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  1. Let’s make a Lachapelle’s video for Mood Ring instead. 😁
  2. Queen of being unable to properly provide for her needs for clothing, while designing/customizing her own POM outfits.
  3. I think she has never done this “weird punctuation thing” before May. Literally the first time she did it was in a post the 31th of May, after going out of the “clinic” where she took time to herself.
  4. Guys, what Britney is doing is completely normal. It has to be exhausting that most of the time paps use the most unflattering pics, sometimes even altered (we’ve seen that many times, regarldess if pics are actually messed up this time). Tyra Banks dit it, and everyone applauded her courage, remember? I feel like with Britney, due to the conservatorship, everyone believes they’re specialised judges that must decide whether she is mentally stable or not, based on every action she does. You should stop playing that game, as you’re playing with somebody’s life. STOP JUDGING OTHERS.
  5. I absolutely love this look, It's FRESH and she looked stunning: Performing wise, love this make up and hair:
  6. No, Make Me wasn’t. Scrapping Lachapelle’s video was. Make Me could have been BIG if handled properly.
  7. Please. They can finance a whole new residency only with her perfumes franchise.
  8. It annoys me every time. Along with the discard of the circus breakdown choreo and so many other things. But Circus... awwww Lord!
  9. The discard of the original MM video and David Lachapelle's shoot for the album is the biggest trauma in my whole stan history. I can understand that even after putting a lot of effort into something, the final product may not fit your expectations or goes in a different direction of the image you want to show to the world. BUT why not substitute it with another proper video and artwork? I get that they used up the budget RCA gave them with Lachapelle, but GIRL YOU ARE RICH, you can invest something into your own career. Especially in a record where you've been carefully taken part in, and that it has taken you several years to create. Glory deserved better. And not to be negative but... the final Make Me video it's her worst video till date, you cannot even listen to the song properly on it. And what's the moral of it? Objectifying men? If the discard of the original video was to avoid an over sexualized image, let me tell you that for me it's more ethic watching a woman enjoying her own sexuality with no taboos than doing castings to random men to choose the hottest to have *** with... No hate anyways. That's what we have and I freely decided to continue being a fan, so...
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