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  1. Well the standard edition is listed under 2020 with Mood Ring on it, so they probably think it's a new album!
  2. Stream and buying hour hasn't even started and this is how strong she is going!
  3. I have my VPN on US and streaming the song for 12 hours now and I wont shut it down this whole week. Just put it on on your laptop, put the volume on zero, song on replay, screen to black. Also make sure you have Youtube on as well, so that way you stream from 2 platforms at the same time
  4. If she wanted to sabotage Gaga, she would have released some unreleased leftover from Glory.
  5. OMG I tried for an hour to create an US account, but it kept giving an error with payment method from Europe. **** it, Ill stream with a VPN on US
  6. Ok can someone tell me how I can buy this song 10 times on the US i-tunes from Europe?
  7. Nothing much haha. Typical Gaga. Hyping her music and not delivering. ok it's a matter of taste, but Im kinda disappointed. The album sounds very generic. I listened to it 3 times now and only found 4 songs that I liked. It makes you move and it's a fun album, I'll give it that, but it's nowhere near great.
  8. Cause her team wont get rich by those 1000 copies a #JusticeFor campaign will sell. They earn about 10 % of the total price. Small calculation: 1000 x 9.99 / 10 = 999 dollars that team C-ship makes, the rest goes to RCA. So Make Britney happy and get her team 999 dollars or don't do anything at all. I do get the OP's point, cause from a principal point of view, event 1 cent is too much to give to her team. What I'm mostly curious about is if the FreeBritney supporters will buy a new album, released under the C-ship or not. They all stand a firm NO right now, but I think when the album is here, they will buy it anyway.
  9. OMG I am dead over this Legendtina quote: We’re very different people, aren’t we? In our world, there are different types of entertainers. You have your artists and you have your regular performers. I’m an artist, and, well…” What was she thinking? I can't at the bitterness!
  10. This is a really interesting question and if Britney/new team is smart in re-marketing her, they listen to what made that generation a stan and combine that with her own vision of how to re-invent herself. Take notes from the past and take that to a new level. I can't answer this question, cause my stan *** started the moment I saw Baby One More Time when it came out.
  11. I just wish she would go to New York for a few months and just start writing there. Imagine the creativity when exploring a different place than LA.
  12. This is probably fake, but my desperate *** can't help but get excited! This would be epic and we all know it would debut straight at #1 on the Hot100 and to be honest, our girls needs a new #1. I just need new music, but only if it's done on her terms and not Lou's.
  13. Girl what are you talking about? People giving their honest opinions doesn't make for a ****ty fanbase. Let's face it, the song is ****, the video is ok and Ariana def outshines Gaga on her own song. So if people state their humble opinion and it's against your taste, doesn't make them a ****ty fanbase. Also don't tell me if you go to a Beyonce forum, Gaga or Rihanna that the fanbase wont stick up for their own fav. To sum up: respect other people's opinion when they don't match yours.
  14. Well since Larry got fired again, I wonder who her musical team is now. Maybe she kept some people on. Don't know but I doubt this is true anyway.
  15. For me her best tour is The Circus tour and that's simply because I loved the epic production. Between DWAD and ONYX I would say DWAD.
  16. Im still waiting for Man On The Moon to be released as a single. It's the kind of song she doesn't need choreo for, just a very nice storyline with a big budget.
  17. Because she is held at gunpoint while forced recording those videos.
  18. I think we should all comment on his Instastory, complementing him for the great work he delivered.
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