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  1. Babes it’s a tv show. Even my nana watched it and said it was boring. Y’all need to calm down lmao
  2. I’ll just hope and pray that it’s a break to spend time with their babies and step back from all the controversies. As new mothers, they just don’t need all that negativity. They’ll be back better and stronger I know it! We may even get some spicy solo bops in the meantime. Jade would kill it as a solo artist, they all would. Anyway they’ll be back! I hope..
  3. It’s not about playing a victim, she probably thought it best to let an actual WOC speak on the issue. I’d have done the same because no matter what Jesy would have said the crazed SJWs would have came for her. They can hardly do that when it’s a black woman speaking on black issues.
  4. You're correct, white people can pick and choose parts of black culture without facing racism. However the person "picking and choosing" isn't the issue, the issue is that people are racist. Why are you conflating the two? Why are people like Jesy the bad guy in these situations? she's not the one perpetrating racism or discrimination, go after those that are. Your definition of 'blackfishing' just comes off as salty and misdirected. Is it Jesy's fault that WOC are treated as lesser for the same aesthetics? Should she be punished because other people are? The answer is no, no one should be punished for it, thats the REAL issue. Yet your justification Is akin to saying 'if I can't have it no one can' and that gets no one anywhere. Again, you're generalizing a swath of people without taking into consideration the nuance of the issue. Imagine a white girl wanting braids because she thinks they're beautiful yet being told she cant because black girls are derided for the same hair style, do you see how stupid that sounds? Going after the girl that admires it rather than the people that would deride you for it? Do you honestly believe your way of thinking is helping to equalize us? To create party lines between cultures, police peoples aesthetic and punish those who dare to embrace attributes of cultures other than their own? Please. No one can lay claim to a culture, thats the beauty of living in a free world. Jesy does benefit from white privilege and Im positive she is aware of that having been in a band with a WOC for a decade. However, in what way should she know better? she's done nothing wrong at all. Your argument falls flat on every level as you seem to think the bane of inequality lies at the feet of people like Jesy when in fact she is one of the people embracing other cultures, not deriding them, that makes all of what she is doing perfectly fine. Going after people like Jesy is futile, because people like her aren't the problem. Take aim at the people perpetrating the idea that POC are lesser when possessing the same features and attributes that girls like Jesy adopt. They're the ones at fault. Thats just a symptom of being a minority in a predominantly white country. If a Caucasian lived in a predominantly black country, I doubt they'd land within the beauty ideals too. Thats not to say either aren't equally beautiful, but it'd be ignorant to not acknowledge that each country has its own niche perspective on beauty, unfortunately. At the end of the day, the whole blackfishing/cultural appropriation movement will fall on deaf ears because of the utter misdirection of the message. People like yourself want people like Jesy to be punished for embracing, adopting and paying tribute to a culture that has inspired her her whole life, all because people born within that culture are punished for the same things. This is in the same vain of why so many people are against cancelling student debt. The people that paid theirs are mad that others will get it free so rail against it because "I suffered so they should suffer too". Has that ever been a solution to any problem? Yes Jesy has white privilege, but y'all sound like you want to punish her for that as if it's something she has control over. I can imagine how frustrating and enraging it must be to see white women praised for the very same things WOC are admonished for. It's why I can understand Leigh Anne's anger since she too was treated as lesser by 'fans' of little mix for a long time and likely by people her whole life. To see Jesy prevail whilst embracing aspects of her (Leigh Annes) culture that she likely faced criticism for must have been deeply frustrating but to take that out on Jesy is misguided at best. People are free to emulate, appreciate and pay tribute to any culture they want, thats the beauty of being human and you nor anyone else can do much about it. Sure you can rage online about how she should be cancelled or ridiculed, knowing full well she's attempted suicide over online bullying in the past but hey! as long as she doesn't get to embrace another culture right?
  5. Yeah she either needs to be consistent or just stop, she knows Jesy more than well enough to know her style and musical influences are genuine. She also knows full well that Jesy’s intent isn’t malicious whatsoever. I think Leigh Anne must carry a lot of hurt and resentment for how she was treated over the years by the public but It’s sad that she’s so quickly forgotten how badly Jesy was treated too. The classy thing to do would be to wish Jesy well and support her, they know her heart (gag) and that she has no bad intentions. That’s clear for anyone to see.
