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  1. Gimme More Piece of Me Showdown Break the Ice Early Mornin’ Toxic Outrageous (hard) Touch of My Hand (hard) Hot as Ice Shadow Perfect Lover Why Should I Be Sad (hard) Outta This World (hard) Don’t Hang Up Blackout: 7 In the Zone: 7 Super hard. Honestly a toss up that depends on my mood for those 4 that were hard for me to decide. Obviously her 2 best albums.
  2. Britney’s album sales post-breakdown should be converted to account for the decreasing sales of the entire music industry. Like an inflation calculator to get an idea of how many albums sold today would equal in 2003.
  3. What is it? If you pick more than one you’re shot dead. Only choose one. I would choose Gimme More.
  4. Invitation Make Me Showdown Breathe on Me Just Luv Me Toxic Outrageous Slumber Party The Hook Up Love Me Down Brave New Girl Everytime Better Change Your Mind The Answer I’ve Just Begun Glory: 7 | ITZ: 9 I was fully expecting Glory to win. I’m surprised.
  5. The date doesn’t exist. Glory was her last album.
  6. No, the songs probably wouldn’t be great if they were already rejected once and it’d be a money grab. I want music and an album Britney is passionate about, not another Britney Jean.
  7. Disagree. To me, the Britney album was the Britney Jean of her pre-breakdown albums: overproduced, dated sounding, trying to be personal but wasn’t, etc. Slave and occasionally Boys are pretty much the only songs I still listen to from it.
  8. This interview is the most scripted, pulled-out-of-the-*** marketing gibberish I’ve ever seen
  9. I understand what people mean when they say Glory doesn’t have a hit. However, it’s one of my favorite albums by her and it has so many “hits” for me personally. Yeah I know they wouldn’t all be hits commercially, but there are so many strong tracks to me. Invitation is beautiful and a bit experimental. It’s probably one of her best intro tracks. The pre-chorus melody is probably my favorite of any song of her’s. Make Me is an absolute moody bop and deserved better. Man on the Moon is really cute and the message is heartbreaking and a nice change of pace. Just Luv Me is so calming and tranquil. I love the atmosphere of it. Mood Ring is just great. That baseline during the chorus is amazing. Better and Change Your Mind are both bops and I think had the most potential for possible singles. Love Me Down is pretty generic but I enjoy it a lot. Do You Wanna Come Over? had the Britney X-Factor - it sounded like primeney singing with the **** confident attitude she has in the vocals Slumber Party has always been one of my faves from day 1 and it really had the potential for success but Britney failed it imo Also, the fact that Britney has a LOT more personality and effort on her vocals is another reason why I love the album a lot. I get that there’s not obvious hits for singles, but the fact that there’s this many strong songs to me shows why I enjoy the album so much. I generally only keep listening to a few songs from each of Britney’s albums, but I regularly listen to a lot of the ones from Glory.
  10. Outrageous is super underrated. I don’t get the hate. I like Boom Boom too. I wouldn’t agree that these are her best though.
  11. It’s not a single and it’s not good. It’s half-baked.
  12. I just want to know what was planned for Glory, the MM video, and the album artwork, and what happened to get what we got instead
  13. Wow that styling and facial expression in the black turtleneck in the middle looks very 2003ney
  14. My preference: Slave Womanizer Oops! Objectively: Oops! Slave Womanizer
  15. Toxic - chorus (it’s not Myah, but Britney isn’t singing main vocals) Circus - pre-chorus Work ***** - like half to three fourths of the song
  16. It's awful. The intro doesn't match the rest of the song at all. Myah sings the majority of it. It sounds like a Lizzy Maguire soundtrack. No offense, I just despise it and always have.
  17. I meant Britney releasing Glory in 2016 exactly the way she did it. In 2016, as a 34 year old mom, with none of her previous albums or eras. Just a completely new artist in 2016 with the album released as it was.
  18. Toxic - Would cost $1,423,382 today Oops! - Would cost $1,067,536 today Work ***** - Would cost $894,443 today Piece of Me - Would cost $591,077 today Hold It Against Me - Would cost $544,822 today Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_expensive_music_videos
  19. Bangs always look so 80s/90s. Never been a fan.
  20. but y tho? Also, any plan that includes the word "manipulate" in it is probably not a good idea.
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