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  1. Britney, I will always stand by you as I as always have no matter what. Never back down on getting what you deserve - freedom, happiness, and respect. You are stronger than you’ve ever been, and I’ve never admired you more. The world, morality, and the truth of what’s right are all on your side. Love you and good luck today!! ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️
  2. The New York Times’ “The Daily” is consistently one of the most popular podcasts. It focuses on one important relevant news topic per day. Today’s episode is titled “Controlling Britney Spears” and features Liz Day. This should be great exposure for the GP. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/29/podcasts/the-daily/britney-spears-conservatorship-jamie-spears.html
  3. I wonder if this is going to be like the June 23rd hearing where everything comes out live, or the last hearing where it took days and weeks to get the full scope of the thing.
  4. Is this a reality though, or is this just fan-speculated? I've only heard speculation so far.
  5. It's such a relief to finally have someone advocating in the media for Brit instead of just hearing Jamie's PR. But don't just give Brit another conservator - end it altogether!
  6. That makes sense. I did feel like it was had less direction/organization and was more aimless compared to the NYT documentaries. Thanks for the perspective.
  7. They always seemed like a weird couple to me. Anyways, I hope Britney would be okay with Tish sharing this.
  8. I don’t understand the hate. It revealed a lot of things we didn’t know. Do I agree with everything they did? No. And the pacing/tone was weird at times. But will it help the movement and getting Britney free? Yes.
  9. “I was sitting with Britney for two days, and after every few auditions, she would go…” Walsh told the Irish Independent on Sunday before imitating Spears allegedly slumping over at the judges’ table. “They would literally have to stop the show and take her out because she was on so much medication and other stuff,” he claimed. “I felt sorry for her.”
  10. Shows how sheltered she’s been. This was so cute though.
  11. I don’t understand y’all saying “there’s nothing new.” We heard from Adnan for the first time including Britney realizing her dad had complete control over all of her actions, court documents from 2009-2015 which we never had before and that show definitive proof she told the court multiple times how she wanted out and how the conservatorship was affecting her, we had the relationship of her and the photographer. Some of the stuff wasn’t new to us, but it was new to the GP. Like reading Andrew Wallet’s letter (rather than it just being on TikTok and gossip magazine articles), the photographer having to sneak into a bathroom to hand Britney the papers to sign the court documents. They also did a better job of pointing out her finances and Lou Taylor. Also, pointing out that the reason for the conservatorship was “dementia” and sort of calling out the doctor who justified that. They also covered the 2011-2012 era more than anyone has and showed how her dad basically has complete control over her career. And how X Factor had doctors concerned for her mental health but they made her do it anyways. Also how Jason Trawick was trying to help. Also: new details on how she was medicated more on days she worked. NO DOCUMENTARY IS PERFECT, but this will only help. Be appreciative.
  12. It would be nice if they leaked all of those court documents they were given.
  13. Literally why are you guys fighting? We’re all on the same team. This documentary will do nothing but advance #FreeBritney, put more eyes and pressure on the case, and exposed things that deserved to be exposed. No documentary will be perfect. Be happy this is on Netflix on the homepage and exists.
  14. So we were all correct when we said Britney looked forced to record that video about In the Zone (the pop up shop). She was refusing to be there in person, so she must’ve been forced to do the video.
  15. Holy ****, I’m an hour in and this is SO good. So many damning new pieces of evidence and so much fans have wanted covered.
  16. I thought she was talking about how the paparazzi/media made her. I thought she was saying she felt like she couldn’t leave her house, had to have a strict schedule to avoid the media, had to have security all of the time due to how famous she was, etc. Like her fame made her feel trapped. To be fair, I also didn’t know about the conservatorship when FTR came out.
  17. What’s even more messed up is that it almost seemed to justify the conservatorship in a way. People thought she did need the conservatorship because she was never was the same after. But really, it wasn’t 2006-2008 that messed her up, it was the conservatorship itself that did it, and I don’t want speak for Britney, but it seems like it was significantly worse than the events of 2006-2008. Fans and the media thought she was complaining in FTR about 2006-2008 but really it was the conservatorship, thought she had significant mental health issues which is why both fans and the media sort of let up on her instead of investigating more, thought she was on meds because she needed it, thought that she was becoming more distant from us because she just wanted her privacy after being so publicly exploited before, but really, she was forced to be isolated and the conservatorship was causing the mental health struggles because she was never supposed to be in one and was being abused, was being forced drugs she shouldn’t have been on. It’s all so, so messed up. A bunch of mind games. And they all got away with it for 13 years. edit: sorry for the long run-on sentence/paragraph. It’s the end of my day and I don’t have the mental energy to clean up my writing.
  18. Y’all I’m literally going to wake up at 5am tomorrow to watch this before work
  19. Make sure to click the link to the article so that Page Six knows people want to read about this.
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