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  1. It pisses me off to no end how almost every single person in a position of power looks down on her and think she’s a vegetable incapable of being rational. **** THIS DOCTOR SOPHY.
  2. It was about lypsinching and she mentioned how some judges don’t even sing and judge others for their singing, something along those lines. She didn’t specifically mentioned Brit’s name though but people assumed it was Britney.
  3. I can’t find a link on YouTube but she did shade her. I also remember it.
  4. So Britney won’t be present? Also I have a bad feeling about this. I hope that corrupted Pennywise doesn’t drag this out to save her old saggy *******.
  5. Britney has said repeatedly she hates when people say “comeback”
  6. I don’t think I’m skipping that part, it’s obvious it’s because of the Conservatorship, but they can post a tweet and don’t do it.
  7. He pretty much exposes Jamie Spears for the SJB Trust, the business manager he hired for Britney even when Britney was adamant that she will not work while Jamie is her conservator, Rosengart also exposes the fees associated to “media matters” who did not benefit Britney at all were more so a campaign to clear his name, etc. Rosengart came to cut his throat. Not a chance Colon Demon will get away from this.
  8. Rosengart is asking that every fee paid may be repaid immediately to Britney 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  9. No but I’m sure someone else can find it. She was overseas and had a phone radio interview…Israel maybe? Not sure if it was the same interview she said she sang live, or on the same day (because she had two interviews that day) She was talking about people in the industry.
  10. Hollywood is filled with vultures. Most people that say they love someone only do it to 1) sound nice 2) don’t get hate from other fan bases. Hollywood is fake as hell and I think Britney alluded to this in an interview she had over the phone during Glory era.
  11. Oh God no. I wish she does it with the NYT women or on her own with no middle man.
  12. Not sure if believe it. How convenient that CDCN gets their "blind items" around recently released information. Britney is not an idiot, she would know that burning down her gym would make her seem as a lunatic to her doctors and she would have probably be prescribed more medication.
  13. I fully agree with all your points but I still think CNN was the worst. It was a pro-conservatorship documentary disguised as a free Britney documentary, not to mention Chloe is a trash journalist.
  14. There are a few things I disliked about the Netflix doc but the main one is that for some reason I can't understand, they (like many other docs) got fixated on 2007 as if the conservatorship is something of the past. They barely covered the current ongoing abuse and went over many things we already knew. This might be a good start for the GP that are not very aware of the details...But based on comments I've seen, some people still think she deserved it but that sadly it got too bad...Like ***** no....Talk about the current abuse. IDK. It's not that it's bad, but it could have been a million times better. The NYT is superior in every way.
  15. I remember you sharing the story when it happened and I also remember some people saying you were making it up...How things have changed! I have no doubt they enjoyed torturing her.
  16. There’s a chance that he wasn’t “that controlling” but based on her situation I’m sure she was triggered by any kind of control and that’s honestly the only control she could get away from. It might have given her a sense of empowerment.
  17. Oh for crying out loud, she already said more than enough for the NYT. Fe is a typical woman, she’s not a millionaire, she can’t afford to be sued by Loucifer, she can’t afford to be harassed and bullied by Team Con. Use your brains seriously.
  18. I wouldn’t be so sure about Jason Trawick. Britney looked miserable with him and there were reports of him being abusive to her. Also, the best way to help is not precisely becoming the conservator of your wife…He was also always seen hanging out with her team.
  19. Are you always this mentally incompetent? Britney has always collected dolls and she is goofing around with her boyfriend. Instead of appreciating the fact that she is enjoying her time and being herself with Sam, it seems you always want her to be sad, depressed and triggered at every minute.
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