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  1. Thanks for posting! Your tattoos are really nice! Can you links me to your interviews/articles/press? I'm from The Netherlands as well and would love to see/read it!
  2. Aww, what date did you see her? Maybe it was one of her lessor dates? I know shes not really consistant..
  3. Thanks! Were you there as well? I was 18 back then and more of a blind stan. I remember feeling so underwhelmed after the show. She was really just going through the motions and the dancing was minimal. POM is so much better on that regard..
  4. I wan't comparing it to her outfits during the revamp. I was just saying it looks better irl than on the youtube clips. I even said they obviously could have been better.
  5. So, I was there yesterday and wanted to share my honest thoughts with you guys after seeing the show (for those who care). Let me start by saying I wasn't really excited to go see POM after seeing all the clips these past few weeks and reading the comments on Exhale. The negativity on this forum really got to me and I was under the impression that the show really wasn't worth my time. I only saw Britney once (FFT in Rotterdam) and left underwhelmed. Britney didn't look good, seemed to be going through the motions and jus wasn't present. Since I've been a fan since day one, in the end I decided I couldn't just not go see her. So yeah I went. So I arrive at the arena at eight. Pitbull has just started and the place is already packed! The atmosphere was amazing and people were having a great time. I had standing tickets (normal ones, not golden circle) and was close to the area where the golden circle starts. Exactly (no really, exactly!) at 21.20 the show started. Work *****/Womanizer/Break the ice/Piece of me So the first act was nothing short of amazing. I couldn't help but smile when Britney appeared on stage for Work *****. She looked stunning and her energy was contagious. The crowd (or at least the part where I was standing) lost it and went crazy. She danced AMAZING in Work *****. During Womanizer she obviously used the catwalk so the crowd went crazy again. Break the ice was STELLAR. She danced amazing and was in sync with her dancers. On video the solo part never really looked good to me but she slays it in real live. It looked really great. Piece of me was cute and the breakdown was fierce. All in all the first act exceeded all my expectations. Baby one more time/Oops I did it again So obviously the crowd went crazy during these oldies. Honestly, the lipsynching was painfully obvious here which annoyed me a little bit but the vibe in the arena was great and Britney had great energy. Yes she removed the dancebreak but it didn't really bother me in real life. Me Against the music/Gimme More/Clumsy/Change Your Mind Again, a fan-tas-tic act. You can tell she really loves performing MATM and her energy was through the roof again. Her dancing was on point (except the end-pose which she has never timed correctly in four years time..) and the crowd was singing along really loud. Gimme More was really great too. The 'who is it' part was really fun and her dancing during GM looks way better in person and with the dancers. Clumsy and CYM blew me away. The choreo is really cute and she nailed it! She seemed to love performing these songs (probably cause they're fresh). LOVED IT. Boys/Do you wanna come over?/Missy Elliot dancebreak Obviously she doesn't really do much during boys, and Exhale hates it, it's actually fun in real life. The backdrop and lasers make it really entertaining and the crowd loved it. Britney's outfit was hideous though, but oh well. Do you wanna come over was cute. She wasn't nailing the choreo like I've seen her do in vegas though. The Missy dancebreak was super fun. The crowd went wild and you could tell Britney Loved performing this. I'm a slave 4 u/Make me/Freakshow/Do Something Slave was amazing. She oozed *** and her moves were great. The migos dancebreak actually looks f**king fierce!! The actual breakdown was great was well. She really put effort in it. Make Me was good as well. The choreo still isn't really good but she made the most out of it. Freakshow was fun because she (finally) interacted with the crowd a little bit. The crowd loved it. Do something was filler tbh. Circus/If u seek amy/Breathe on me So this is where the show went downhill for a little bit. Circus and IUSA just aren't good at all. Britney barely dances and IUSA is extremely childish. I didn't really like it. BOM was great though. I love that choreo and she executed it really good. Toxic/Stronger/Crazy/Till the world ends The stage looks really good during this section. The crowd loves Toxic so even though the performance is heavily watered down I liked it. Stronger and Crazy looked good irl actually. I didn't mind the choreo and she put quite a bit of effort in it. What I HATE is a surprise last song, haha. Everyone started leaving the arena and Britney took her sweet time coming back for TTWE. Obviously I knew it was coming but there were legit people leaving and thinking she ended with Crazy (which doesn't end spectacularly). TTWE was great. The arena went wild, the lasers looked cool, Brit made one last round and thanked us once again, and that was it. I left with a huge smile on my face. Britney was awesome and had amazing energy and still a lot of star power. She really takes your breath away when she enters the stage. I left with a completely different feeling then when I left the FFT. Britney really made a lot of progress and I'm really proud of her. I hope to see her again some time. Positives: - Britney herself REALLY outdid my expectations!!! - Her body is phenomenal irl!!! - Her outfit don't look as bad irl. The last one especially (for Toxic) sparkled like crazy and looked really cool from a distance. Obviously they could've been better though - Seeing the show as a whole and not just youtube videos for 4 years makes me realize she dances/moves like crazy for 1.5 hours. Really intense. - Her dancing honestly is really really good. No it's not 2004 but only a hater can say she 'can't dance anymore'. She still dances more than any other pop girl and looks great doing so. - The crowd was living for it and everyone in the pit was dancing and living their best lives. The atmosphere is just something you have to experience. - Britney looked genuinely happy to be there. - The hairthingy isn't as annoying irl. Yes she fixes it quite a lot, but I actually loves her switching between her ponytail and loose hair. She changed it in a really **** way during BTI. Negatives/points for improvements: - The show itself (not Britney) isn't good. No story, cheap looking stage and no cool props. It really has a budget feel when comparing it to her earlier tours. - Her make-up was horrible. I wasn't super close so she looked gorgeous from where I was standing, but I suspect she didn't look that great from up close. I could spot her raccoon-eyes from far away and her lipstick didn't work for her skintone (way too red). - Her hair looked really bad. You could see her extensions on both sides. - She doesn't interact. The reviews would be so much better if she'd interacted more with us. Just tell us how much you appreciate the fact that we came out here tonight to spend our night with you.. SOMETHING. - No singing. I know I know... but she could easily sing parts of WB, DS or Freakshow live and it would make the show feel so much more 'real' tbh. And OIDIA and Baby REALLY needed prerecorded vocals cause this was just awkward. I don't know why they don't invest in this cause the media would probably fall for it and take her SO much more seriously. Missed opportunity imo, especially in Europe where she has no credibility and the media doesn't take her seriously (just a nostalgia act). All in all: Britney: 8/10 Show/production: 5.5/10 My evening seeing Britney: 10/10
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