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  1. Well I mean duh it's a Lifetime movie lol I'm not watching because I don't have cable
  2. I want these the most!!! Red Is The Color Follow My Fingers Downtown Wonderland Sacred Freedom Secret (full) Grow
  3. Plus they know suing isn't going to work because Whitney's family tried to get her movie stopped and they failed, what happened though was the movie was focused on positives in Whitney's life, so by Britney's camp saying she was not here for the movie they shapped essentially how the movie came out.....Lifetime knew that if they were already unhappy a movie making her look bad would really get them in trouble!
  4. Larry actually seemed very hands off with Glory tbh, I remember him saying in an interview early last year that he had heard some of the tracks and they were great.....as if he really wasn't involved with the creation/recording of the album. It seems as though he brought in Karen and she and Britney really crafted the album.
  5. Thank you! Yeah she doesn't need another BO, she doesn't need another of any of her albums she needs to do something new and yes I highly doubt that all she wants to is Urban Pop I mean she was very in command on Glory and there are only a few hints of Urbaney on it!
  6. I actually prefer Circus to Blackout, not gonna lie! I feel like Circus is ITZ's sister tbh, both albums have a wide range of sounds/song types/subjects! I also don't get why people think Blackout is a mature album it's 99% about partying/have ***! IMO her most mature albums are ITZ/Circus! Lace and Leather is one of my all time favorite Britney tracks and Blur is amazing!!! Blackout is so overrated....I don't even listen to half of it and ITZ ***** all over it!
  7. I agree with you that she shouldn't try to fit in even thought that seems like the logical thing to do because that's not Britney....what made her so successful is that her music was always something different.....if you think about it from BOMT-Circus her music never really fit in with what was currently out at the time....it always sounded different. I think that she needs to be really experimental on B10 and I don't want her to work with any trendy writer/producers. I also think she needs to go a more personal/deep direction and focus less on ***! She needs like a modern day ITZ, that album was like a complete 180 for her back in 2003 and was very experimental/personal! B10 needs to be full of songs like Mannequin, If I'm Dancing, And Then We Kiss, Unusual You, Heaven On Earth, Breathe On Me, Touch Of My Hand, Shadow, Coupure Electrique, How I Roll etc. I think she really needs to work with Bloodshy again too!
  8. Getting a #1 album nowadays means nothing tbh, I mean Gwen's album debuted at #1 with 84,000 meanwhile Glory was #3 with 110,000 oh and Alicia Keys' new album did 55,000 it's first week and was #2, the charts are a complete joke now and RCA essentially made Britney/Glory look like a flop because of the week they picked for it's release had she released it a week later it would've been a #1....they're such morons.......and Lady Gaga who I assume you're talking about had her album on sale for $3.99 on Amazon the week of it's release.....so of course it was gonna sell pretty well it's first week.
  9. I fail to see how Circus was a trend chasing album, honestly the material on it and the singles didn't sound like anything that was out at the time.....and actually a good chunk of that album sounded like classic Britney! I'll give you FF to a degree because it was deff a very commercial album, but it still managed to set some trends instead of just following them.....I mean that album kind of ushered in the whole mainstream dub step trend. Now BJ completely follow trends which is part of why it failed....people expect something different from Britney not to mention that the music in general was just god awful on that album. Glory I think followed some trends but at the same time seemed much more like a classic Britney album.....I mean some tracks are totally generic like Just Luv Me, Better, MR but then you have If I'm Dancing, MOTM,CE and many others which are really different from what's popular today and even MM and Slumber Party while current sounding have a different edge to them than what's currently on radio. My problem with this article is that they lump Britney in with 3 artists that are struggling WAY more than she is......JLO hasn't had a hit in 7 years and hasn't had a truly successful album in eons not to mention her music was never as good as Britney's, Christina is almost completely irrelevant, and Mariah hasn't had a single chart higher than 83 since 2013.....not to mention Glory did double what her last album did it's first week. I think what people need to realize is one Britney is over being head ***** in the game, I truly think she just continues to make music because she enjoys it and likes to give her fans stuff and two it's only natural that she would become less popular the longer her career is......Janet said in an interview that once you hit the 10 year mark younger artists start to replace you.....well Britney is almost at the 20 year mark. I also think part of the problem is with the exception of BJ Britney's music is too good......the younger generation likes generic garbage tbh....I mean look at how popular Fifth Harmony's Worth It was.....that song is awful/basic not to mention all of Basic Swifts singles from her last album......it's like you have to release basic crap for them to like it and when you release something that's truly good they don't pay attention.....it think that was Gwen's problem with her last few singles too.....they didn't fit the basic/generic mold!
  10. This, I honestly don't care about videos/clips leaking! I want songs, there are so many unreleased songs I'm dying to hear!!!
  11. I think FF is a great album, even if it was a bit too commercial! I would much rather BJ not have happened because it's so bad and has really tarnished her legacy a bit.....I mean she has always made such good music except for that album!
  12. It drives me nuts lol when people call Hooked On Sugarfall, since HO is it's legal title
  13. I literally made this same thread last weekend lol Make Me MATM (I Got That) Boom Boom
  14. I know she can sing I never said she can't but some of the "new vocals" at the end don't sound like her and like I mentioned before it's not the first time they've added extra vocals to one of their remixes
  15. Really? It was for ******* charity.....it's not like Xcycle was featured in a music video or anything......they just combined a venture in hopes of raising more money for a good cause
  16. They literally did the same thing for the Alien remix at the end there is someone girl trying to sound like Britney humming
  17. Some of those "new vocals" are not even her they're someone they added for the remix they did the same thing at the end of their Alien remix and the others are just background vocals brought to the front so they're not really new
  18. Some of those "new vocals" are not even her they're someone they added for the remix they did the same thing at the end of their Alien remix and the others are just background vocals brought to the front so they're not really new
  19. It was for Circus there are pictures of her somewhere taken in 2008 with the two co-writers/producers.....she's wearing the same outfit they show her recording Trouble in in FTR
  20. She said she was aiming for a Summer release when she premiered ML, I guess lets just agree to disagree because I'm convinced it was for TOD I think anything written/recorded from late 2004 to Spring 2005 can be considered TOD material!
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