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  1. The alteration she made to the silver 2008 VMA's dress was perfect, though...It showed off her legs without being too revealing. I love the length of the dresses she wore during the promo of the Glory era...Especially the two she wore the night of the Billboard Awards (one was short and black with a train, and the other was mint green), and the one she wore with G-Eazy on the night of the VMA's. She looked amazing on both of those nights!
  2. She's been hacking up dresses since at least 2008. I wish she wouldn't...Or I least wish she wouldn't cut them so short. They would look classier just an inch or two longer. The designers must feel gutted when she does it.
  3. Does anyone remember when Miley went off on Larry during the Bangerz era? She Tweeted a bunch of stuff about her management working her to the bone...But I can't seem to dig up the original Tweets.
  4. I forgot all about that lawsuit by Fernando Flores! The mention of Naloxone was so puzzling at the time...It implied she was taking prescription meds she'd snuck from her dancers or others around her, and was OD'ing on them. But now that we've heard Britney's testimony, as well as stories from people like Sean Phillips it really does make sense.
  5. Her dancers have had to be drug tested from 2008 onwards, and Adderall has been a running theme throughout the past 13 years...So my guess is that she would have attended AA for an addiction to prescription meds, not necessarily alcohol.
  6. Oh, Madonna is a horrible person...I mean, she's very charitable, but she has a real mean streak in her. I guess I'm giving Madonna extra points here for: a) Consistency and career longevity. b) Singing live while she's dancing...She clearly uses a backing track at times, but she hits so many sour notes throughout her entire concert that it's clear she really is singing throughout. P.S. I've seen Madonna live during the Drowned World tour, Sticky & Sweet tour, and Rebel Heart tour, Janet live during her All For You tour, Gaga live during her Monster Ball tour and some dress rehearsals for an award show, and Britney live during the Circus tour...So I'm comparing the feeling of being in the crowd and watching live, not watching videos online. Britney would win this comparison hands down if we were doing an even comparison...But the fact she uses a backing track throughout her entire show gives her an edge.
  7. I've seen Madonna live three times, Janet live once, and Britney live once. Janet blew Madonna and Britney out of the water!
  8. Thank you! You did the work for me. Madonna attended the University of Michigan on a dance scholarship. When she arrived in NY City at the age of 19 she attended Martha Graham's dance school. It was Martha Graham who gave her the nickname "Madame X." Britney was a good dancer...But Madonna was great.
  9. Lou M. Taylor probably talked her releasing this book. It's what she did with Lynne Spears as "damage control" following 2007.
  10. Was her mom a rock...or was it the fact that there was so much separation between them and she craved her presence? No matter how terrible our relationships can be, it seems we always, always crave the presence of our moms.
  11. This thread just made me realize how new most of Britney's fans are.
  12. I gave praise to Ingham where he deserved to be praised. Did I ever call Ingham by the nickname Kingham? No...But he wasn't sitting around twiddling his thumbs, either. "The movement" was claiming that Ingham was doing nothing yet documents have shown that he was advocating for Britney to some extent going back until at least 2012/2014. Does he deserve to be praised for taking eight months to file a document? Or to not inform Britney that she could file to terminate? **** no. But Ingham did make some brilliant moves here and there. We know from both David Lucado and Adnan Ghalib that Team CON was using surveillance and intimidation to keep everyone in line...I don't doubt that they used the same tactics with Ingham, too. Once they were past the first week of the temporary conservatorship they already had enough dirt on Ingham to keep him in line for the next 12 years.
  13. Sweetie, Britney's moves have been very strategic going all the way back to 2018. Just because Rosengart was approved by the court on a particular date doesn't mean that he wasn't advising her (or those close to her) on the sly in the background. Again, we know virtually nothing about how Rosengart came on board...If fans really had the power to influence the courts as much as they've been patting themselves on the back for, it sure wouldn't have taken Ingham eight months to file a document to bring Bessemer on board...And if fans really had the power to influence the courts as much as they've been patting themselves on the back for, the conservatorship would have been terminated long ago.
  14. There's literally no proof for what you're stating either. We know nothing about the chain of events that led to Rosengart.
  15. Or... The movement didn't actually do a ****** thing... And Rosengart has been in the works for years now.
  16. Did Wade not help choreograph the Circus promo?
  17. Did you notice that... Jayden James is also named after Britney's father?
  18. You probably shouldn't get so wound up over a random stranger's opinion on the Internet, eh? Opinions are like *********. We all have them.
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