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  1. It never gets old for me, especially in the gym. Every time a FF track comes on I’m able to lift 10lbs heavier than normal. It’s just science.
  2. Bish, you can still walk around freely. Nobody knows who you are and your Zoey 101 face is long gone.
  3. Not them purposely saying the next hearing is August 22 when it’s actually on August 19th. They think that’s going to trick the protestors into showing up on the wrong day? The clownery.
  4. He better hope I never run into him. That’s on period.
  5. Oh okay. I thought it was just a random girl but I still retweeted their first tweet the other day.
  6. #FreeBJS is the new movement. We’ve rebranded. New Britney’s on a mission.
  7. Yeah I wish more people would start calling out Lou, Jodi, Reva Goetz, and the rest of the key fraudsters. They’ve been hiding behind the curtain far too long. Wait, what makes you think Ryann is LFB? I may need to rewatch cuz I missed something.
  8. That’s not supposed to be the case. She shouldn’t have her civil rights removed even under this arrangement. Their scope of power over her has extended far past what the law allows. Even people in conservatorships have legal rights: she should be able to hire her own lawyer, replace her conservator, control her finances, send and receive mail, marry, vote, etc., yet all of these rights have been removed from her. Bryan defamation article Anthony defamation article
  9. I see. But didn’t Lou sue Anthony and Bryan for slander and defamation? And again, Britney’s 1st amendment has been taken away by these people and not just in a private business setting. A lot of her protections and civil rights were violated from the very start when they decided not to notify her that they were initiating the CONservatorship. Never mind the fact they did it under false pretenses and undiagnosed conditions. They seem to operate outside of the law even within the courts.
  10. That all sounds good in theory. But they’ve already exercised how they can violate our first amendment by shutting down accounts (lawyers for Britney and others,) and blocking comments that mention Free Britney as spam. Lou suing domain owners and fans for reposting news that was already out. Facebook flagging FB as fake news and using some bogus USA Today article as the gospel. Also where’s Britney’s first amendment for her freedom of speech? It doesn’t exist and hasn’t existed for her for over 12 years. Freedom of speech is an illusion.
  11. I haven’t watched it yet but I’m sure it’s good. Like, comment, and share the video please!
  12. The artist who had all his artwork taken down relayed the info to me. I’ll check back and see if he can provide proof. Here’s proof that content creators can’t easily make Free Britney videos. He talks about how his FB videos are being held for manual review for up to a week at a time. Lou Taylor trademarked her name in January of this year so she can sue people who speak about her. Credit: monalisaney81 twitter
  13. This is how they’re able to take down accounts that post “Free Britney” and censor us on social media. The hashtag is blocked on Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube is making it harder for content creators to make videos on the subject. Yellow Yuri, The artist who created this picture had all his own artwork and merch taken down by Lou and Co. Now apparently they’re licensing official Free Britney merch so they can sneakily collect our coins. The world has never known a more disgusting group of fraudsters.
  14. See to it that it doesn’t happen again.
  15. Yeah he talks so much smack about them now. I vaguely remember him stalking PCD too. He’s the reason restraining orders exist.
  16. I’m a legacy artist. I’ve made it. I want to thank Jesus Christ and all my fans. Without you I’d be nothing.
  17. He got jealous of the attention I was getting from Brit’s team and kept interrupting my conversation with Fe and Big Rob. No compliments were given on that day henny.
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