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  1. I just got back from Hawaii me and my kween have same impeccable taste
  2. I'm so torn about Lynn because I really wanted to believe she had the best intentions for her daughter's well-being, I mean she's her own effin mother! My mom would kill for me, and my siblings if something happened to any of us so I don't get how can she live her life so naturally knowing all this My father on the other hand has James Spears vibes all over! I totally undertand Brit's feelings and the abusive situations described so Brit you're not the only one with a monster as father
  3. I just don't get her, instead of supporting her own sister she keeps adding fuel to the fire Juno Bling don't you think you should have posted something like "So sorry sis if I ever let your down, you're my only sister and I love you and I will always support you! #freebritney" ? what's wrong with the Spears family, like seriously? my family is no saint but these people....
  4. Imagine filing a complaint against a forum for speaking freely When you know you're going down, all that's left to do is start suing everyone
  5. Hmm I don't think she'll ever release music or perform again after all this. I mean it'd be really weird for the GP to accept a comeback after all she's been through in the music industry And it'd be even more weird to release music in the future just because she needs money so no, imo she's pretty much done with her career
  6. the "Jane Doe" makes total sense imo, actually experts strongly recommend to NEVER use actual names in your phone book just in case it gets stolen or lost, and that person can blackmail your contacts or get information I have my contacts under alias: -My fair lady (my best friend) -Work ***** (co-worker) -Go to the light and see Jesus (my mom)
  7. I was answering to somebody's comment, please read the context I've been BH member since 2010 and a Brit stan since 2000 so I've been here even before you were born
  8. if this is true then it's really good news, this might indicate that no one will object the conservatorship's request for termination once it's filed
  9. I truly believe she wants this to end, but on the other hand perhaps she's a bit scared of what's next so maybe she wants to go step by step. Keep in mind she's lived under this mess for 13 years...wouldn't you be scared of what happens once you're free?
  10. So if this monster resigns then what happens with Britney? She becomes conversatorless and free?
  11. It seems Jodi Montgomery is about to jump off the sinking ship as well but she won't walk away freely
  12. I said this in another post last week, I'm sure Ingham asked Britney to return from Hawaii to announce his resignation to her in person Now the judge needs to approve a lawyer hired by Britney herlself that can truly help her
  13. Something tells me mr Ingham is preparing his resignation after Bessemer Trust's scandal from yesterday and he has asked Britney to return from Hawaii to let her know his decision in person You might get out of the picture soon, but you won't do it freely
  14. This is old but good from him! Does anyone else here read avocado instead of Lucado everytime?
  15. He'll file and leave blank spaces so the judge will deny it. He'll re-file with incorrect data so the judge will deny it. He'll re-file once more but forget to pay the fee and the judge will deny it and so on until 2030 We're so coming for you Mr Ingham, you won't be able to walk away freely from this
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