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  1. The tour stage wasn’t great but I’ve seen worse tour productions in recent years (Nicki Minaj, for example, is downright embarrassing). At least she had great lighting and backdrops. The actual Vegas stage was amazing but of course kids who watched the show through IG videos say otherwise. You need to get the full show experience to appreciate the level of production they gave us. TCSBS was insanely expensive and that $50mil number is actually lower than I was expecting. It wasn’t just an empty stage, there were eight elevators in the stage, the entire center ceiling section was more than just a screen (had storage for props, crew, dancers, aerial artists, etc.) The tour was a gigantic production.
  2. LOL people actually listen to records and own record players way before Britney vinyls are released...there are a lot of pros to listening to music on records, especially those that were originally released on them.
  3. Not that bottom, but could be this one from 2015 - https://goo.gl/images/5j7BMc
  4. Then why do we have her in an interview saying that she puts all her focus and energy into creating the music, then lets it go when she’s done for the label to decide what’s released and all that? It’s not that she doesn’t care, those decisions just aren’t important to her anymore and she trusts those who are making them now.
  5. I will say this until I’m blue in the face - SLUMBER PARTY SHOULD HAVE STARTED THE GLORY ERA. Instead of releasing Make Me (song only), they should have surprise dropped the Slumber Party music video as the first thing from this era. - It’s ****. - It’s actually a good song (in general) but is also a great way to introduce the overall mood of the album. - It would have gotten people talking more than Make Me did. - It’s much more of a summer bop than Make Me. If anything, I think Make Me should have been a third single. We know Britney doesn’t choose the single releases and all that, so this falls on the label. Promo performances of Slumber Party would have been more exciting than MM, IMO - and I love MM! I just think it was too lax of a song to introduce an entire era.
  6. I saw this for the first time today as well! Never seen it before.
  7. Except we know that she was with Sam in Valentine’s Day because of his twice-deleted IG story of the chocolate covered strawberries. ? She/they also said that she wanted to be with her family at this time and then days later was photographed at In-N-Out with Sam in LA.
  8. If people keep their mouths shut and share things privately, not places where her team can find and have them shut down again, that’s how.
  9. I love how people like to pretend like POM didn’t have prerecorded vocals for a bunch of songs, especially at the beginning of the residency. *eye roll*
  10. This. These don’t count as official dvd releases as they aren’t standalone DVDs, they are bonus or add-ons to other product. The Mickey Mouse Club DVD is in fact official and I count it as part of my official Britney collection. One part of my shelf has official releases, and the other side unofficial (Onyx, Circus, IAMTFF, IAMBJ, Vegas and Apple Music).
  11. I don’t know why they didn’t release it as like a bonus track on The Singles Collection. It was technically the 10th anniversary remix of the song so it would have been cool to add on a legit release.
  12. This podcast was shared on here a few months (if not a year?) ago - it’s actually a great deep dive into what happened and when, leading up to and after the conservatorship starting. He’s not a Britney Stan so he’s able to not be biased or over dramatic and emotional about everything.
  13. Pop stars weren’t doing residencies because it was seen as a place artists go to “settle down” or even retire while still making a buck. Once they saw Britney making millions and bringing in a younger crowd, giving Vegas not only a new life but a totally new demographic, is when artists and their teams saw Vegas as a venture they could do too. They may not actively think of Britney’s impact, but they know Vegas is an option for them to still be relevant, successful, and have an easier life than on the road. Which is because of Britney, whether they are aware of it or not. It is a documented fact. Look at the numbers. Casinos, hotels, restaurants, other shows, all had a boost because of the crowds of people now making trips to see their pop princess do something her peers hadn’t done yet.
  14. They can be worth something because they aren’t always produced in massive numbers and collectors will sweep them up quickly, so ones that are original around $20 can go up to multiple hundreds because of the demand. I love the look of this one and hope they continue making more Britney ones throughout the year!! I don’t collect Funko Pops but will collect these.
  15. They were still up there earlier today. I literally watched them maybe 6 hours ago? Wtf. So weird.
  16. That’s....not even close to the same logic. People who build buildings don’t get royalties every time someone pays the rent or their bill on time. Every time you stream a song/album for R Kelly you are financially supporting him, even if it is on a small scale. Personally, I put my money where my mouth is. I actively support things/people that I like and make a point to not support others. For instance - I’m gay and I will never give Chick-til-A a single penny...but, that’s just me. My morality takes over in situations such as this.
  17. Britney has kept silent as far as interviews and hype because Jamie’s episode happened around the same time as the announcement. NT found out around the same time everyone else did - an issue brought on by Britney’s team. No one was given a heads up, the day it was announced was the first day back at rehearsals after hiatus and that’s when the news broke. They put on amazing shows and they didn’t really hype it post-postponement...they were a month out from the show opening and we’re talking with fans on Twitter even prior to the news.
  18. She did a track-by-track talk of the entire album, get with it if you’re gonna throw a temper tantrum. Britney has stated herself that she doesn’t want to do the exhausting, overexposed and overworked promo that she used to do. She wants to enjoy herself. She has said that she isn’t involved with what is chosen as singles, etc - she puts her energy into making the music and lets it go. She’s evolved and moved on, maybe you should too.
  19. The plaque isn’t for sale by itself - that price is for the entire bundle of 20th anniversary merchandise.
  20. 1 or 2 hit songs - you clearly aren’t in touch with younger generations. Trash thread, next.
  21. Somethin’ To Talk About came after critics mentioning her lipsynching - I think it was even after the “I don’t get any credit for busting my *** up there” interview she did. You Oughta Know was most likely a different case, as the lipsynching media coverage didn’t really happen until the FOLLOWING leg, in Australia. After that, Brit sprinkled in love vocals in parts of Everytime at performances. If you actually listen to You Oughta Know performances, while they’re not ALL live, she does still sing in performances following the first time it was done. The vocals are different and you can spot differences. But yes, they did reuse vocals as playback.
  22. She did do another animated video! Kill the Lights during the Circus era. It’s on YouTube.
  23. Wait, on second thought...we need to do “My Only Wish”. It’s the perfect lead-up to Christmas and she would find that super cute. We should have done Blackout last year for the 10 year anniversary. MY ONLY WISH TO NO. 1 DECEMBER 2ND
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