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  1. I need to stop reading his posts cause I always end up having to clarify details and confirm facts on my own, and I'm not on Exhale to do homework lol
  2. This is "I Care A Lot" incarnate. Loucifer is straight up coming for a fraudulent empire where she can manipulate more people into losing their money. How scary.
  3. Ok, Madge. Go awff, Sis! I don't often see eye to eye with the Material Girl but she spoke on it like a Boss, took no prisoner, and made that man feel the shame he should feel. She deserves a Grammy for this post.
  4. Oh, trust me Sis. I didn't think you were shading. The fact you came in with that detail, I was like yass I'm talking with the Beehive! Kim is my girl from too many decades ago, lol. I love seeing Kim-Love on exhale.
  5. The Naked Truth has many tracks on it that I still stan to this day. Spell Check, Lighters Up, Whoa, All Good, Kronik
  6. From the Wall Street Journal: "Ms. Johansson said in the suit that her agreement with Disney’s Marvel Entertainment guaranteed an exclusive theatrical release, and her salary was based in large part on the box-office performance of the film."
  7. All this work for a book that no one wants, needs, or will read, or listen to for free on audible. Go ahead and wash that terrible make up off your face. We all know you look better in green (with envy).
  8. Fahrt in german means trip. Like, taking a trip. Though the 'A' is a slightly higher 'A' than in fart, it still is pretty darn close.
  9. 400 Mill. Let's do some accurate "reporting" That said, 400 Mill is still a CRAZY amount of money. Too bad Universal couldn't use that money to create NEW and ORIGINAL content. You know these remakes are gonna get torn to shreds.
  10. Reputation was literally her Jagged Little Pill. I stan Reputation so hard, because of the beats, the angst, the lewks, the edge. It was the total Pop package for me. And we canNOT forget about the slayage that concert did. Reputation isn't my favorite album of hers, but, as far as pop records goes and eras, this sh//it still slaps.
  11. Apples to oranges. This is not a fair fight. I voted based off of quality and musicianship. Love Story gets the Better Song vote because of it's authenticity, orginality, depth and range. Umbrella is staight up Pop/R&B royalty so it deserves a lot of vote, but next to Love Story it loses out in that context. It does get the More Classic vote though cause aint nobody out there that won't accidentally hum this song for hours at the mere mention of an umbrella. Umbrella vs. Promiscuous would be better, Love Story vs. Before He Cheats would be better.
  12. My theory on this album, after her recent court pleas, is that I think she was being massively sarcastic calling this album “her most personal album”. It is obvious that her father and Larry guided this album. It was what THEY wanted or thought we wanted. I think Britney hated this album, the tracks, the sound. Plus knowing that her vocals weren’t even going on it? I think she was taking a major dig at her conservators by calling it her most personal album cause she knew she had such little control on it.
  13. Best tweet reply I saw: I swear Halsey and Demi are the same person (tried copying and pasting in here but my tech skills are undercaffeinated today) Also, I think the tweet has since been deleted. I couldn't find it on Halsey's page nor Allure's. I personally feel the attack is unwarranted over the pronoun use. It's like she read it wanting to be on the defense. I can't comment on the other part she's upset about (the racial aspect) cause I didn't read the artice, nor do I really know much about her. Other than they're quite annoying and it's one of the main reasons I don't like them. Always got something to say and never nice. Always way too aggro. Always wanting to give off the tough person persona. Alexa, play You Need To Calm Down. I swear Halsey and Demi are the same person
  14. My sentiments exactly. When Folklore dropped, I fell in instant love with it. It was gorgeous. I get why the people who like more upbeat songs didn't like it, but I didn't expect an album called Folklore to be upbeat. I loved it for what it was: A return to musicianship for Taylor. A return to actual songwriting. When she dropped Evermore, I was liking it but felt like I was cheating on Folklore. I didn't expect to love Evermore than Folklore but I did end up "choosing" it over the former. It was the perfect mix of songs for me, including the more upbeat songs. I felt like she hit a stride there. That album deserves the AOTY award, but I'm hesitant to call it in the bag because I am sure the industry/general public will feel like she doesn't deserve the win after the last one, but come on, it's not Taylor's fault she's a musical genius. GIVE. HER. EVERYTHING.
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