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  1. You guys are so crazy what if Cassie is like the least bad person on the team? what if Britney likes her? what if Cassie is doing a nice job during this period of her life? i know the “i’m taking some me time :-)” were bad times but is it really Cassie’s fault during that time? she could possible not know the deep **** that was happening. This complex that some fans have that everyone is trying to hurt and take advantage or not good enough for bugs me a lot just shows how insecure you guys think of Britney’s intuition and all, you don’t trust her just like her dad. I know it’s from a love place but still. Fans have to know that everyone in the music scene and Hollywood knows each other and they work with each other from time to time but it doesn’t mean they know those people on a personal level or their true intentions. It’s possibly that Cassie may feel disappointed with a work partner right? or that she thinks they could have handle it different… she could possible be dismissed during that time and someone else took control of her IG. we don’t know. but I hope someone reads this and realize things are not black and white like they think and that we don’t know EVERYthing… PS: every celebrity have a social media person! and they’re allowed to edit or take stuff out from it if the message is not clear. Also we have to calm down , they’re slowly changing managers and stuff like that, Cassie could stay with her new team or be out.
  2. Uh so sweet, all her moments with the babies were so sooooo cute 😭😭i kinda miss those times too is that the boys circus tour cap?
  3. Someone please remind me the name of the World of Britney person, it’s Rubin or what, where is he omg I was a kid and his site was so ugly but everything was there
  4. It's Selena and it fits her more than Britney, a filler on her album works
  5. WTF I like Courtney a lot, she mean well but hell no, to leave your own country for what? she's 40! IMO Britney wants to be part of a community, she would be so isolated in Europe now + her sons + there would be interest in her in those countries just like in the US "the right thing to do" now is to do what they're doing, find her a new manager, organize her finances, maybe find a new house, be back with friends, go travel and do projects on her terms and rhythm, do whatever she wants. Yeah, California and New York is ****ed up and they failed her but now is time for her to be free there. There's opportunities for her now and she really should take it, it's a smart move and a way to move on and close this chapter.
  6. I love her but we have a lot of cool music now too, just let her have her time, music is her passion so eventually she will feel inspired to do something cool
  7. Do they really bother now like it was in the 2000s tho I have no idea
  8. I imagine how boring must be travel to Europe and spend like all day in the hotel? that's how I picture her trip to Europe with all this people controlling her food. I saw the Pink doc and I was impressed that she was all day out with the kids with a ******* show to do at night, it's cool and brave at the same time, Brit could easily meet friends there and shop oh oops where is her card?
  9. when Brit is pissed she can call Brennon Marta make me a burger Martaaaaaa
  10. That was his lawyer talk right? or Kevin thinks that people who don't like w**d needs an evaluation? this evaluation talk pisses me off so much I pretend it never exist
  11. He is educated now with a million documentaries about his ex, but I still think he has a good heart
  12. she could totally do a simple tasteful project omg can you imagine? like she can even take her time to do her own stuff even stylist herself and someone just to assist when help is needed, she could totally do a youtube series for a channel or for herself bc with Britney everything was always so big, Glory was almost like it but it it's still big imo, i love how the new artists do those small but impactful projects that put their names and interest out there
  13. History repeating itself just like 2002 just bc she fired your *** it doesn't mean she can put a new team together and work again when she wants on her terms 2022 would be cool for a sabbatical year tho
  14. She was very present, remember the soccer days? She and Kevin did well co-parenting I guess it ****ed up a bit during the POM days and after 2019 I guess Britney kind of understand it's better the boys with their dad bc it's more of a normal lifestyle for them to live, but Jayden said in that ig live they see her in every 15 days, this is so little, and it was bc of Jamie, it ****ed! THEY LOVE HER!
  15. On that ig post Britney mentioned she was talking to them like "mom are you in French" that was so cute to hear her say
  16. Why you guys shocked they smoke w**d every teenager in the USA smokes it, almost all tbh and i think Britney is in peace with K-fed, he's been the last problematic from a long time This is 2016, they're probably cool with each other co-parenting. Remember that Britney called him to drop the kids after Jamie Spears hit Preston.
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