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  1. Could you imagine it? also she's so good imitating herself, her own voice, she knows how to switch from her real vocals to how she sings and sound on her own songs so if she founds the balance in between it would be so iconic to see her singing it live some songs (we saw a glimpse of it on that silly James Cordon show). Could you imagine her doing a special like Kylie Minogue did in the past singing fan favorites or rarities and stuff like that! just WOW! Imagine "When your eyes say it" or "That's where you take me" I can picture her singing it and "Unusual You" and DLMBTLTK, she could even do covers a la Miley... a couple of covers would be nice.
  2. What's the book she read (spiritual book or something like that) that made her feel something connected to what she thinks deep on her soul like what book she was readying and get the feeling OMG deep dow I already knew about it
  3. what type and style of today's artist she would like to be if she was a young artist today idk lol
  4. I think it’s super cool? I like the name Asghari!
  5. just saw that post on ig, this ig is one of the best about #FreeBritney and this one is about alternatives to a conservatorship. It’s cool to know they have it!
  6. oh I thought HBO owned it so I guess Netflix could have it, maybe they should put it online when the new doc for Netflix goes up
  7. Is there a way to ask for it? They should put it online for streaming on HBO or Netflix People should see it how amazing she used to be! This year will be 20 years of DWADT
  8. Guys she didn’t watch the doc but she’s aware of what is going on, she has a boyfriend that tell her stuff and other people too, so she probably knows the highlight of it from clips her people saw so it’s possible that this is her feelings right now. It’s totally possible to appreciate the well informed fans helping her but also to be annoyed that you being discussed on a series of documentaries that paints your whole life in a certain light. Her life is not that bad, she said it on some ig video some weeks ago... also, she doesn’t own us anything and she doesn’t have to address her legal process on social media. I’m glad she’s kinda annoyed by all of that bc it’s been 2 years now and everyone wants to move on from it, so I’m excited to see her addressing her situation on court, there’s a lot of people speaking for her and now she will say it herself! I feel like she wants to stay happy and want to move on with it already... she’s a sagittarius, she’s quickly, positive, and doesn’t want to be tied down!
  9. Guys she probably didn't write it but it feels like her or at least she approved it? I mean, it's no hard to imagine that she's tired or sick of people reminding her bad times from YEARS. She's so over that... one example: she danced to Justin Timberlake songs recently + said in the Glory era she would even record a duet with him! It's totally fine that she doesn't want a hundred of documentaries about her low points. I mean, it's important to have it out there but they're not really accurate or pointing hard on the conservatorship... they just highlight the bad times she went thru in the past, and she doesn't like people feeling sorry for her! Her life is not that miserable like fans are obsessive with! And it's a lot of men telling people how she feels and stuff... I just can't wait for her to speak up in court or something to silence people and some fans, bc there's fans with huge egos bc of this ****. She needs to tell her story asap, thru netflix or whatever or her court appearance!
  10. I know Cassie probably wrote that but I think Britney approved it? I mean, she probably feels the same... too many docs focusing on her mistakes of years ago! I want a doc that focus on how she evolved and grow as a person during this 13 years of conservatorship, and this is HER growth and effort and not because of the conservatorship, it justifies that she doesn't need it anymore, bc she learned from her mistakes, she's wise and older now, she wouldn't do mistakes or be involved with strangers in LA. Ans she could totally be against those docs but want no conservatorship too! She doesn't want to be put in a pity or bad light, haven't you guys seen For The Record? she said that! She's focused on being happy and in the future... she can't wait to this circus be over!
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