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  1. What would you call it? She's never had the chance to learn from her mistakes, because they never allowed a mistake. Everything they did was about keeping a sheen on "the brand."
  2. Something fans don't want to accept is that Britney is not very mature for her age. And why would she be? It's completely understandable. This is likely the reason they kept such tight control of her social media for the past 13 years...To protect the brand. They went too far with it...And now she's going to have to begin to learn some hard lessons. They protected her too much, and for too long.
  3. YES! Get their depositions on the court record and then file to terminate. That is a great legal strategy!
  4. We knew this back in 2008 and 2009. It's just funny that TMZ is running this old news now.
  5. I thought it was to help control her weight and keep her fit. Like a racehorse would be trained.
  6. We've heard stories from David Lucado about private investigators nearly running him off the road. So much so that he contacted law enforcement twice. Let's not judge Sam A. until we have all the facts.
  7. I'm afraid to hear what the next thing is that she has to say. This is going to be painful. Necessary. But painful.
  8. Awwww, I didn't realize Tony has Alzheimer's. My mom died of Alzheimer's over Christmas...It really is harder on loved ones than on the person who has it. Music just lifts them up and makes them remember things that they wouldn't otherwise...It's really quite magical when it happens!
  9. And many fans thought that Robin was Britney's "assistant." It turns out she was a little more than that.
  10. Nope. Judging from her Instagram content I think she's itching to get back to work. She just needs to be able to do it on her own terms with a team of people she can actually trust.
  11. Who was the friend? Either way... The vast majority of the fanbase didn't clue in to what an heinous monster Lou M. Taylor was until, what...2019? Can we really blame Sam for not seeing that one coming, either?
  12. I can buy into this. Although I don't think he realized he was being hired by "Team CON" at the time, per se. I think he just thought that Larry was hiring him for "Slumber Party" because he was in the "Work From Home" video. Occam's razor, ya'll.
  13. Rosengart implied that he's a gambling addict. Addiction + Vegas = Trouble So there's that.
  14. Here's the thing... By law, he can't admit to treating Britney...So the fact that he wouldn't admit it in the Netflix doc means nothing. He also challenged the filmmakers, and asked them to show them his signature on the evaluation...They couldn't. I also don't doubt for a second that she was showing symptoms of drug-induced dementia...That would be normal under the circumstances, seeing as she'd just had her prescription psych meds crushed and put in her food by Sam Lutfi. Even if Spar was responsible for the temporary conservatorship being put in place...He likely never dreamed in a million years it would, a) be made permanent, and b) last for 13 years.
  15. Absolutely! When you add up what Larry has profited over the past 13 years, it likely far outweighs what Lou has pocketed. Plus, there was never a relationship of trust between Britney and Lou...But there was with Larry. Larry could have been the person to put his foot down and demand that the conservatorship come to an end (or better yet, never happen to begin with)...Yet he did the exact opposite. Larry Rudolph is a horrible person.
  16. Meh. It feels like too much focus is being put on the "dementia" box being ticked and the temporary conservatorship. It all should have wrapped up by the time the Circus promo ended. I save my rage for the "succeptible to undue influence" claim and the permanent conservatorship...That's where they really got her.
  17. What was her name for her witch costume at Halloween that year?
  18. That's actually good advice. Drug-able is something different, though.
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