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  1. To quote Bobbi Adler (Will & Grace): BOBBI: Yeah, where is the boyfriend? Or, as I like to call him, "It'll end in tears."
  2. Death Row, Die for a Man, Better Mistakes, Sacrifice, Sabotage, Trust Fall are bops! but the rest of the album is still very listenable. The only song that I genuinely skip is Mama.
  3. I feel like I read "IT pop girl" or "IT songwriter" or "IT producer" all the time, on Billboard, NME, The Guardian, etc. I don't really see "Main Pop Girl" as any different. It does suck that it seems to write off some other artists, but I suppose that's really only if you take any of this that seriously. But the term has certainly been used well outside of Exhale.
  4. Honestly, I've loved Aubrey since day one on Making the Band. I loved her in DK. I've even met her a couple of times. She and Shannon even put out a couple of amazing albums from their Dumbblonde project. But this, this isn't it. I support people doing whatever they want, but somewhere along the way you're going to alienate people and this seems to be doing it. I don't know how to be a supporter when she isn't respecting herself. I used to find her fun, funny, and beautiful. My opinions are changing, and I feel bad for allowing them to change.
  5. This album doesn't deserve to flop. She gave us everything with this album and it'll be hard to keep this off repeat.
  6. I have tried really hard not thinking of this very question because it hurts to think them out loud, but: 1) Evermore - I cannot deny the replay value of this album. Just the best mix of variety and consistency you can ask for. This album can be played start to finish over and over again. It's a journey each time. 2) Fearless - The album that started it all. Taylor's Version reminded me that it was an album worth falling in love with. It still slaps. 3) Folklore - A return to the Taylor I fell in love with at Fearless. It was so special to hear her songwriting again. 4) Reputation - Urban Taylor was fun as heck and I love to revisit it. This album has beats for days. 5) Red - The DEPTH!! This album just, wow, damn she felt hard. 6) 1989 - It was such a massive album that it just feels too dated for me now. But I still love whenever it comes on. 7) Speak Now - loved it when it first came out but now it's just way too emo. Killer punches though and it still takes me to a point in time. 8) Lover - cute but forgettable. Marked a few weeks of summer and that's about it. If it weren't for YNTCD, this album wouldn't have lasted as long. 9) Taylor Swift - never heard it.
  7. Replying to @swimmie2009 Interesting how you praise DMX who had a history of mental illness but go on air to trash Britney and call her "craaaazy". By the way, as a "journalist", you should change your vocabulary. Calling people crazy is just as offensive as you are.
  8. Alexis Tereszcuk @swimmie2009 Have fun, Exhale! Ps, I wouldn't really care about the "journalists" comments if it weren't for the incredibly derogatory way she says "crazy". That kind of talk today needs to go.
  9. That guy is so exhausting. His negativity is so annoying. ANYWAY ... I am VERY excited for the album. I love Bebe. She might be underrated but her talent and energy is HUGE and I love supporting a supportive Queen. Hoping for positive numbers for Bebe but it is unfortunate that her label doesn't do more to promote her music cause she gives us BOPS!
  10. Also, I just discovered this album (and artist) on Friday as I was browsing Apple Music ... but ... girl in red - if i could make it go quiet. I'm really feeling it.
  11. Zayn - Nobody is Listening Taylor Swift - Fearless (Taylor's Version) Zara Larsson - Poster Girl
  12. I was hoping that by attaching the URL, it would include the images. My bad. This is when I call on my young friends to help me with technology lol.
