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  1. After how they handled her last two albums do you really think they care about her. They even admitted they totally **** up with the handling of Glory and I’m sure her team didn’t help matters either. Plus there are rumors she will she retire once freed and they probably want her to fulfill her contract.
  2. I believe her original contract was fulfilled by GH:MP which would’ve made it 4 studio albums and 1 compilation. I think Blackout started a new contract for 4 more which makes sense because she signed a new contract after BJ was released.
  3. You can add Fletcher she posted that image of Britney’s star with the note “I want my life back-Britney” in her instagram story yesterday.
  4. If I did it based on most played it would be pretty much Glory with BOM and Slave mixed in lol so I’m gonna do my own thing 😉 Britney Spears: The Standouts 1. Make Me Feat. G-Eazy 2. Breathe On Me 3. I’m A Slave 4 U 4. Toxic 5. If I’m Dancing 6. Gimme More 7. Womanizer 8. Stronger 9. Oops I Did It Again 10. Baby One More Time 11. (You Drive Me) Crazy 12. Everytime 13. Slumber Party 14. Don’t Cry 15. Touch Of My Hand 16. Circus 17. 3 18. Before The Goodbye 19. Shadow 20. I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun) Bonus Track: 21. My Only Wish (This Year)
  5. Naked, You Right, and I Don’t Do Drugs are the only tracks I like! Naked is the best song on the album honestly! The deluxe tracks are horrible!
  6. I’ve honestly never been a huge fan of it! It’s her worst lead single!
  7. Didn’t David cheat on her....isn’t that what Just Like Me is about
  8. I agree that she was into both Circus and Glory....she had quite a few writing credits on Circus and I think Theresa really considered Britney’s opinion when doing the track listing hence why songs like My Baby and Mmm Papi made the main track listing. As for Femme Fatale and BJ I hardly listen to them, especially BJ! Both of them are not good albums and Britney clearly wasn’t feeling them/they don’t feel like her!
  9. You can clearly tell it’s not Myah, Myah over exaggerates when she’s trying to sound like Britney...the vocals seem forced and labored. These do not.
  10. Yeah the whole time I was listening to this I was thinking well at least this sounds more like her, but the final instrumental is far superior! Um did anyone else notice the track King Of My Castle that leaked....it’s Britney featuring on a Shayne Ward (whoever the f that is) track...it’s supposedly from 2010.....thought it was fake at first but I think it’s legit.
  11. Honestly she was probably just as clueless about the situation as Britney! Myah I’m sure was told she was doing background vocals, only to find out later they were much more than that.
  12. Love that she posted this! One of her more recent dancers that I follow on Instagram has posted two sweet Britney posts about wanting her to be free as well!
  13. This made me cringe, while I’m glad it’s being talked about....jokes should not be part of the conversation! I do love that Don’t Cry the best song on BJ got a little shine though!
  14. This!!! I’m more surprised that miss mental health advocate and person that finds an issue in everything Demi hasn’t said anything....she runs her mouth about everything else
  15. Interview! I would rather watch than read everything. Plus I feel like literally hearing everything from her lips would be more impactful!
  16. I think it was cancelled because she refused to continue to rehearse/do the show and to punish her they shipped her off to that mental health facility. Her indefinite work hiatus began after the show was cancelled....I think she actually started it as protest before it was announced that the show was off.
  17. She said she deserves a 2-3 year break, so I think she will return to music and performing at some point just not anytime soon. This is going to sound bad, but I feel like Britney probably feels like she owes us for all of our support for her freedom so she’ll want to give us something in return as a thank you. So I don’t think she’d just retire out of the blue, I think there would be a farewell album and maybe tour of she decided to call it quits.
  18. Her father I think felt like he was owed something since he helped her become a star by spending money on things for her as a child. Remember they bring that up in Framing Britney. He just seems like a money grubbing *******! As for her horse faced sister who we know is somewhat involved, it’s 100% jealousy!
  19. Mariah is my 2nd favorite after Britney so this makes my heart so happy!
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