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  1. Omg! I LOVEEEEE Jewel. At one point, she used to be my favorite artist. She is brilliant. Gonna definitely check this out when I get the time.
  2. Icon! This album always had a melancholy feel to it and perfectly encapsulates the sound of British soul during the mid-to-late 2000s. An amazing talent.
  3. A+ for the effort but seriously? What is the point of this? Most of this content is found on her VEVO Channel and other various media channels. It’s not giving what it should.
  4. @PokemonSpears my submissions (part 2): Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak - Leave the Door Open (03/2021) DJ Moys - La Cumbia Del Tilin Remix (09/2021) Drake - Lemon Pepper Freestyle (03/2021) Fuerza Regida - Descansado (10/2021) Halsey - Darling (08/2021) Hawthorne Heights - The Rain Just Follows Me (09/2021) Lana Del Rey - Beautiful (10/2021) Lana Del Rey - Black Bathing Suit (10/2021) Lana Del Rey - Blue Banisters (05/2021) Lana Del Rey - Cherry Blossom (10/2021) Lana Del Rey - Living Legend (10/2021) Lana Del Rey - Sweet Carolina (10/2021) Lana Del Rey - Violets for Roses (10/2021) Lana Del Rey - White Dress (03/2021) Lana Del Rey - Wildflower Wildfire (05/2021) Majestic & Bonney M. - Rasputin (06/2021) Miley Cyrus - Angels Like You (03/2021) mxmtoon - in the darkness (09/2021) Playboy Carti - Go2DaMoon (12/2020) Playboy Carti - Sky (12/2020) R3hab x Sigala x JP Cooper - Runaway (08/2021) Rauw Alejandro & Mr. Naisgai - 2/Catorce (02/2021) Rauw Alejandro - Cosa Guapa (06/2021) Rauw Alejandro - Nubes (06/2021) Rauw Alejandro - ***o Virtual (06/2021) Rauw Alejandro - Todo De Tí (05/2021) Realestk - Wfm (10/2021) Russ Millions & Tion Wayne - Body Remix (03/2021) YG & Mozzy - Bompton to Oak Park (04/2021) Sorry in advance if there were any repeats.
  5. @PokemonSpears so how does it work if I want to add more submissions that I forgot about or weren’t released yet from when I first submitted my post? Do I just create a new post? Thanks
  6. Jessica Simpson wasn’t responsible for the demise of pop music however. Also songs like ‘Irresistible’, ‘Forever In Your Eyes’, ‘With You’, ‘When You Told Me You Loved Me’ and so forth showcase literally more diversity than any Fadlor song post-1989. Funny thing is I actually didn’t mind Taylor until her failed attempt at going ‘pop’ when she stole Britney and Kelly’s producers and thought she was doing sum. Was it a commercial success? Yes. But so was Vanilla Ice. Let’s be real, Taylor’s entire aesthetic throughout most of the 2010s was nothing but a knock-off kids bop version of Lana Del Rey’s early eras (Red / 1989) and Britney Spears’ Blackout era (reputation.) with a touch of the ‘yt pick me! girl’ Tumblr aesthetic. It’s no wonder why she was one of the most hated celebrities of the 2010s. I just miss when Taylor actually made decent, more organic-sounding songs like ‘Tim McGraw’ and ‘Enchanted’. Even her country-pop hits from her first 3 albums were so much better but that Taylor is long gone.
  7. Ok and…? Your argument continues to fall short. I see reading comprehension isn’t your strongest suit either. Paps were/are just as much viscous, if not more so, in Europe. Do you need a friendly reminder as to what happened to Princess Diana? It’s inevitable that wherever Britney goes, she will be photographed unless she decides to move into a far away town in the middle of nowhere, which I don’t see happening.
  8. Atrocious album. Nothing but uninspired and boring, basic yt-girl pop tracks that lack any substance and are already severely outdated. Notice how after this album, mainstream pop took a dive into the wrong direction. Everybody say thank you to Ratlor Swift for ruining pop music. You did THAT.
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