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  1. This Kiss has to be the cutest song Britney’s ever done. It’s so sunny, pure, and fun
  2. Blur has always been one of my favorite Britney songs. It's SO good. Brit and Danja really did that
  3. This thread deserves to be pinned at the top of the home page just for that title alone
  4. People need to realize this is the same sort of situation that Britney’s costume designer from Controlling BS is in. They both depend on Britney/Jamie/whoever to literally have a shelter and roof over their heads. Cassie could be having that same internal conflict too of “I want to help Britney - do I help more by leaving or staying?” We really don’t know the situation, and while I get being mad about Jamie, Lou, JL, Andrew Wallet, Sam Ingham, Judge Reva Goetz, and everyone else directly involved in the conservatorship, I don’t think it’s fair to go after a social media manager.
  5. Probably because she gave 2 albums in a year and just released her poetry book/audio just last year and NFR the year before that. Tbh, I wasn’t super excited either because I really didn’t care for any of the singles that were released before the album was.
  6. On first listen, definitely my least favorite Lana album. The lyrics are her most mature though, I enjoyed how personal they were. This feels like a more mature, experienced, dramatic piano version of Sirens. I love Sirens though, can’t say the same about this… Black Bathing Suit and maybe Nectar of the Gods are really the only songs I want to replay. The distorted guitar (or voice?) in Living Legend was cool. I love when artists are experimental like that.
  7. Facebook will do anything to make it look like they’re doing more to protect your privacy or to help mankind… except for actually doing things that really do increase privacy protections and better humanity. I bet they won’t actually rename Facebook.com but will rename the company owning Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram, etc., similar to what Google did with Alphabet.
  8. You should be able to just insert the image link into the body of your post (no clicking any extra buttons needed). Are you making sure to use the actual image links (the link should end with .jpg, .jpeg, .gif., or .png) and not a regular website link? For example, to insert this image: just paste the link (https://thatgrapejuice.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/britney-spears-thatgrapejuice-biopic-lifetime.jpg) right where you’re typing
  9. Fair. Idk, I just wouldn’t like to constantly be compared to my 18 year younger self and feel like I have to live up to that beauty standard all of the time. but also:
  10. You really think Britney relates to Passenger, singing about someone else taking the wheel of her life? That the album really is personal despite her not even singing all of it?
  11. BFB is overhated I’m glad Unusual You is getting the respect and love it deserves though.
  12. I imagine she has a complicated relationship with it. I think she is proud of Glory, and I remember her wanting Alien to be a single. Femme Fatale era, she seemed so unhappy and the music was so disconnected from her life and had very little writing credits from her. I can’t imagine her enjoying that album much. Circus was made so quickly and was also made while her dad was telling her she was going to lose weight and she had to do the album and era to get her kids and freedom back, so idk. Britney seemed somewhat happier during the BJ era, but she also clearly was not connected to that album given that she didn’t sing on all of it and she probably didn’t even have time to finish it because she was being pushed to rehearse for Vegas so much. I think she would like/enjoy/connect to some songs and Glory, but probably not a whole lot of the rest.
  13. I remember this! I used to go on everyday. The website design aged surprisingly well for being 13 years old.
  14. When did I ever call you or anyone else delusional?
  15. What are those 1-2 lines of lyrics from Britney songs that are your favorites?
  16. This wasn’t good when it was “released” and it’s not good now. Sorry. Anyways, I don’t trust rumors that Blackout 2.0 is happening (this has been said every era after Blackout), and I still don’t really see her releasing music anytime soon. I am excited to see what she drops if she does release music though. I don’t want to set any expectations or certain styles for it, because she always has had really good musical instinct. I trust what she will put out, whatever style it may be, if she does put out new stuff.
  17. Is this a sponsored post? Because you convinced me to try watching it
  18. She was before my time. I don’t know much about her besides that she seems very loved, her death, and R. Kelly.
  19. One day you’ll learn not to insult other people’s appearances.
  20. I like just for me a lot! Pain and Passion have been on replay a lot for me lately
  21. This makes me even more concerned about the plastic surgery she got in the mid 2010s. She isnt legally in charge of her own body, and Jamie in 2008 told her she was fat and she’s going to lose weight and comeback for the world to see - which is exactly what happened. What if she never consented to any of those surgeries?
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