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  1. Maybe stop with these justice4 campaigns? It makes us look desperate, it makes Britney look desperate. Just stop! Focus this energy on FreeBritney instead of a Justice campaign for an album that is critically acclaimed as her best and named one of the most influential albums of the last decade! The only justice it deserves was the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 and since a justice campaign wont bring us that #1, then don't. It was fun doing it for Glory, but seriously leave it at that.
  2. You know what the thing is? We don't need Danja. just like Blackout, she experimented and back then Danja was NEW for her to work with and yet they created magic. I think the same will happen if she works with someone else who isn't known, but is good and willing to combine their powers together. When Blackout came out, nobody knew what to expect and we need that again!
  3. Wow I never noticed this before, but even back then she was very uhm how do I put this... trippy? Not the right word, look at her leg, it's like she is bursting with energy, her leg keeps shaking, just like her hands do in recent years when she sits down for interviews.
  4. haha oh, I'm sorry, didn't wanna get your hopes up. Can't wait for a new one, his readings are so entertaining.
  5. Remember this? I know it's all bull****, but the last one is kinda fun and would be amazing if it will happen.
  6. She lost me when she said 'Britney doesn't love her kids'. We all know Britney LIVES for her boys and loves them more than anything.
  7. Believe me, you spared yourself a lot of mental issues! It was so hard being a Britney fan back then and to be honest the pas few days remind me of 2007 a lot with all the hate comments and shade she is getting on her posts and videos. Off course it's not as bad as back then, but I can totally see it happening again if she continues posting weird dance moves haha.
  8. Let's bump this thread, cause let's face it being a Britney fan these days ia either boring or mentally unhealthy. I doubt a new album is coming, but IF an album is recorded and she is not out of the C-ship, then I can totally see Britney just leak the whole thing to tell her story. Maybe leak the songs anonymously, so the C-ship can't trace it back to her. Her story needs to be told and I'm sure she is incorporating all the scrutiny that has been done to her by her handlers, media and the general public. I hate to say it, but her situation has all the best ingredients for an epic album/story to tell.
  9. Oh hell no to bloodpop! Chromatica sounds like a modern version of Madonna's Confession mixed with anything Kylie. We need a fresh new experimental sounds. Its time we get another album that did what Blackout did: set a new trend! Britney for executive producer!
  10. So what was the purpose of that tweet? Like it's so random out of nowhere. Did anyone even ask for it?
  11. Oh wauw didnt know about the tiktok videos. "You know in For The Record when she said: I'm a smart person, like what the hell was I thinking?" I wish she would think that now
  12. This should be used in the opening film of the new comeback tour. After the the clip is over, the arena will be filled with lightening effects all over the place, rain falls down on stage as she comes down from the ceiling making her big entrance! I would literally DIE!
  13. This is crazy! It feels like 2007 again, except not being in the tabloids and news, she is now on social media. The reach/scope is even bigger than back then. Let's just hope this will end well. It's so hard being her fan lol
  14. She is going viral for all the wrong reasons. My friends who never care about her are now sending me this video and asking me how many rehabs she passed and if she is on drugs again. My god Britney for the sake of your image hire a social media manager, clean up your image. Jezus it's not that hard. Can't believe even Sam is not stepping in on this. I mean for a while it was ok just to let go and have fun, but don't let this become your image. No wonder she had no acces to her social media.
  15. Can you believe this was the girl who used to say that she doesn't care what people think of her to how bothered she is these days? The crap they did to her is inhuman!
  16. Lol this sound doesn't fit Britney at all, but that might be more reason for her to work with them. Imagine her style, Danja and this guy coming together. It could mash very well as long as they get to be creative 100% their way. But imagining Britney singing on these songs, I would say no thanks. We do need a new fresh sound from Brit though. B10 needs to be HUGE and unlike anything on the radio right now. an A list collab with Rihanna would be amazing. Together they will break any record.
  17. I can't wait for the day she - Takes out those ratchet extensions and rocks her natural hair... BRUSHED! - Takes on a a stylist and dresses in a way that flatters her body and doesn't look like a Primark model - Takes some basic natural makeup classes so she can do some simple make up without looking like she's been partying 3 nights in a row with that heavy eye shadow
  18. Yes she can and she wouldn't even need a collab to do that, but if she wants to be safe, she should get Ariana or Rihanna. There are a few things to consider though. The only old tactic she needs to use is to have a HUG lead single with a big budget video. The video needs to come out 1 or 2 days after the song's release and have a radio deal. Then release the 2nd single and THEN the album one week after the 2nd single and video drops. She will need - A complete makeover of her style, hair and make up - Performing skills need to be up, no more half assing and weird tics with her hair and facial expressions - Promote on huge platforms like Ellen and SNL - BIG production performances - Enjoy it:)
  19. Ugh this whole situation makes me so angry. what happened in the past is in the past, but SHE HAS TO speak up if she wants to get out of this C-ship. She is the only one who can free her by taking back what's rightfully hers and that is by being loud, extra LOUD!
  20. Kim K and Taylor Swift have the power to FreeBritney, but in order to do so, BRITNEY herself has to speak up and ask for it. Celebs are not gonna believe the words of fans if it's not backed by the artist. To be honest I don't get why Britney keeps quite. I mean they took away her children, what more leverage could they possibly have to shut her up? I mean you have a mouth and a tongue, SPEAK UP! No good ever came to those who kept their silence.
  21. Enough with the residencies! We wants a new massive World Tour. Imagine getting another world tour on the scale of the Circus Tour. I would die
  22. It amazes me how one day she can look so haggard and then she comes out looking like THIS! She looks sooo good as if she just stepped out of the Baby One More Time era.
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