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  1. My user name was inspired by Britney Spears "My Prerogative" era. Retro (cause why not?) Justice (For Britney's Privacy) and B (for Britney.)
  2. There was never going to be a win for Katy, Becky G, Kim Petras and Bonnie McKee when it came to this situation. All remained silent in defending Dr.Luke but have all remained silent in defending Kesha as well. I think in hindsight Katy should have been honest and said what she said now. I really wish she would work with him again, they has great music chemistry.
  3. I think the buzz phrase for the next few weeks is going to be, low grade depression. I'm feeling it. Thank you, Jordan for creating the space for people to connect. I love what the evolution of Breatheheavy has become.
  4. This is white male privilege speaking, Jordan. 👆🏽 Somethings don't live in the grey, some things are clear black and white. Would you say what you just said to the parent of the child that Tekashi (child *** offender. 2015) acted on. The fact Nicki has collaborated with him multiple times and people stay silent and continue to support her is complicit behavior. He is making money of Nicki's collaboration and support, and she is in choice of that.
  5. I'm a community manager for an athletic clothing brand.
  6. It's extremely cocky of herself to be able to speak so confidently on when she believes, Madonna, "peaked." What she is like 12? Also, Dua Lipa, has a good voice and an interesting sound. But I see her being in the vain of Maroon 5. We all know who they are, but have to often think to name one of their hits.
  7. I sadden by the lack luster response and mainstream impact of this album. This album is FANTASTIC!
  8. I would argue, as talented as Carly Rae Jepsen is, her music is very niche to a particular demographic. I say this because of how she sings on her perspective of love and the sounds she uses to make music- as well as her songwriting. Taylor's writing is style is very poetic literature. It doesn't mean it's better (even though I think it is) it's easier for people to understand and dissect. We are brought up in school learning how to read traditional American literature and poetry. I think it's easier for a broader audience to understand and relate to Taylors lyric style. Also, as pop as Taylor is now, her music sound and songwriting is still strongly country-influenced. Country music is the biggest music genre in the US. We could also bring up Nicki Minaj, I believe Nicki is a poet. If you read some of her lyrics they are incredible. But her music and lyrics are very niche and speak to a specific demographic. Also, we should stay away from commenting and comparing women's beauty and looks to one another. Especially in a negative connotation. -D
  9. She has gotten so good at sounding natural when reading a prompter. #GoHer
  10. 100 freaking songs, @JordanMiller!? Who works out through 100 songs?
  11. I could care less about him doing this. He's done more irreparable damage than 2 millions dollars could ever fix by being a support of Donald Trump. His actions as community leader (you can argue this all you want, but he is) have had such bad ripple effects. I try to think about wanting to live in a space of, porque no los dos, a Donal Trump supporter & a community activist for people of color. His ignorance and outburst of erratic emotions really make hard for to believe he could truly be both and understand the gravitas of his actions. And on a petty note... #TeamTaylor
  12. First things first (I'm the realest). I loved Teenage Dream and REALLY loved Prism, so this is very exciting news to me. Secondly, Katy tried a new path with music it didn't work, we all "Witnessed" (pun intended) it flop harder than humpback whale. Lastly, I am curious if this means she will be collaborating with Bonnie McKee again!!!!! That would be stellar. But the REAL questions is, will she be working with Dr.Luke again considering he was a huge influence on both of these albums. -D
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