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  1. Am I the only one who is afraid we will get looks like this when she is free and releases B10?
  2. She will if she - Changes her image but also reminds people why the world fell in love with her - Take more time to rehearse and not rush the choreo - Lead single with an IT artist like either Ariana or Cardi B - Superbowl performance (solo) and then drop the album and world tour announcement the same day! She will be bigger than ever if she did the above.
  3. OMG I so hope this gets approved! So I have a few questions. IF this gets approved, does it mean: 1. All the money they steal from her, that goes into their (Jamie & Lou) shady business will stop? They have ZERO acces to her money anymore? 2. Does this mean she will be allowed to spend her money the way SHE wants?
  4. I hope Jamie and Lou rot in hell for eternity! This makes me so sad and regret everything I said about her during the Circus era when she wasn't feeling it at times. She is trooper and by far the strongest celebrity that has faced fame. Even MJ didn't handle it the way she does.
  5. Im down for I Will Be There. Overprotected has no link to the fans. but the lyrics of I Will Be There qualifies for Britney who has always been there for us and now we are here for her! I like that idea.
  6. First of all that prediction account is just for fun and has no insider info, but let's just say IF this is real, I think it's gonna be one of the following - Justin Timberlake (since he is recording a new album with Timbaland) and we both know both fanbases will HATE this idea, but JT & Brirney would be legendary. - Katy Perry - Christina Aquilera Also I think by "both fanbases will hate it" they mean they will hate the idea of the 2 artists working together, not the song. Remember how everyone hated Womanizer till it went #1? then suddenly everyone was loving it.
  7. How about For the record part 2? I'd rather have a documentary with her real emotions than a book. Nobody is gonna read a book these days. It's all about visuals.
  8. so nothing major came from this podcast. Bryan acts like he doesn't know **** about the conservatorship, he sugarcoats the whole thing cause he obviously doesn't want to talk about it, but I did get the impression that he is against it and loves Britney, but just is not really able to talk about it.
  9. haha I know and I've been telling people all day to not get their hopes up, but a part of me a very small part is still hopefull he will come through
  10. Hate to say this but Bryan is NOT gonna reveal anything we wanna hear. That interview is clearly scripted, unless he and Britney planned this, which I doubt. I know we all wanna think that there is ONE decent member left of the Spears family, but Im afraid they're all on a payroll and would do anything to keep that going. At this point I think Britney should just get out of the house, be with Sam and speak publicly. They can't threaten her with her kids anyone, cause they already took them. They also can't threaten with putting her in a facility again, cause the world is watching and speaking out is no reason to be locked up. Murder is!
  11. OMG what I wouldn't give for leaked phone calls between Jamie & Lou from the past month since the GP started getting on the FreeBritney movement.
  12. Girl get it together! she is dead since 2013 and they are using doubles? lol come on.
  13. So this means we have about another month to keep exposing their shady ***** and keep spreading FreeBritney to the public! I'm not giving up on this, if Britney didn't give up for 12 years, we can not give up either.
  14. I love this woman so much! She even liked my tweet when I tagged her and said: "I can't wait for Rose McGowan to orb Britney out of her consevatorship"
  15. This article is clearly paid by team C-ship. How come Britney NEVER showed any signs of mental lines TILL the moment she tried to cut her family out of her life in 2007? Because they started to drug her!
  16. This feels like that episode from Friends: "Was that story over?"
  17. This could mean 2 things! 1. Lynne wants to take over the C-ship and after a few months or a year ask the judge to end the C-ship and set Britney free that way. 2. She wants in on what's left of Britney's estate and doesn't care for her daughter's happiness.
  18. Seriously we are in the middle of a FreeBritney movement that is getting major GP support, do not ruin the moment with justice campaign that does NOT do anything! Spend your money to create awareness to the Free Britney movement and we might get a new album to spend money on! CANCEL THIS ASAP!
  19. Janet is an amazing iconic legend and Britney is very influenced by her, but in terms of fame, Britney is the biggest artist, more famous. Britney is on MJ level when it comes to fame. 2007 is enough proof of that.
  20. IF he was hinting anything it's clear that he is OUT of the project! He blacked OUT! he gave away song titles. Danja on B10 is scrapped and we all know it.
  21. Maybe stop with these justice4 campaigns? It makes us look desperate, it makes Britney look desperate. Just stop! Focus this energy on FreeBritney instead of a Justice campaign for an album that is critically acclaimed as her best and named one of the most influential albums of the last decade! The only justice it deserves was the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 and since a justice campaign wont bring us that #1, then don't. It was fun doing it for Glory, but seriously leave it at that.
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