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  1. Is this a sponsored post? Because you convinced me to try watching it
  2. She was before my time. I don’t know much about her besides that she seems very loved, her death, and R. Kelly.
  3. One day you’ll learn not to insult other people’s appearances.
  4. I like just for me a lot! Pain and Passion have been on replay a lot for me lately
  5. This makes me even more concerned about the plastic surgery she got in the mid 2010s. She isnt legally in charge of her own body, and Jamie in 2008 told her she was fat and she’s going to lose weight and comeback for the world to see - which is exactly what happened. What if she never consented to any of those surgeries?
  6. PinkPantheress just released her debut mixtape ‘to hell with it’ today! At a 19 minute duration, it’s short but sweet. She is an English artist who released a few singles while studying at university. The singles having been simultaneously blowing up on TikTok this year. She seems to have a unique style, and I LOVE it. Are there any other fans here? Thoughts on the album? https://music.apple.com/us/album/to-hell-with-it/1587060922
  7. I don’t think Britney or any of her family wrote on it, but I do wonder if Team Con forced her name on writing credits to get more money for themselves.
  8. The absolute TASTE of this post. It’s rare that I find someone who posts about the songs on Glory and I agree with most or all of it. EDIT: nevermind, your post about Make Me ruined it for me
  9. I really like him. He has been so supportive of Britney through and through. He’s a sweetie pie.
  10. I’m so sick of these horrible people. The more I learn about them, the more I despise them. Britney deserves a happy, free life far, far away from them.
  11. Honestly I hope this is fabricated drama because I can’t imagine working and being friends with someone for a decade and then they go around behind your back intentionally trying to sabotage you. If you have a problem with someone, fine, but say that to their face, don’t go behind their back to others.
  12. I'm glad someone said it. I am tired of seeing threads about her, especially the ones reaching for her IG posts to be about Britney. I think I'd leave them in the Britney section though. The only reason we talk about her/that she's relevant is because she's Britney sister. We wouldn't be talking about her or her career otherwise.
  13. What makes me even more angry about this is Britney mentioned wanting to write a book 13 years ago, and she has probably never been allowed to due to the conservatorship. During those 13 years, JL has been free to do whatever she wants, including writing this book.
  14. Because she was miserable this entire era and the other songs were obvious single choices at the time
  15. I don’t get a hot iPhone, but it does seem to use a lot of resources on my laptop, no matter what browser I use. Also, waiting for pages to load is ridiculously slow on all my devices, no matter which browser I use. And this is with having Exhale+.
  16. No offense, but I'm already annoyed with the overexposure she's about to get this era. I'm not ready for another 2011 where Adele is everywhere
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