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  1. Yeah she was probably afraid she would get too choked up to successfully do a video.
  2. Yes it was sent to radio and released as a physical single. I think it charted at 79 in the US
  3. Worst Behavior- Ariana Grande Test Drive- Ariana Grande Simple Times- Kacey Musgraves Camera Phone- Kacy Musgraves What Doesn’t Kill Me- Kacey Musgraves There Is A Light- Kacey Musgraves Cherry Blossom- Kacey Musgraves Easier Said- Kacey Musgraves If This Was A Movie- Kacey Musgraves Healing- Fletcher Good Ones- Charli XCX I Don’t Do Drugs- Doja Cat/Ariana Grande Naked- Doja Cat You Right- Doja Cat/ The Weeknd Deeper Love- Nick Jonas Don’t Give Up On Us- Nick Jonas This Is Heaven- Nick Jonas Flowers- Marina Highly Emotional People- Marina Venus Flytrap (Kito Remix)- Marina/ Tove Lo
  4. I was sad nothing from Glory was picked ! I mean Make Me should’ve replaced Scream & Shout that’s technically not even her song!
  5. Overall I found it boring like her last album! I really like her but she’s been disappointing me lately! I did love her Xmas album though! The only tracks I liked on the new album (because it is an album no matter how many times she calls it an EP) were Spiral SZN and Fresh New Sheets.
  6. 1. Slave 4 U 2. Lonely 3. Overprotected 4. Anticipating 5. Not A Girl Boys should not have been a single!
  7. It’s overrated af as is the Blackout album in general! Toy Soldier>>>
  8. Christmas singles are often released in September and albums in October because they have such a short selling period so labels try to extend it. Anyways I’m not loving the first single and I absolutely hate the album cover, but I have hope that there will be some good tracks!
  9. I definitely don’t think she’s done with her career I just think at the moment she’s enjoying a nice long break. Britney has mentioned she gets bored easily and I think once she’s allowed to finally do what she wants with her career it will respark her passion for it!
  10. This! I think once the conservatorship is over all together that we should buy and stream the hell out of Stronger and try to get the general public on board as well somehow! It would be amazing to have it actually chart on the Hot 100 again!
  11. I’d love for Barbara Walters to come out of retirement and do it! She’s always struck me as a very kind person and I feel like Britney would feel safe with her same goes for Meredith Veiria! I feel like obviously Oprah would get a lot of attention, but shes not necessarily my first choice!
  12. Hooked On is ok, I’ve always felt it’s super overrated honestly
  13. I don’t think she’ll actually retire, she’s just sick of working to line other people’s pockets! I think once she is free she will certainly enjoy just living her life but will also rediscover her passion for music/performance! If she’s freed this year I could see a new album in 2024/2025. In the meantime I could see her green lighting a rarities album or two for sure.
  14. Unfortunately it wasn’t promoted as well as Framing so I think a lot of people don’t know it came out! Instead of doing two separate parts they should’ve just made it all one long documentary.
  15. I sadly think Brett disappeared because she and Britney became too close/actual friends. I mean Britney was even in her wedding. You could tell in For The Record that they had a lot of fun together.
  16. It could happen to any artist honestly, it happened to Shania Twain too. That’s how Sony released those 2 random Britney greatest hits albums, they own some of the rights to her music. I’m sure Britney has no idea they even exist. Well I wouldn’t be surprised if RCA releases something this Fall/Winter because she’s over due for a release and they reportedly were pushing for her to do a Christmas album last year which makes me think they’re desperate for a release from her. Speaking of Britney and Christmas......I wish the Christmas demos she did for her scrapped 2000 Christmas album would leak!
  17. They absolutely can. Adam Lambert’s original label released an album of early demos he did several years ago and he told all of his fans not to buy it because he didn’t authorize it.
  18. Even songs she’s written have been registered and not released. I think songs like that get registered in case they leak so someone can’t just record it and claim it’s theirs. I think songs that she recorded but didn’t write often get registered so the writers can pitch them to other artists. Also most of the time songs for a project aren’t actually registered till after it’s released, but I suppose if a rarities album was being considered it might be done in an opposite way.
  19. But songs that never get released get registered all the time, there’s plenty of registered Britney tracks that never saw the light of day.
  20. She’s probably bored af cause she can’t do anything so she dances and goofs off as an outlet and she posts the videos as a way to connect with us. I do believe that they are edited to look weird by her team because they are often sped up.
  21. It had a different vibe compared to what was out at the time yet was still radio friendly. It was generic enough for the general public to eat it up but had something to it that saved it from just being radio filler so it appealed to a wide range of people.
  22. I rarely like remixes honestly abs even more rarely think they’re better than the original.
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