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  1. Lol idgaf i barely come on this site and when i do it’s to troll all the idiots who obviously have no life and just sit on this site all day worried about their reputation lmao. Losers
  2. You sir are ******* stupid. “Trump probably created this situation” is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard someone say. You are literally the problem in this country. So sick of these uninformed gays who think they know anything about politics. Your sources are probably Pink news and CNN. Literally go drink bleach and do the world a favor
  3. I hope she gets free and takes a couple years off then makes a music comeback. I’m sure she will feel so liberated and inspired to make meaningful music and have some creative control. She’s an artist so I’m sure she’s written lots of songs being a prisoner in her own home. People forget she’s written songs for other artists.
  4. I keep hearing on KIIS FM 102.7 (in LA) that she’s going to be there and I’m super confused? I’ve heard it twice now on the radio
  5. She’s 100% right but okay. Un-informed gays should really stay out of politics. Candace Owens is an incredibly smart women of color and i find it funny when uneducated George Soros controlled celebrities try to come for her on Twitter. They end up looking stupid and it just solidifies everything she’s talking about. Stay in your lane
  6. Only thing stuck up in my head is this song
  7. Sorry I meant to respond to this sooner but I was too busy at work. Conservatives actually have jobs and don’t hang around on exhale all day. Now I don’t necessarily agree with Trump the person but if you actually did some real research(again NOT Pink news) you might actually come across factual information. I also suggest using DuckDuckGo if you actually want to find information that’s not censored by Google. Highly encourage you also look into what he’s done for gay rights (worldwide). Also speaking of gay rights (assuming you voted for Biden)... you do know he’s in bed with China right? And guess who hates gays? China. I’m sure your a Pete Bootyplug supporter too. He’a also compromised by China too. Also that dang Hunter Biden laptop... have you looked into that? Some top officials claiming there’s child **** on it. Not good for your boy Biden. Also just a reminder Biden sniffs children. Can’t wait to come back to this thread after **** hits the fan with your delusional president elect.
  8. You don’t even know what a democracy is...and speaking of BJs I’m sure you don’t get any of those because your **** probably smells like mustard.
  9. You’re delusional sweetie, not me. I have a background in politics and don’t get my knowledge from Pink news articles like you. We are not the same. The left always defaults to calling anyone whose not a Democrat delusional or uneducated. Literally insults are the only knowledge you bring to a conversation. Carry on loser
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