  13. I've always noticed that Britney doesn't wink very well, despite how cute she is when she does. Every time she tries to wink, she ends up partially or mostly blinking the other eye as well. I'm also seeing that Rihanna doesn't wink very well either. Who else have people noticed that aren't great at winking? Britney: https://images.app.goo.gl/D8Eknj77ADAC2M7q6 https://images.app.goo.gl/LPmtV1rr4AFfzbCv6 https://images.app.goo.gl/LHsmXTXRhSet4jQa7 Rihanna: https://images.app.goo.gl/dkSxzEfYFqf5yPvHA https://images.app.goo.gl/quR1PXSmTudZQws26 https://images.app.goo.gl/WBrteekTkiFUNsTX6
  14. To this day I still cringe when people share the "If Britney can make it through 2007 you can make it through today" memes. And these are from fans usually. It just makes me feel, like, why would you, as a fan, reference a time that has done nothing but cause her so much pain? It would be like a fan of Kim K saying "oh my gosh, I'm gonna show support for you by making a s** tape". I applaud this girls reasons for doing it, as it is clearly meant to show love and support. But, it's just an event that deserves to live in the past, for now at least. When Britney wants to talk about it, reference it, make light of it ... then we'll see if it becomes less controversial to bring up. However, at the end of the day, this fan SHOWED UP and that's what really matters.
  15. No, like this post. Und the onlyfans post. Und the DMX post.
  16. People telling me how to, or judging me for how I choose to, consume art is tiring.
  17. This remix is really very special! The beat times perfectly with the song. I love Get Back and it's on several playlists. Love hearing this re-imagining. Nice work! Would love to hear it with a hip hop remix!
  18. Honestly, this person reeks of judgement and insecurity. From creating a post whining about how LGBTQ are only portrayed in media as too femme to this one shaming people on OF. He's got issues bigger than Exhale can deal with, but hey, as long as he's getting the attention he sought out to get.
  19. "Honest opinions" still should be taken with a grain of salt. Your post just comes across bitter and/or jealous that people are making money from selling pics or that people are so secure with themselves that they don't have a problem putting that content out in the world. It doesn't make sense because, I mean, look at your profile pic; it screams s.e.x. Someone else could just as easily judge you for that level of skin. And that's just my "honest opinion". Opinions don't always have to be put out in the world, and especially not on platforms like this. The audacity to feature a post shaming others merely for what they do with their bodies. Like, how annoyed did you have to get to let it get this far? How many hours did you sit up thinking about this? I think you should really reconsider your motives for posting this, cause you have made comments in the past that err on the side of being ok (even if jokingly) with nud.ity and *** work. So its ok if Jordan does an OF? Cause you joke about it a lot. And you even made a comment last week or this week about how Jordan should feature one of your pictures as a post (in response to the Tom Holland shirtless pic). For someone so comfortable with their body and welcoming of attention, you sure do come across as a judgmental prude. Please know, I'm not looking to start a fight with you, or really anyone I don't know. I apologize if it comes across as such. But this post was just too wrong to not call it out. There was no need for it. We are none perfect. Also, this is pop music, not ****. We shouldn't shame people for their life choices while we are just trying to #freebritney and dance again.
  20. Commenting about how it's disgusting and toxic is, well, shaming others. This thread sucks. Who cares about people's opinions on what others do with their bodies/lives. Content should be fun, not judgmental and shaming. Keep your "gross gross gross" comments to yourself. There could be s** workers in Exhale, and more power to them!
  21. If I see one more comment about "What's race got to do with this?", I'm going to assume no one did their damn homework over the last year. There are more issues with this Netflix situation than just his race, but I do want to point out that it isn't specifically because he is white. This is about media representation, this is about the abundance of people who are much more deserving of such a platform. It's about diversity but also, finding someone deserving. Colton literally did nothing exciting except appear on a white program catering to white women and households and stalked and harassed his ex. He's contributed nothing to society to keep receiving opportunities like this. It's like Netflix was just sleeping while Lil Nas X or Niecy Nash came out. LNX was making massive waves with Old Town Road. Niecy has been a veteran actress for decades. I would even take an Elliot Page series over this. This is just tone deaf, and frankly, boring. White people don't need as much help coming out, we've been represented pretty steadily now since the 90's. POC do because their communities make it harder for them. Policing makes it harder for them. Society makes it harder for them. I would love to see black and brown youth finding more role models once in a while, other than just another white, cis male who is hetero passing. It's boring and you know it. You'd only tune in because of how he looks. And his looks aren't all that, he looks dopey.
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