this thread deserves an honorable mention
  9. Somebody moved some money offshore if she is legitimately only worth $60 million today. I don’t think she would be worth $1 billion but it would be more than what they claim
  10. Oh I agree 100%. Jamie is going down no doubt, but I think he’s trying (however futile the attempt) to salvage what’s left of his life.
  11. So this is probably going to be a super unpopular thought….. But have we considered that Jamie is just as abusive, manipulative, and controlling of JL and Lynne… except they aren’t as strong as Britney? Not trying to EXCUSE their behavior, just trying to find a way to explain it. From the lens that Jamie is just as bad to them as he’s been to Britney, they are victims in all of this too. Just not as strong willed and resilient as Britney. She might have gotten that from Jamie to be honest. He’s clearly not someone who is willing to give up or call it quits. And neither is Britney. She’s the only one who ever stood up to him maybe? Stood up to him so much that he had to manipulate actual state laws and systems in order to control her. Whereas JL and Lynne are simply very weak people, and Jamie has always had complete control over them… until recently with Lynne. And perhaps still controls JL? Idk… just thinking about how nasty he is as a person. It’s very unlikely that he’s somehow sweet as pie to everyone else in the family. To be clear, not a JL fan by any means, but what if we are directing our anger at her and she is just one of Jamie’s victims too. Albeit a complicit victim…
  12. I think it’s worse than that. He wants to clean up the accounting and shell companies and clean up paper trails. He probably isn’t super concerned about his rep but is trying really hard not to rot in jail.
  13. Some of these things are nice, but this is getting so gross IMO. anyone from her past is able to get a headline by adding nothing valuable to the conversation…. Just like 14 years ago.
  14. I’m assuming she’s not allowed in other peoples car maybe because if they just took off without security to Utah or Oregon or some other state where they aren’t legally in charge of her then it would be hard to get her back out of that state.
  15. I thought she said she wanted to ride in her boyfriends car tho? As if she wanted to be able to ride with him being the one driving. Which I’ve never seen pics of. We’ve seen her driving pretty consistently over the years here and there.
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