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  1. Swimming In The Stars is so good that I don't even care about this song. I know Matches is gonna be a let down.
  2. Can someone please DM me? Also is it the final mixed version that leaked or LQ?
  3. Oke first off all in For The Record she was quite honest but let's not forget that team C-ship was on her neck back then. second of all I think she actually wants to tell people what's going on. Why else would she unseal all the court documents for the public? I think after 12 years of imprisonment she really wants to tell her side of the story. I do however agree with you that she might not change in terms of performances. As long as she is medicated the way she is, she will not be the same. If she decides to quit that, I do see her making a comeback. To be honest it all depends on her. If she takes her time, goes over and over every routine, get's proper training, I do see her get back to the same Britney. The energy is clearly there, the coordination needs to be handled properly.
  4. I think if Britney decides to put out a documentary about her life (c-ship & post C-ship) every platform out there will be in line to work with her. Her story is massive and will draw the GP and not only fans. She has been in the news like it's 2007 all over again and people are interested especially since she has not said a word about it.
  5. The only reason Gaga stans think Gaga's peak was bigger, is because they compare Gaga's peak to Britney's comeback. The funny thing is that Britney's comeback was as big as Gaga's peak. They were competing, scoring huge hits and their touring numbers were huge. If Gaga's peak was as big as Britney's comeback, then I think that answers your question. Also Gaga stans 'forget' how big Britney's peak was, because most of them were 4 or 5 years old and the adult ones are just being plain delusional. But I have to say that's only a small group, because I know a lot of Gaga stans who acknowledge that Britney has always been the bigger artist and respect her legacy rather than being delusional.
  6. A documentary along with a new album that will be launched right after she finishes her Superbowl 2022 halftime show performance!
  7. So he hasnt even filed the petition yet? So I guess today's hearing will not result in Jamie being removed. There goes all the hype lol.
  8. I think she has like 3 albums left to release with them right? But IF Jamie is removed and she gets on with Bessemer. Is she able to get out of her contract by playing the Conservatorship card and just calling it a day? Like: 'I was under a C-ship and I was not allowed to make decisions for myself'? Just wondering.
  9. Well I don't think you can blame him for that lol. Have you seen her 'dancing' video's? Off cours they get messy after her new way of dancing lol
  10. It will sell out anyway, so you might as well buy it if you are a collector. Also the money mostly goes to RCA and and UO and not team C-ship. Im not buying it but it's obvious this is coming from RCA if recent rumors are true that they wanted her to record a Xmas album. Team Cship mostly makes money from performances and endorsements if Im not mistaken?
  11. With all respect to Britney, she is NOT doing anything to stop that. I get that she is goofy and she has been controlled for so long and wants to be free and this might be her only way to express herself (which I doubt, cause I still think the C-ship is controlling her Instagram) but IF she is in control and she loves doing photoshoots, then why not do some professional ones as well? I mean she can do her amateur stuff, but posting the same shoot 50 times? At least change it up. If she starts doing that, people will see the popstar again in glam and they will see the person who enjoys her amateur stuff. I think a lot of the haters will actually see that she is a person and symphatize with her and respect her more. Also maybe stop posting these weird movement videos that she calls dancing. Switch it up and do some actual choreo than the same movement over and over again to different songs lol.
  12. Another example why America needs to get his **** together. How can you promote the American dream, liberty and the greatest nation on earth while you have cases like these? This would never happen in Europe. This is no hate towards US, I have been there and it's all amazing, but the system is messed up.
  13. Don't worry, she will come back with another weird 'dancing' video lol She was never one to care what was said about her and I love her for that!
  14. I think she probably is referring to Lady gaga. Remember that project that never saw the light of day? She probably was also referring to Madonna when asked if she has worked with Diva's before lol.
  15. Thank God for 2 reasons! 1. Good for her for not wanting to work untill she is free 2. Nobody is waiting for a Xmas album lol. Bring in the real work
  16. Off course! A regular tour supporting a new album as it has always been is what I want the most! OMG I still remember when I saw her the first time during the Circus tour! I'd pay my month salary to see another tour like that lol
  17. Stop with these sad petty games. The Britney army is above that also save your coins, cause whatever you do, Team C-ship is benefitting from this. If it's not money, then it's publicity for Jamie Lou!
  18. Sorry I was really interested, but I can barely hear you over the music. Edit the music out, cause your voice is very low recorded.
  19. Yes I will not hear about that treacherous ****! If this was the medieval, I would have her head on a spike!
  20. Also I doubt Bessemer, a trusted and respected company, would risk having their name and reputation dragged through the mud by working with Jamie and his long lasting corruption.
  21. Britney's wish: Keep my father away from my estate! With the new army of lawyers coming on board, I doubt they will allow Jamie to be a co-conservator with Bessemer.
  22. People seriously need to get off Sam's back! He might be the reason she is finally fighting after 12 years for all we know. When he doesn't comment, people trash him, when he comments, people trash him! He doesn't owe fans anything so any form of support he shows publically is welcome and if she chooses not to do so is his right. People here act like Britney is their child.
  23. This is the same bull**** we've bean hearing over and over again. They try to scare people off. If it was in Britney's best interest, then she would not want to break free! If everything is so confidential, she wouldnt ask the judge to open the case to the public! They all want money and they know they ****ed up big time!
  24. OMG you are right! I screencapped the video you were referring to: They screenshotted from October 2017 lol
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