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  1. People saying that some fans take it to far... NO team CON took it too far when they tortured Britney for 13 years, so WHOEVER was part of that team, has it coming! Whether they did it out of fear or not, they made a choice!
  2. The reason I dont want this, is because according to this rumor she clearly wants to release new music, but the hype of the #FreeBritney will be wasted on an old recordings album, while the whole world wants her next album to be about her personal experience and expose.
  3. LMFAO! Team CON really are pissing themselves. If she has 99% freedom, how come she can't even use a phone, her social media or her money?
  4. This made my day! Imagine being in that room and you have to pretend not to care that THE BRITNEY SPEARS is in the same room. But I'm so happy to see her have fun and be among people who don't act like she is this big superstar. She looks good and I love Sam for making her feel happy.
  5. The only reason they put Perez in it, is probably because they want to show 2 sides of the story, Perez being pro con! We all know that pig still thinks Britney needs a Cship, cause let's face it, nobody checks for him except angry Britney fans. Billy B is uhm... I don't know what to think of him, but at least he will be on Britney's side, Brian will be on Britney's side. I know a lot of fans hate him over the Toxic video treatment drama, but he is pro Britney and he knows a lot, since he was also around during 2007. Lisa is a queen, so Im not really worried.
  6. LMFAO! The delusion this man has. The only person who has done hard to Britney the brand, let's not even talk about Britney the person, is Jamie and the conservatorship! #FreeBritney #JailJamie!
  7. Maybe she is just tired and that why her voice sounds so vibrating. I mean, when I got my first shot of vaccine, I was out for a week. People respond different to it and we all saw the video of her after getting the vaccine and she sounded good and looked good. Stop reaching people, I think she was just chilling and probably tired and just enjoyed the weather.
  8. This is obviously an old video. Didnt she get that gap between her teeth fixed a year ago?
  9. And the funny thing is that on Dutch TV the photographer who was present said that Ivo is lying. The whole team started to panic and asked him to cut the question from the airing, but they refused. Britney also told the Photographer: 'I can't believe a grown man asked me this question'. She was nice to do the shoot, but she decided to do it in the same outfit and just leave after a bit. She was supposed to do 2 shoots with him, but didnt finish it. Also the guy said on National TV that Britney Spears is the nicest person and was a professional, but that Ivo Niehe is lying, because he was present and the question was not approved by her team.
  10. The only reason I'd like Netflix to produce one is because the audience is HUGE! Other than that, I's say pass, because Netflix has one format they work with. Their productions aren't really that groundbreaking. I'd rather have a team from HBO work on it. Also why would Netflix be afraid of her camp? It's not like they would be telling any lies. Besides, Netflix has enough money to fight Jamie and I think with Bessemer being co-conservator now, Jamie can't spend Britney's money on lawsuits against any Free Britney supporter.
  11. Loving your sister and saying you love your sister are two totally different things!
  12. She still looks like herself, aside from her heavy botox and filler era. But since those wore off, she seems more like herself again. Just keep in mind she is not 20 anymore and you wont feel the need to ask when was the last time she looked like herself;) All she needs is professional Make up, good foundation and a brush through her hair and she is more beautiful than most of her peers.
  13. Ok no need to hate on BTS for that lol, they are actually quit good!. Army is just a name, who cares? We have bigger fish to fry: JAMIE SPEARS!
  14. I swear to go if anyone attacks Fe, they will have to deal with me! Not everything needs to be attacked that is said by someone! That being said, I think her saying that she doesn't know what a C-ship is, is more to defend Britney as saying she doesn't need one knowing her age and what she is capable off. however let's all wait till we see the docu for ourselfs and what is actually said in what context and tone.
  15. Watch back every video, performances and interviews you have done till 2005 and remember that YOU did that and YOU are capable of being that confident boss person, because you have inspired and touched so many lives.
  16. The management team that is managing Normani's career says enough. Stay away! Larry Rudolph is even a better option. But then again, Normani doesn't really have star quality and her motivation video was good. Anyway, I don't think a guy following Britney means anything. Ariana Grande followed Britney a while ago, that doesn't mean a collab lol. This guy might be a fan for all we know.
  17. If she wants to retire, then she has every right to, but I don't think she will. She is gonna miss performing way too much. She might quit for a few years, but I'm sure at some point she will want to record and perform again.
  18. That's why she needs a new management. Somebody get het Ariana's manager oh wait that's scooter Braun right? Ok he might be a monster but his artists always score right lol. She needs a new fresh young management team that knows the current landscape of music. Give her creative freedom with that and it's the year 2000 again!
  19. Her most underrated single imo! Wouldn't be amazing if she is freed and she performs this song for her fans in the arena omg i wanna cry by only thinking about it haha
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