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  1. How is this even a debate! BJ is her worst album and Glory is one of her best!
  2. You can tell it was pitched to Britney because Sean sings like he’s trying to sound like her, he did the same thing for the Toy Soldier demo.
  3. At this point anyone with a brain has to see that he’s just in it for the money, this reeks of desperation! He knows his days are numbered, so he’s trying anything he can! I’m actually really concerned about what he’s going to do when he is removed, I hope she really amps up her security when that day comes!
  4. I honestly listen to it more than I do Matches lol! I think with better production it could’ve been a great track, it’s catchy! The only problem is the subject matter since it relates her ex to substance abuse which she possibly had a problem with since she mentioned AA.
  5. Circus and Glory should never be in the same sentence as BJ as BJ is trash and they are not! Get better taste honey!
  6. I think she definitely had some of a say with Circus and Glory...Theresa who exec produced Circus also helped Britney pick Blackout’s track listing so I’m sure she took Britney’s opinions in account for Circus. Britney also has a fair amount of writing credits on Circus and Glory as well and Britney seemed to have a passion for Glory which was absent for FF and BJ which leads me to believe she had some more influence over the album and honestly you can feel it on Glory...Glory feels like a Britney album not a label project!
  7. I want something similar to ITZ! Mature/personal with a variety of song types and vibes! This is the hypothetical B10 I thought up when I was bored. Britney Spears- The Great Escape 1. Freedom (First single) 2. Brave Face (Secrets I Hide) 3. The Wolves 4. Dreamland 5. Rebellion (re-recorded/updated production) 6. Caged Bird 7. Shattered Dreams 8. Red 9. Rose 10. Courage 11. Glimmer Of Hope 12. Thank God For You
  8. There are some really good songs on this list which makes me sad! I voted for Passenger, but BFB and Get Back are also pretty awful!
  9. Love both of these tracks! They’re super underrated! I was thinking the other day that even though Oops is pretty old and technically teen Pop it has aged pretty well, honestly it’s aged better than FF has probably because Oops wasn’t generic and designed for cheap hits!
  10. 100% this! The bonus tracks were used to offset the higher price! I said were because in today’s world people buy most music digitally which doesn’t have to be imported and has pretty much the same price across the board. That’s why artists don’t always do international bonuses anymore.
  11. They should’ve just made the soundtrack a legit one because even though the movie wasn’t huge new Britney music would’ve sold very well at the time! Also Crossroads did relatively well honestly considering what it cost to make vs what it brought in. I think what it really came down to was Jive was being cheap they didn’t want to spend the money releasing singles/videos from both Britney and Crossroads. PS I found that McDonalds EP for $2.99 at Goodwill 😁
  12. Um absolutely not to scrapping Anticipating! It’s one of her more unique songs sound wise with its Disco flare and you could tell Britney loved it! It’s actually in my opinion one of her best non singles! They should’ve scrapped ILRNR and made it a soundtrack only song! Before The Goodbye also deserved to be a standard track!
  13. They really should’ve just kept I Love Rock N Roll as a soundtrack only track and made Before The Goodbye a standard track! The Crossroads soundtrack we did get was so lame they should’ve stuck to the original plan!
  14. Playlist:The Very Best Of Britney Spears did chart on BB if I remember correctly. Yeah a compilation of rare/unreleased would be the perfect thing to release if she continues the work hiatus even after she’s free. Hopefully she would get to pick the unreleased tracks for it!
  15. It’s generic/basic and sounds so outdated! It sounds like a Basic Perry album not a Britney album! I literally never listen to it anymore besides HATLM and TFM....if it never existed I wouldn’t be sad!
  16. Same! Anyone who says FF is better has basic/highly questionable taste!
  17. Glory! I mean that’s literally the only answer! FF feels cheap and has aged horribly and do I even need to say anything about the mess that is BJ!
  18. It seems possible it also seems that Madonna could’ve had something to do with it as well.
  19. Slightly off topic, but I think once she is freed she’ll delete everything from Instagram and start fresh!
  20. Circus and Glory are two of her best albums and she had a decent amount of input on them so they need to stay, but FF and BJ can’t gtfo! Especially since Britney’s original vision for both FF/BJ was scrapped by the labels and they’re both horrible albums!
  21. When she is free we should stream and buy it and try to get it to re-chart!
  22. She could go to Epic, Kelly Clarkson left RCA for them because they allow her more creative freedom. Republic also seems to care about their artists from what I see between them and Ariana....like when she teases something new and the respond to it....unlike RCA that pays Britney dust.
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