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  1. Can anyone please help me find this old paparazzi video from 2007ish? Its the one where she replies to the paparazzi mans question and says ‘WELL YOU THOUGHT WRONG, DIDNT YOU’ in a strong southern accent 😂
  2. Never mind they haven’t posted it yet they are going to post it after Britney’s December court date
  3. Where can I find the deep dive page? I’d happily pay to watch it
  4. 'Is rebellion one of the reasons all the craziness happened' - Yeahhhhh of course all this **** happened just because she recorded rebellion! like oh my gadddd That was seriously the most logical and important thing related to the current situation you thought to ask out of all the things you could have asked???
  5. Its made up from a few shows, the creator did a live feed of the upload and told us
  6. Well she appears to have had a closed rhinoplasty which would mean no external incisions or scars, and you only tend to wear the nose cast after surgery for about 5 to 10 days, mine came off on the 5th day but it depends on the surgeon. Then you just use surgical tape at night to help keep the shape and swelling at bay while its healing. So its quite easy to have a nose job on the quiet without people knowing.
  7. Correct, it takes a year to see the final result, unless it is a secondary surgery you will have even more swelling, scar tissue ect. and it will take longer to see the final result, closer to 2 years.
  8. Yup. Prozac can make it greenish.
  9. Propofol puts patients to sleep for surgery or in Michaels case, he just used it to knock him out. Britney would not be able to walk around under the influence of propofol, she’d be on the floor and no one would be able to wake her until it had worn off.
  10. As insanely interesting as blackout Britney was, she was in a dark, unhealthy place. True fans would be prefer to see her healthy and happy so i voted for todays Britney.
  11. If she did a BJ 2.0 it would show she truly gives zero f**ks about her career... it would be well and truly tarnished even more than it already is. She probably wouldn't be able to come back from it... in my opinion
  12. Seen this happen before every album hype up since after circus... ALSO The album will literally sound and also has been called Blackout 2.0!!! - 100% confirmed by Larry Rudolph's second cousin with the wonky eye called Sammy-Jo that i met, she told me at a pool party.
  13. lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds, tear troughs...possibly more
  14. Don't worry sweety... Not everybody has a good ear for well produced pop music, its not your fault
  15. omg this is so fabulous never seen this before! she sounds amazingggg
  16. My telephone, m-m-my telephone 'Cause I'm out in the club, and I'm sipping that bubb And you're not gonna reach my telephone,,,,,,, love it so sassy
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