  6. What does blackfishing mean to you? Jesy and many other girls tan, as has been the case for decades. She’s always been inspired by R&B and Hip Hop, Nicki and P Diddy supporting and appearing alongside her in the video speaks volumes imo. I agree her aesthetic and sound are heavily influenced by black culture but why do you class that as shi**y behavior? Genuinely interested. What is it she should apologize for? Be specific. I see her paying tribute and appreciation to the genre and culture. She’s doing nothing derogatory so I’m confused as to why and what she should apologize for? I’m sorry that my personal influence is R&B and Hip Hop and I tan? I too can understand why Leigh Anne would be hurt as she’s been downtrodden her whole life for her racial attributes and is now seeing a white woman being praised for incorporating them into her aesthetic. But the anger is misdirected, people like Jesy are appreciative of and inspired by the culture, why is this bad? Drag the people that think the aesthetic isn’t as alluring on POC, not the people appreciating it. Why do we have to ‘cancel’ people for appreciating and partaking in different cultures? No one ‘owns’ a single cultural attribute. It’s her body and she can do with it as she pleases, especially when she’s not hurting anyone. It’s sad that WOC have been derided for their hair styles, clothing, skin color, lips, butts, you name it. They’ve been pushed down all their lives and made to feel lesser in western society. To see white women emulate and be praised for these features and for them to become the new white beauty standard must be frustrating/infuriating af. But is the answer to say “ok you can’t do that anymore because I get chided for it”? I’d disagree, because the women emulating the aesthetic aren’t the issue. Imagine saying “I have blue eyes, it’s offensive for you to wear blue contacts” or “my skins naturally dark, I’m offended that you tan to emulate that”. That’s how silly the concept of ‘blackfishing’ can sound at times. Let’s focus on the ones that treat POC differently for their cultural attributes yet praise white women for the same things, those people are the issue. Otherwise it just ends up coming off as petty.
  7. @Slayer ok I want to cry now legit adored Leigh Anne and LM. This is honestly beyond disappointing, it’s cruel af. Delete all my posts on the other thread 😂
  8. Yeah I’m from north east England (right near Jade & Perrie lol) and seeing people slate Jesy for her tan and hair etc is just silly to me. I think the whole blackfishing thing surrounding Jesy’s aesthetic (and in general) is really reaching, as like you say she looks no different than 99% of white British girls her age. Why does appreciation and inspiration become twisted into appropriation? I sympathize entirely with Leigh Anne, it must be so frustrating and upsetting to be shunned by people for your cultural attributes yet your friend gets praised for the same attributes. It must hurt and dishearten her a lot, but in my opinion her anger is misdirected. In fact, the whole “blackfishing/cultural appropriation” thing in general to me is misguided. Seeing people be praised for traits that you are discriminated against for must be maddening, but why be mad at the people who obviously admire and appreciate those cultural traits enough to emulate and pay tribute to them? Be mad at the people treating you differently for those traits and discriminating against you, go after them instead! Otherwise, it just looks like bitterness/jealousy. I live in California now and I don’t need to tell you how gung-ho they get on this stuff, to the point of ridiculousness. I just hope that we see them all get together again one day. I stan them all equally and want them to succeed. I hate to see the media stoked cattiness, it’s so reductive and just reinforces the narrative that it’s always a competition between women in the industry and they seem to be falling into that trap. There’s room for everyone to succeed!
  9. I can’t speak to it too much as I’m white. But Leigh Anne said in her doc how up until recently fans would literally ignore her, for example in interviews people would list their fave little mix members and leave Leigh Anne out, it was awful to see. She obviously internalized all this as a symptom of her color since that’s the only thing that separated her from the other girls. You and I for sure see the video as a throwback/tribute to her most influential beats that have inspired her over the years. However people like Leigh Anne have a differently lived experience and it must hurt knowing that she explained it to Jesy and the world in her doc, then sees this video that encapsulates everything she talked about. I just assumed that Leigh Anne knows Jesy well enough to know she isn’t racist or using black culture solely to get a leg up and that it’s a genuine inspiration for her. Though I can see why she’d be hurt either way, considering that she was silently admonished for having the same cultural attributes.
  10. Yeah I don’t really want them to get back together, just iron out their differences. They had such an amazing friendship over a decade long and it sucks to see it go down like this. I think Jesy will flourish as a solo artist and can’t wait to here more bopz. She deserves the world after what she went through.
  11. I think people change and if I was held to silly remarks I’d said in the past god help me lol. Leigh Anne addressed all that in the doc though, and they’re engaged and just had a baby, I think that speaks to his change. I think the whole blackfishing thing gets taken a little too far sometimes. There’s Rachel Dolezal and then there’s girls who just tan, but the SJWs go after them all lol. You have to be honest though, Jesy’s video is quintessentially derived from black culture. I love it, love Jesy and will support all of them always. But I can’t ignore the vibe of the video, it’s easy to see why Leigh Anne would be upset given her comments regarding the topic in the past. I wish they’d all stop being silly and just get on the phone to sort it out between them. I hate seeing things like this played out in public.
  12. Leigh Anne has struggled too with racism and talked about people adopting typically black aesthetics to benefit from them, only to watch Jesy drop that video. I think they’re all valid in their reactions.
  13. I think they were disappointed after Leigh Anne spoke about how affected she was by white people using black culture to benefit themselves. I don’t believe in cultural appropriation at all I think it’s a silly concept born out of anger and just another way to divide. However, I can’t speak for a woman of color like Leigh Anne and assume her experiences, maybe she felt betrayed by her friend after seeing the Boyz video? She was looked over and ignored by some fans and she always put it down to her ethnicity. Imagine making a documentary about that and explaining it in detail then watching your friend go and literally do everything you just professed to be deeply hurtful. I can see why this played out like it did. It’s a shame because I’d assume Leigh would know Jesy well enough to know that her intentions weren’t malicious at all
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