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  1. Sam Ingham submitted a new proposed order to the court that extends the temporary CONservatorship of the person to September 3, 2021. It hasn’t been signed by Judge Brenda yet, so this isn’t set in stone.
  2. I actually appreciate that you unlocked the thread, even if it wasn’t your vibe. Seriously I do. This was mostly directed at the mods who closed it after you unlocked it, yet let comments like this stay up to this day.
  3. I wanted to create a thread that doesn’t incite hate and negativity. Only love and light ✨ Everyone who comments must say something they like, admire, or appreciate about a member of Team CON. I’ll start: I LOVE and appreciate the magnificent Scram Sam Asghari for how hardworking and self-made he is. The fact that he doesn’t need to ride the coattails of anyone to be successful and how he puts Britney first and foremost in every situation possible — people should only be inspired by this. At least I am. ✨
  4. My favorite song is Mood Ring. My favorite unfinished demo is SITS.
  5. This tweet was a response to other members of exhale who were also upset by your actions in stopping the dissemination of information. With all due respect, let’s not act like you didn’t start this.
  6. Thank you baby. I’ve missed this place.
  7. So he’s promoting Britney The Zone on his stories. The one Britney is VEHEMENTLY against supporting, even for $1M. He tags himself in every post he appears in to gain more followers, even in the captions. And he has basically the same caption as Britney on this post. Clearly this is a business arrangement and business is booming for him. But my question is — do you think he runs Britney’s insta?
  8. From my understanding, Jamie’s lawyers inserted case law in their petition that basically said Jamie as CONservator has the right to hire as many lawyers as he wants with or without her approval. And since Sam Ingham didn’t respond or dispute it within 24 hours, Penny approved. Ingham can still petition against this, in which case there will be a 14 day period to make a decision. Or he may choose to focus on the funny money in the accounting reports instead of fighting against this.
  9. No. Britney’s legal team finally leveled the playing field because Jamie already had a team of lawyers. This just gives him the upper hand yet again.
  10. Jamie Spears asked the judge to approve of his request for more legal representation to fight Britney and her new legal team. The judge approved it. You can read about that here. So much for being concerned about her money being spent on expensive lawyers. These new lawyers’ hourly rates total roughly $5K/per hour by the way. Related:
  11. Lol the reference. I missed you! I had to come back, reunite with my wife, and end careers real quick.
  12. Next time @ me for a quicker response because I didn’t see your question. There’s no big conspiracy here. Someone contacted me with the screenshot. I can’t help what people on Twitter say about me, but I do not have access to the whole unredacted doc. Also, why are you yelling?
  13. That’s really disappointing if someone in the fanbase did this. And illegal. Do we have any lawyers here? Is it possible that two drafts were made of the same document?
  14. Can’t speak to the authenticity but it would be a strange thing to photoshop.
  15. I’m first on your list of husbands because I’m the top alpha and the best. Love you @Roxxy!
  16. New redacted court documents claim Britney's boyfriend Sam Asghari is getting paid $100K to be Britney's personal chef. There's a debate going on right now whether the documents are 100% real or fake. People believe it's fake because the pages don't line up with one another. Others say that's irrelevant. Photoshopped documents: Would love to know his credentials and why he thinks his cooking is worth that much money. What culinary school do we think he attended?
  17. He can’t win because we haven’t forgotten how he covered James’ a.s.s for sending her to a facility against her will. He could have said nothing but instead he created a plate of roses and posted an insta story making it seem like they were together. Then he went on to leave a comment under her “me time” post about how it should be admired as a sign of strength or whatever bull so that articles would be written with his name in it.
  18. Why not attend a rally, Scam? Liking insta stories of your booty buddy 2 years into the movement ONLY because your employer is a sinking ship doesn’t impress me.
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