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  1. At the time it was only a Britney forum. It was on the top 3 (#1 or #3 i don't remember exactly) of most visited music forum. I remember being kinda surprised because it was only a Britney forum and was the only web site based on only 1 artist. Jordan got even himself interviewed by NYT : https://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/06/fashion/scratching-the-celebrity-itch.html Music / celebrity web site have really changed since social media (especially Twitter). I still think Exhale is one of the most popular, Jordan always tried to bring new features to keep the site alive. It works apparently.
  2. Just look how some people talk about Britney, do you think they'll be gentle with Jordan? Btw if you can check your DM @Jordan Miller
  3. Exhale was definitely way more funnier and crazier years ago. Now it's full of political correctness and censure in almost every subject. Thanks to the leftists mentality. Recently I got banned/muted by a moderator from a thread because I said his favs were "basic" and "irrelevant". I got also banned 24 h from Exhale... No joking He then completely closed the thread because the backfired had started. It's always easier to mute people than make apologizes and admit your fault. Here's the thread in question, watch by yourself : https://exhale.breatheheavy.com/forums/topic/792574-perrie-from-little-mix-stuns-as-she-shows-off-baby-bump/
  4. This woman is clearly mentally ill. She is a perfect example of some woke activists on social media nowadays...
  5. This was so funny to read lmfao. Sometimes I feel like a background actor
  6. I still think your stupid åss flop irrelevant group is basic af and that you ain't shīt I ain't mad tho, the joke was on you at the end and you know it Have a nice day
  7. Karma is working good I see. I'm not going to explain much. Glad you got this.
  8. She looks so natural, so beautiful. My eternal Queen, may you be free one day.
  9. I hate her in so many levels. HER DAYS WILL COME.
  10. https://www.elsaelsa.com/forum/relationships/britney-spears-being-taken-advantage-of/paged/3/
  11. I blame 1. Lou M Taylor , 2. Jamie Spears, 3. Larry Rudolph. Lou M Taylor is/was definitely the brain of the plan, she introduced the plan to Jamie Spears and he agreed. Both are guilty. Lou M Taylor is truly the devil himself because she wanted way more than money, she wanted also fame and power. Jamie Spears only wanted money.
  12. Gimme More and Piece Of Me were really popular but "popular" it's so different for today's standards. It was huge imo
  13. Mostly Dua Lipa. The last Lorde is cute. Can't wait for Doja's new album. This year was boring musically speaking.
  14. Sorry about that. Hope you're OK now... This was unexpected.
  15. Somebody finds what is the symbolism of those flowers. (Still at home...)
  16. Thank you and thank you for making this thread. I'm sure it can help some people in some way.
  17. Well, you are f-king handsome. Anyway, sorry. I understand your experience, sometimes living an hidden or double life may be the only or easier solution. But if you look this situation in a karmic way, you did your job at this part. You have done something so courageous, you can truly be proud of yourself. You are honest with yourself and others. And that's what God asked you to do. Life YOUR life. YOU ARE FREE!!!!!!! You should not regret it, how people handle it is fortunately not your business. They have to accept it, they will, in time. At the end of the day people need peace for themselves and other. Therefore, it's their job to work to reach a level of acceptance... and freedom for inner peace. You can now help them to grown as a human being. I admire so much people whom comes out in a really difficult context (in some countries, religious families, presumed homophobic families). Again, I truly understand your situation but you can be proud of yourself and in peace with it. You may regret it sometimes in this lifetime but you'll be SO grateful in your next one. You broke a karmic circle.
  18. This is kinda exciting... Sorry. Where are you from ? Is it you on your picture? But at least you are living an honest life... Authenticity is gold. SCREAMING. ---- It's a good, sad and funny topic. It's good to share this kind of experience and see others'.
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