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  1. He’s never given an interview as long as Britney has been a celebrity that I’m aware of. And he decides to come out with slander the day of her court hearing? Convenient. So you mean Jamie forced him to do it? I’m sure he was asked to do it for sure. But I doubt they had to twist his arm. He benefit$ from her $ituation. Jamie can’t force him to do an interview if he doesn’t want to do it. He’s a free man. And what would jamie do to him? Sue him? No.
  2. We don’t know if that’s real. Unless they come out with a screen recording I’m going to assume a fan has a little too much time on their hands because Bryan did NOT seem pro #FreeBritney at all.
  3. I hope that’s not the case. Though him leaving emojis of support for JL when she told us to stop trying to liberate her sister was... a choice.
  4. There’s power in numbers when it comes to prayer. 🙏🏼
  5. I wanted to comment in that thread. I still cast my vote in the poll a second ago.
  6. Does anyone else get the feeling Lou made those edits? We all know she’s a raging narcissist. The only people who even knew of that reddit post were the 12 dirty men in the comments and herself. Why address it when you know that’s going to bring everyone’s attention to it unless you get off on that?
  7. We all know there is a reddit user a lot of people believe to be Britney. Lou accidentally posted this to the wrong account lmaooo.
  8. No surprise. More lies. They sabotaged her attendance and blamed the fans. The audacity.
  9. This is fake news. The real story is that she was sabotaged by Team CON so that she couldn’t have a voice.
  10. The video I watched on FreeBritneyLa’s insta had a girl who was pressed against the door listening and I’m pretty sure she said she heard that they couldn’t get ahold of Britney and that her WiFi was messed up, but that they would keep trying to reach her. It seems really fishy that Britney couldn’t give her testimony because of unauthorized people on a video conference. Why wouldn’t the judge just start a new session if that was the true story? It’s an easy fix. I also find it hard to believe that someone working for the city (CPS) just wouldn’t show up to court but who knows. I don’t think we ever get the truth these days.
  11. Nobody is saying she’s made it through the years of abuse unscathed. #FreeBritney is about liberating her from her oppressors who control every aspect of her life & have worked her nonstop for 12 years, while simultaneously claiming she has dementia and is so incapacitated that she can’t live on her own terms.
  12. Also there is a division of the FBI that deals with internet crimes and cyber complaints. Here is a form you can fill out (and I believe update) as things happen.
  13. I am very appreciative of you for breathing new life into the movement with your TikTok videos. As far as your safety is concerned, start making police reports. Let them know what is going on. Be proactive and get it on record to protect yourself.
  14. Originally we were told the truth of the ongoings inside the courtroom— Britney’s attendance was sabotaged. That is the real story told by the fans who could hear bits of what was happening inside the room. She was not there. This new source that claims the judge couldn’t kick people off the video conference doesn’t make any sense. If there were people on the call that Brenda Penny couldn’t get rid of, why not just start a new session with Britney? And why would that take 2 hours? I believe the people who were glued to the door of the courtroom over an anonymous source. Britney’s voice was silenced the same as it has been for the past 12 years. Her free speech and first amendment has been taken away from her. #FreeBritney UPDATE: here’s a court document proving that Britney was NOT in attendance whatsoever. “Hackers” weren’t blocking her from giving her testimony.
  15. This. And it’s a small podcast so no one will suspect Team CON being behind it. They couldn’t put him on ET like they did Scam because that didn’t work and it backfired on him.
  16. She was single. She’s always at her peak when she’s single.
  17. I’m glad you came to this realization because it’s so important that we boycott her brand. Her life depends on it.
  18. No don’t post the truth! It goes against his d ick rider’s false narrative that he actually cares for her, you hater.
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