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  1. It’s beautiful and it smells like a good new plastic
  2. my theories 1. britney wanted it gone for now and told roesengard or whoever to talk to media. Lately britney is getting a lot of her wishes to come alive, driving car with boyfriend, engaged etc., maybe this is part of her wishes too for now 2. cassie and her social team is gone now and maybe they're bitter and demanded their work out of it 3. she doesn't want to do content for it like she was used to bc she's enjoying life for now, remember, she's on her her hiatus 5. we have sam instagram to check if they want to share something with us, do u guys remember he unfollowed a lot of people a couple of weeks ago? major changes is going on backstage
  3. she's not really mentioned her instagram, but she mentioned WORK as post 2019 reference when she clearly was on a hiatus, maybe her instagram was work for her, to do those videos with the white background and all
  4. actually a @lanadelrey would be a public one and she needs a nickname for her small circle and her hardcore fans
  5. guys remember her statement on court, her instagram was partly "work" they told her to do to keep her instagram alive like Jordan said, she probably wanted it gone for now bc she will enjoy life and her boyfriend, lately a lot of things is getting her way it seems
  6. my guess it's a change, Cassie was gone some weeks ago, maybe they hired a new social team she will comeback when she's ready
  7. Maria Maui she will be pregnant next year guys!
  8. No? they have way more cool friends to make a cute intimate partayyy Queen is going to drink her champagne and have a good time just like she wants with no one to babysit her Xtina and her husby will be invited
  9. I'm just a bit concern (not really but whatever) if that it's a pattern of rebellious from britney to everyone around her, I mean, it could have started on that high school boyfriend she had to leave for her career (I guess the BOMT lyrics is relatable for that boy) and then that jason vegas wedding, i mean, if it was always a issue inside their family about who's good to date her and it's a pattern now for her to rebel and this is her way to claim herself that no need and approve from anyone... also us the fans like him bc he's ALSO good looking (not just that tho, I'll give him props bc he makes her happy since 2016 way before the mess of the past years) so... but anyway, it's easier for sam to get his public approval now. this is actually just a glimpse of thought I had but i'm really happy she's getting things her way! and Sam is fun and aware! and we shouldn't be that concern about him climbing up on his business "bc of britney", basically anyone that she envolves herself would, also she's a generous supporting queen and wants to improve her partners life i don't see a issue with that, sam is young and it's healthy to keep him busy and doing his thing too not just britney herself. sometimes us fans protects her way too much lol
  10. They prefer K-fed bc he basically stole them from her. I hope Britney gets to have her own family now with Sam.
  11. And we have to talk about how cool was that Trouble cover of Elvis Presley as the intro? Did you you guys know that Elvis Presley performed that song on his “comeback” too? And it was heavily criticized by the media back then, just like Brits performance. Maybe we are all dumb to understand the hang over drunk vibes of this club song, maybe she was acting accordingly to it to also match what was happening to her during that time, it's all a concept and its iconic and maybe we're all dumb to judge it as a bad performance
  12. IMO at that time a lot was going on (personal and career), they invested their time a lot trying to make something huge with Chris Angel, that was scrapped maybe bc of timing maybe bc they failed to put it together…. they choose to make a simplier performance, Britney was probably already tired of LONG rehearsals and complex dance routines by that time… and judging by the leaked 2000 VMA performance… it’s a lot of effort, time and energy spent on to make a Britney Spears performance, we should also remember that her last era was IN THE ZONE she was burn out in that era, it was TOO MUCH by the end of it, and personally I love the 2007 performance, it fits the sl** hang over after club vibes of the song so she was acting properly... It's a dirt club song she was acting accordingly to it and if the tequila story is true it even adds how cool it was regarding what the media thought afterwards... She definitely shocked everyone tho bc it was a different type of a Britney performance everyone was used to... And eventually she would surprise everyone with a “bad performance” anyways, it's not bad, it's just a simple performance, just like the 2016 Make Me at the VMAs, it wasn't bad AT ALL (like some said back then), it was a simple performance too and that doesn't mean it's not a good one. I believe that if her hair was good and that part of the routine thru the end where she lays back and the dancers put her on her feet was cut with something else and if the jokes about her kids after didn't happen she wouldn't be so criticized... Also that VMA was all about Timbaland and Justin Timberlake so who knows if MTV really sabotaged her... they indeed did allowing that Sarah Silverman speech to happen, it's a fact, I was so angry!
  13. I’ve seen this one with the straight ponytail a long time ago and it looked like it was a dancer that maybe was showing Britney or executives the routine, I’m pretty sure it’s not her bc I watched all the mannerisms again and again to see if it was Britney lol, it looked more like a stand in dancer but who knows
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