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  1. When she is free we should stream and buy it and try to get it to re-chart!
  2. She could go to Epic, Kelly Clarkson left RCA for them because they allow her more creative freedom. Republic also seems to care about their artists from what I see between them and Ariana....like when she teases something new and the respond to it....unlike RCA that pays Britney dust.
  3. Honestly I’m not here for re-releases especially of Britney Jean which is a horrible album! I’d much rather an entire album of rare/unreleased songs like the original post mentioned!
  4. Her vocals really aren’t that bad, they’re similar to her What You Need vocals and she barely even sings anything on Hey Ma! Honestly both Feel So Free and Hey Ma are horrible songs....messy production!
  5. Well I’m sure per her contract she’s suppose to have a new album out by now so to RCA they are losing money. They could’ve done a compilation already but I actually think they are holding off because of her current situation.....the Glory re-release was their way of getting a release from her without making her work or creating a whole new project and having to involve her team. They’re desperate for a release from her since rumor has it they tried to get her to do a Christmas album last year.
  6. I usually don’t agree with her, but everything she has said about Britney recently has been 100% spot on!
  7. Well after she thanked us yesterday I don’t think she’s retiring, but I do think there will be a long break once she is free. An unreleased compilation would be perfect during the break and hopefully they will let Britney pick the tracks similar to how Mariah did her Rarities album!
  8. Glory was the first album since Circus that actually felt like a Britney album and that she seemed connected to. You could tell she actually liked Glory unlike FF and BJ!
  9. I just remembered she did say that she would fulfill current obligations and we know she has at least one album left on her contract. Anyways, Britney herself has said she gets bored easily so even if she retired I definitely think we would still get music but she wouldn’t promote it and I think she will definitely switch labels or be independent.
  10. He’s one of many writers on Matches, one of the others being Ian Kirkpatrick who also produced it. The problem for me with Matches is less the lyrics and more the production....also didn’t Danja produce Welcome To The Jungle?
  11. She’s a smart girl, I think she would’ve realized she needed some kind of help and sought it out from either a professional or a more trusted friend/relative. Circus would not have happened (sadly) and I don’t think she would’ve released a new album till 2009/2010. There would be no FF or BJ, I do think she would’ve still had an album out in 2013 and 2016 though. X-Factor never would’ve happened, you could tell she hated it and Vegas would’ve never happened. She would also be remarried by now I think.
  12. If it was a group performance of Stronger or Lucky on a highly watched awards show with FreeBritney imaging I would be for it, but a charity single just seems weird!
  13. Yes! I mean look at Cher she retired, but has released several albums since retiring. So even when if Britney does retire I don’t think it’s the end of music from her. Also we will without a doubt get an album of unreleased from RCA if Britney retires so either way we will get new music at some point.
  14. When it came out 1. Make Me 2. Slumber Party 3. Man On The Moon Now 1. Make Me 2. Slumber Party 3. If Im Dancing
  15. He didn’t want to get off topic which is why he said no, I mean asking him about free Britney is kind of random.
  16. Lol no! It’s about dreaming! “Out of time“ and “sun’s out of heat” refer to it being nighttime and guess what’s also out at night....stars! She’s dreaming of love, it’s very similar to MOTM in subject/vibe and Shadow as well because I think that it also referring to dreaming of love!
  17. Well I don’t think she can just end it, a petition to end it has to me officially filed and dip **** Sam never did it!
  18. The hands could very well symbolize being controlled as if she were a puppet.
  19. My only complaint about this song is it’s too long, it would be stronger if they shortened it! It’s very dumblonde ish, which makes me desperately want a third dumblonde album!
  20. I’m pretty sure she has at least 2 albums left on her contract. For her to lose access to her songs someone would have to buy the masters and I doubt Jamie purchased her catalog or RCA would have to own them but I don’t think they do.
  21. Well I’m a huge fan of Mariah, she’s my #2 and she also has a very devoted fan base but in terms of things like unreleased songs there are few Mariah ones and I don’t think she’s as stalked by the paps/media.
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