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  1. It could be a similar situation to Britney's visit to Burke's office in February of 2007. If Burke was working for Lynne, and they had some kind of "intel" that they could hold over her (e.g. drugs found in her Malibu home) then it could have forced Britney's hand and forced her into rehab. And there's another somewhat similar situation... Not with Burke, but with Lynne and Lou coming in to "clean up messes" created by Lynne's daughters. Tradesies. https://www.tmz.com/2007/12/19/jamie-lynns-back-end-deal/ Between that and the book, Lynne was a busy lady that year. Oct 29, 2007 "We asked Lynne Spears about the supposed tell-all for which she reportedly has a book deal and she told us it's not true! We spoke to Britney's pal Sam Lutfi later (off camera) and he told us Lynne does in fact have a deal with a Christian imprint, but for a book based on her spiritual journals that will have NOTHING to do with spilling any beans about her daughter's private life!" https://web.archive.org/web/20080202132924/https://x17video.com/celebrity_video/lynne_spears/exclusive_lynne_spears.php
  2. I was wondering why a high-powered lawyer like Burke would want to represent someone like Barth. Interesting. Another piece to chew on.
  3. If that's the case... It would be interesting to know exactly what he wants at this stage of the game. It must be something he wants from Lynne...that she's refusing to give him.
  4. I hadn't even considered that...But it makes sense. He's under a restraining order right now...Yet his lawyer and Lynne's lawyer are sharing court docs? When it comes to restraining orders and Lutfi, it almost seems they are more for show than anything.
  5. Ghalib was not present that night...I believe Lutfi was the friend at the door.
  6. Question... If they're still working together... Why would Lutfi leak the fact that Lynne had drugged Britney to get her into rehab? That's quite a nasty little tidbit of info to drop on Twitter, especially when Ali Simms was able to confirm it. Is the goal here to lead the general public (or more like Jamie and the rest of Team CON) into thinking that they're not working as a team?
  7. I've never seen this document before. Remember how a bunch of 2008 documents were suddenly added to the court's website just a couple of weeks ago? Chances are that somebody has paid for the document. Also...What's with the stigmatization of mental health? Britney could be bi-polar, or have e.g. multiple personality disorder...None of us know...And who cares if she does? She's human, and has flaws just like every other person on the planet...True fans will love her no matter what her diagnosis.
  8. The fanbase needs to back the eff off. "The movement" has done it's job...Britney has an A++ lawyer now and she's in good hands. The fanbase, as a whole, needs to slow it's roll...Give others the space to come forward and allow Rosengart time to take more statements. People like Kelly Clinger are exactly what Rosengart's team needs to nail all of these ****ers to the wall.
  9. lol...What? Talk show hosts threw parties the morning after Britney filed for divorce from K-Fed...The entire planet despised him. Sam doesn't received even 1/100 of the hate that Kevin Federline received.
  10. My impression of Bryan is that he's been flying under the radar...Undeservedly. He's smarter than we think he is...But not smart enough to get away with it. https://exhale.breatheheavy.com/forums/topic/788525-britneys-finances-—-diverted-commissionsracketeering-allegationsand-sneaky-and-underhanded-dealings/
  11. That's the thing about Alzheimers...They have "good days" and they have "bad days" ...The bad days can be really bad, but the good days can be really good. The fact that your aunt was not able to be granted power of attorney just goes to show that Reva Goetz must have been paid off...Or that Team CON thinks they have a legal loophole with the permanent conservatorship being "voluntary."
  12. For the same reason they did it back in 2009. If she got close enough she might borrow their phone...So she could call a lawyer.
  13. My goodness, folks... Not all conservatorships are bad. When my mom developed Alzheimer's my dad became her legal guardian...If you had asked my mom, she would have said she didn't need it. But she damned well did need it! And I'm thankful that my father took that power away from her before she was talked into doing something she shouldn't have! She was most definitely "susceptible to undue influence," and she very easily could have been scammed by someone with ill intentions. Once my dad had Power of Attorney my younger sister began causing divisions and was able to become Executor of my father's will...At one point I was removed from his will entirely...Despite the fact that I was living in their house and caring for my mom (e.g. getting up every 20 minutes to take her to the washroom, wiping her bum for her, etc. + spoon feeding her all meals + taking her back to bed at 4 am each night when she wandered.) My sister barely lifted a finger and was too focused on her real estate business to even take her to the washroom...Yet she was able to convince my dad that I was "sponging" off of him by living with them, even though I went in debt $12,000 that year while I was a full-time live-in caregiver! The moral of the story is... Don't fall for the story that Rubin was out to take advantage of his own mother...We don't know the details...And sometimes the details aren't very pretty.
  14. It's like saying "just kidding" after a taking a backhanded jab at someone. At the heart of every "just kidding" is a truth...And sometimes it's better to keep the truth to yourself.
  15. I thought it was because she hurt herself on the set of Outrageous and could no longer dance so simply tapped her knee. I've always found it horribly insulting, and really wish "fans" would stop using it.
  16. I figured she would be released from the conservatorship after the tour...just like she did....so I did buy tickets. We can at least take comfort in the fact that she was happy at the time...or as happy as one could be in that situation. She was back on top, seeing her boys, and dating Jason...With the knowledge that she was going to be freed once the tour wrapped. It would have been a hopeful time for her. It helped that Team CON wasn't so cheap during the Circus era...They saved their "hybrid business model" for FF.
  17. This. I never got the vibe that she was ***ually attracted to him...It was more like they were friends who enjoyed each other's company. I think she saw him as her ticket out of the conservatorship...Just like she saw K-Fed as her ticket out of the control of her family. The difference between K-Fed and Jason was...Well...If anyone has watched Chaotic.
  18. According to everyone's favourite insider, Billy B... Who wears red shoes? Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Who wears white? The good witch. Who wears black? The evil witch.
  19. YES! It's always been one of my favourites. Yet the fanbase was relentless at the time...She needed an eye lift. She needed fillers. She needed Botox.
  20. I have no doubt that he is telling the truth...But his truth was only true 10 to 13 years ago. The fact that he has included her "mental health" and "addiction" issues in an un-sealed court filing shows he is now willing to throw Britney under the bus to save himself. As far as I know, this is the first time in 13 years that the word "addiction" has been used in a public forum.
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