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  1. My sister once (as in 1 time) identified to me as non binary as sister threw a fit during a family gathering because they(guests) wanted to take group photos, one of Men and one of Women. Sister previously also said she was abducted, that aliens and alienmonsters were calling sister, etc. Sister also used to take a lot of various drugs, i considered sister an addict for some time, i'm unsure... sister says there are long periods of life she doesn't remember. my moms said the psychiatrist thinks she is developing Schizophrenia, sister don't want pill treatment, but also doesn't want psychologist therapy. Sister is also VERY annoying and even mean, but i love and wish sister the best :( Sister is so smart and also beautiful, i hope she eventually gets treatment cuz she deserves a happy life, thankfully she is at the finish line of nutritionist college degree, hopefully when she works she can get treatment on her own terms without relying on our parents. i'm sorry for writting this, but this demi situation is so like sister it made me think of sister and now i'm sadder, than i already was (i'm depressed again since saturday afternoon, something happened that ruined what would be an uncertain but hopeful month). Ugh my whole family deals with mental health issues, sadly including me, i even think they drag me down
  2. The chase is my fav. But 333 song is just so chilling 😇 Hope she makes music forever 🥰
  3. if not many people "buy" music then it's not as difficult to chart in "Buying lists" therefore making those lists kinda irrelevant. that's my guess
  4. i thought it was Jumbo Lou releasing "Eternal Love" and just got mad ajwkjkwjkaw the nerve the cheek the gall and the gumption
  5. He does whatever the **** he wants with his art, gosh, people are annoying. you can simply not watch.
  6. i would only support traffic stopping if it was Britney's Crossroads Crosswalk Musical otherwise it's against the law
  7. you should share those snaps so we could rate em
  8. i think this song came on youtube music while i was showering and DAMN the CHOREO i came up with, i'm telling you, it was fierce ddamn the song came thruuu
  9. the trailer is not available on my flop country omg i've been wating 84 weeks for this trailer and i can't watch it
  10. stockholm syndrome is a very sad thing that happens to sequester victims :( Nurses Joy tried to speak up, but DeLou Ketchum would not have it, i honestly think she is the leader of a Cult and Ash has been sucked into it too :C
  11. i thought for a moment she was gonna say she opened the door with telekinesis or sumthing
  12. guys i know muricans loove their iphones, but if you pay through your laptop or desktop it's 12 Dollars and it comes with youtube music so you can say bye to spotify or apple trashic
  13. i mean the movie has been delayed like crazy in order for it to be a theatrical release, all the hype died out, i don't think she's in the right but also she isn't in the wrong, this is a really unique situation. The movie is on streaming, but with an aditional very high cost tbh, at least in my country it's like 4 tickets. i'm gonna watch the movie on the theater, i couldn't last week because my conspiranoic sister didn't get her second shot SMFH. DAMN the change of rules with 2 dosis mandatory to enter the theather was changed the day prior we were gonna go :(
  14. wooooow i'm shocked at this 😲😲😲
  15. i'm watching a spanish show from the mid to late 00's 'Física o Química', and yesterday one teacher (virgin or heavily implied to be virgin) reads an article that talks about ***ual anorexia and now this... the universe is screaming at me to finally get my guts rearranged ASAP
  16. what do you mean by Jesus Juice? my search results says alcohol or that drug for "mindcontrol" or something else, sorry i learned english online and by translating Britney's In The Zone and Shakira's Laundry Service
  17. Chile, i came here thinking he let a child unsupervised on the playground, or gave a bl**t to a teenager or something
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