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  1. I've been producing my own documentary about another topic for the past 18 years and all of my own time, money, and energy goes into that (so far)...So yes, unfortunately, I'm a poor puta. When the time is right, I'd sure love to land a nice NY Times or Netflix production deal, though!
  2. I'm only five minutes into the Netflix doc... But I already like the NY Times version better from a filmmaking perspective. The camera work, editing, stock footage choices, and musical score for the NY Times doc is simply more emotionally powerful.
  3. I'm also a poor puta. If anyone can send me a download link it would be very much appreciated.
  4. Does anyone have a download link? I've been using my friend's ex's Netflix account for years and she finally changed the password.
  5. Lou and JL wouldn't have had an opportunity to get their hands on any of the SJB Revocable Trust if it wasn't for Bryan abdicating his duty as Trustee.
  6. Yes, but back then it was referred to as the "nanny." "The family nanny overheard Britney talking to Adnan Ghalib on a pre-paid phone in the wee hours of the morning one day recently, however." https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2009/02/britney-spears-secretly-calls-adnan-ghalib-on-pre-paid-phone-jam/
  7. So no mention yet of Larry Rudolph, Bryan Spears, or Sam Lutfi? There must be a Part III in the pipe...Because these three hold the secrets.
  8. I'm only half way through "Part II" but... Are they going to mention the most sinister force of them all? Larry Rudolph.
  9. The lawyers are going to be the next to jump ship and throw Jamie under the bus. That leaves...Judge Penny.
  10. Jamie has relied on the advice of his lawyers and on the permission of the court. I can't wait to see how this goes.
  11. It's been discussed. Jamie's personal LLC called "Atara Tours" was responsible for delivering Britney onto the stage...It was Atara Tours that would have been sued by the insurance companies. Andrew Wallet was the Treasurer. While Britney was still in the facility, she was made the President of Atara Tours...Meanwhile, her name was not added to any other LLC apart from Atara Tours. Jamie and Wallet, along with Lou M. Taylor knew exactly what they were doing.
  12. Absolutely! We know that Sam Lutfi likely has dirt on Lynne...So Jamie would have that same dirt. The same goes for Ingham...He was complicit in helping to launch the conservatorship, so once he was in they were able to control him, too.
  13. During the Circus date I attended, Britney had the letter "J" scrawled on her chest along with some Roman numerals. I've always wondered who that message was directed towards...Was it Jason Trawick, or Jamie? It was the opening night of the second North American leg, in case anyone wants to track down a clearer photo.
  14. I'm only halfway through but... This doc is terrifying! No wonder Lynne Spears never stepped forward until 2018...She was being surveilled, along with Ingham. Sick. Twisted. Terrifying.
  15. I'm only a couple of minutes into "Part II" of the NY Times doc...But... Judging from ELC's past work, as well as Liz Garbus' past work, the Netflix doc is likely being edited in a "true crime" style. True crime is a really hard genre to edit...The storytelling style is completely different...You've got to leave "clues" at the beginning in a subtle way so that there is a "twist" or revelation at the end. So no, I doubt there's re-editing going on right now...The Netflix doc has very likely moved into picture lock and is in post-production right now (audio mix, colour grading, F/X, etc.)
  16. When was Felicia's interview filmed? She may have filmed it before Rosengart came along...A lot has changed since his appearance on the scene. (P.S. I haven't had a chance to watch Part II yet, so the answer may be obvious.)
  17. This might explain why Cade would call the Gram Girl's later on and threaten them. There was a thread here naming Cade as the "paralegal"...And we know Team CON monitors this board. Cade was likely threatened by Jamie himself following the revelations.
  18. Thank you! I never did it for any reason other than to see justice served. Although... I've been producing a documentary about a different super controversial subject for the entire 13 years...So if you wanna put in a good word for me with Liz Garbus and the gang, I'd take it!
  19. YAS! Congratulations, Jordan! You definitely belong there...A sure sign to me that this team of filmmakers know what they're doing.
  20. LMAO! As if the filmmakers are making money off of these docs. Believe me...There is no money in documentary filmmaking. If anything, Netflix profits...It's a Netflix-commissioned doc, so there's no way for the filmmakers to make anything other than the industry-standard fees that were stipulated in their contracts.
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