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  1. Finally!! Looking forward to seeing what she puts out. Hopefully less filler than the last one.
  2. Of course, happy to explain! I grew up listening to rap and hip hop so a lot of the slang terms and culture I understand, and I also understand a lot of what they say and do is all just culture. But talking about emptying clips of bullets into people isn't culture. That's violence. That's hatred. Back to the kool-aid thing ... he isn't talking about men putting it on their pumps (high heels). He's talking about guys that put kool-aid on their lips and wear pumps. So, basically men in drag. Just more homophobia from him.
  3. It looks like they do. They really, really do. "Prior to press time at 12:10AM ET Friday, it had already reached #1 on the US store’s all-genre album sales chart." - Billboard.com
  4. Yet you're still capable of dropping emoji's but not fixing that hideous grammar of yours. I've said what I need to say. I'm bored of you now. Move it along.
  5. Your hypocrisy (and poor grammar) is SHINING, Dude. Shining all the way through. I stated my opinion, you inserted yours. And here we are.
  6. Of course! And also, we should remind everyone, that the original post was phrased and worded to illicit these types of responses from people.
  7. I'm simply saying I don't give an F that he's in the hospital. If he'd had a chance to put me in one with malice intent, then he sure as heck would have. Just for being gay, I might add. You sound dumb defending this person to gay people. And I know not everyone in here is gay but does that mean I have to make excuses for a violent person? No. Does that mean I have to save room for emotion just cause some heteros looked up to him? No. So take your empathy elsewhere. I'm not having it. I know people are homophobic and I'm not shedding crocodile tears for them either. If you had the chance to hold a vigil for Pat Robertson or Fred Phelps, would you have then, too? You can't save everyone.
  8. They've both moved on. She bought him and his wife a baby gift. It's an unreleased song. Sure, back then it would have been an obvious drag, but I feel like for now it is just a breakup song from the vault. Just meant to be enjoyed without context.
  9. I would have LOVED to have heard this on the original album. The lyrics are really fun. This arrangement kicks *** but who knows what it would have been like had Nathan Chapman been at the helm back in '08. Love this version, though. Glad she finally cut it. This'll be fun to sing along to.
  10. Read these lyrics and tell me you feel bad for him. If you do, kuddos to you. I'm not about giving time to someone who would wish me death. ad these
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