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  1. I think we should leave Blackout for what it is. It is a legendary album and a justice campaign is more of an insult to Blackout. If you all wanna put so much time, energy and money into a justice campaign, how about a #Justice4Britney?
  2. I can't believe this fanbase is so naive to think she is alone at her home right now after all that has happened the past 12 year and especially last year. Something is up! She has been absent for too long now.
  3. Domination is officially over. After the dust settles, she needs to come with a killer album like Blackout and In The Zone (by that i mean in terms of groundbreaking, not the same sound) and do a huge world tour with production as big as the Circus tour. The world needs to see Britney in all her glory again and not a cheap *** tour with a high school budget production.
  4. The thing is, if she rests her face and gets rid of those weird awkward facial expressions and has good hair & make up, she doesn't look that different from before. She is a natural beauty, she just isn't 20 anymore. I know she had some messed up surgery done years ago but lately she seems to have her old face again and that's the most beautiful. Some examples:
  5. Title is misleading, but if she does a collab, I'd want Beyonce or Lady Gaga
  6. Can we stop with these dumb justice campaigns? it makes us look desperate. Glory & Mood Ring were nice and cute, so let's leave it at that. Instead of putting all that energy in a justice4 campaign, put it into the Free Britney campaign:)
  7. Ok don't crucify me, cause I only want to bring this back to everyone's attention. There is a Free Britney petition and it's only signed by around 6000 people. I know it probably won't help, but it's more exposure to the case. https://www.change.org/p/team-britney-freebritney SIGN if you havent and share please. She needs our help and her civil rights back.
  8. How did this piece of **** who survived a raptured cologne (or whatever) is still alive during a pandemic? Evil people always tend to win for a very long time. Can't wait till she is free, IF she ever will be free.
  9. Hell no if that was the case, Lady Gaga, Demi Levato and Mariah Carey (who all have mental issues) would be in a C-ship. They ****ed her over big time and if she has any mental illness now, it's cause they drugged her for 12 years with medication she did not need! I get mad everytime I talk about this subject, damn I hope they all rot in hell for eternity!
  10. This is obviously an old recorded video and planned to be released in case we ask questions. They locked her up again!
  11. I am sure they locked her up again, this all doesnt seem right. Mood Ring was just a distraction on her team's behalf and we all fell for it. #FreeBritney
  12. OMG no even this hiatus is better than watching that depressing show
  13. This look was a ******* serve. I wish she would hold on to that style a little longer. I bet a lot of more people would fall in love with her.
  14. Ugh this is just so messed up! All I hope is that despite everything she is still happy and finds joy in the small things she likes. This truly is a crime against humanity.
  15. And that's why I think something is up. We all know Britney is not allowed to see her sons, except for maybe 2 or 3 hours. So what is she doing? Where is she? I maybe overthinking it, but it's just weird. She might want some alone time, but during a pandemic, I don't think anyone wants to be alone.
  16. What home fire? You mean when she burned her gym down? I doubt that. If that was the case, they wouldn't have forced her to say that in an Instagram video anyway. That video was definitely put out by her team and not her. I have the feeling something is up. Also Sam being alone and posting stuff on his Instagram is not helping to wonder where she is? Where is Britney?
  17. Am I the only one who thinks it's fishy that she hasn't been posting since that weird article came out regarding her being in a facility? She didnt post a video for BLM, she didnt post a video for Mood Ring. How convenient that she wasn't gonna post for another week due to BlackoutTuesday. I'm not buying this crap. Her team is up to something again and Mood Ring was a huge distraction. Most fans totally forgot about FreeBritney
  18. I wont count Break The Ice and Kill The Lights, since she was not even involved in any those. Make me Pretty Girls Perfume
  19. I'm sorry but Im not buying this. I think they locked her up again. There is no way she wouldn't post a video about this or about Mood Ring going #1. all we got ever since that weird article came out were text messages on Instagram and that Billboard 'interview'. Also the video she posted on her instastory dancing to Kim Petras was an old video with the song on it. But anyway, good that 'she' adressed it.
  20. NO! Chromatica is an ok album, I only like 5 songs, but the album is nothing groundbreaking or new. It's actually quite generic. Britney needs another album that sets the tone for the coming years, like she did with Blackout and In The Zone. She has always been a trendsetter and her next album needs to be a huge reinvention of her brand. I would like to see her experiment with new sounds and deliver something that stand the test of time. So no, Chromatica is nice for the moment with some highlights, but not for Britney. She is bigger than that.
  21. yes but having the song on reply doesnt count as stream on Spotify. You have to create a playlist with Mood Ring and 1 other song and put that playlist on replay, otherwise the streams don't count. A song on replay on Spotify counts as a flood and that wont be added to the streams.
  22. Well since he took on Gaga her career went from performing at the superbowl, winning an Oscar to releasing her best album (Chromatica) since The Fame Monster. I think it's safe to say that he is good and from what I've heard he is a Britney stan.
  23. There were rumors a while back that Bobby was Britney's new manager. he is managing Lady gaga, but since Sam just posted this on his instastory, it makes me believe he might be managing Britney as well. Unless him and Sam are just friends, but still, it's odd to point Britney out as #1.
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