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  1. right, I'm not entirely sure how it works! I believe winning by 4% out of 1.8 million votes should be sufficient proof she should be on the cover
  2. I think ever since her business team was dissolved by the end of 2020 (you know the one that left in October), nothing else has been officially released - the only items released are the ones being licensed through EPIC rights (Funko pop!, LootCrate editions, Britney's NECA dolls, the upcoming coloring book, etc) Don't expect anything for Britney 20th anniversary - it would have been announced early this year
  3. that'd be great, a wonderful and empowering photoshoot for TIME magazine cover! I mean it's once in a lifetime, c'mon Brit! But if that does not happen, I hope the pick a truly stunning pic
  4. I think she becomes the cover of the annual 100 TIME magazine Someone correct me if I'm wrong
  5. We can all agree that Britney might need a new record label, but I also think Britney's comfortable with RCA. I mean they're not pushing her to record anything even when her last studio album was in 2016 and whether we like it or not, it's a company that only wants to make money I would have bet they'd be forcing her to return to the studio by now but yet, here we are
  6. You are aware that RCA & Columbia are both owned by Sony Music Group, right? So Britney moving from RCA to Columbia won't make much difference If Britney wants to get rid of her record label contract, I doubt she'll choose to remain under Sony....she'll move to Warner or Universal and that's not going to happen in the near future
  7. I would believe these songs have been registered so they can be picked up by any other artist since the original B10 material from 2019 was scrapped If Britney ever decides to make music again, I doubt she'll go back to Justin Tranter who's pretty closed to Lou
  8. Circus tour professional footage coming next
  9. She denied a few things so far, like moving up the next hearing date so I don't want to be the pessimistic one but my guess is Penny will deny this termination in the next hearing. I truly think she enjoys letting everyone know that she's the judge and she has the final saying in all this But she will leave a door open if she considers all is settled for the c-ship to be terminated in the coming months I hope I'm wrong though
  10. This! There's gotta be negotiations behind closed doors - I mean a few weeks back, lawyer Thoreen made some wild allegations against Britney but now this?
  11. OMG I remember watching it live back in 2001 as well I was a teenager and I remember the following day at school everyone talking about her and this epicness
  12. The real reason is they just don't get along, specially Agnetta...I love her but she has so many issues with the world lol she wants to remain private and wants nothing to do with fame and being under the spotlight again Like Agnetta, girl c'mon! Get your **** together, do some great therapy and agree to tour one last time with the band, at least for your remaining fans that are still alive I'm sooo excited for new ABBA music after 40 years, both songs are pure and simple magic but I'm not interested in seeing holograms perform, like seriously? Who came up with that creepy and messy concept? Who would have said that S1M0NE movie concept would be so accurate nowadays?
  13. Can you finally tell us what the FAMOS surprise was?
  14. I think she truly loves creating and recording music and the whole process to make an album. But she hates what comes after (e.g. promoting, tour, interviews, photoshoots, etc) Who knows if going back to the studio in 2022 might be therapeutic as well (in her own terms of course)? However, I doubt any label would only invest tons of money on making new music knowing promo is out of the question
  15. I believe the only time she was "threatened" by her record label was around 2006/2007 where she was somehow forced to record music or she'd be dropped, and that's what led to Blackout. I remember radio news talking about it back in the day as she still had contractual obligations and she had not released anything since "GH: MP" This would explain how she was able to relase an album during those weird times
  16. My guy had no idea who Britney was when we first met, even though he was 35... like seriously? Then for some reason, he became obssessed with Pretty Girls He's definitely supportive of my love for her, and both went to Vegas to see POM and he had a blast! He even follows her on instagram but on the other hand he thinks she's not totally sane so I'm always trying to open up his eyes
  17. When I first saw Lucky video on Nickelodeon I was 14 years old, and I knew about Britney since BOMT but never truly paid attention. However, seeing lucky video and hearing that masterpiece was like having an epiphany She's been part of my life for 21 years and she was there throughout all my ups and downs - she'll never know how much she's helped me and how important she was and still is to me
  18. lol not true on the Glory part However, I wouldn't rule out a "rarities" compilation vinyl next year
  19. Wait, Xtincta's fanbase call themselves "fighters"? Imagine calling ourselves "toxics"
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